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Celebrity Makeup Artist Ojas Rajani Answers All Your Bridal Makeup Questions and Gives Bonus Tips!!

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All you brides are in for a treat!! All those little doubts that you had about your bridal wedding makeup are now going to be cleared by none other than, celebrity makeup artist, Ojas Rajani. Whether it’s a question about how to get that flawless bridal skin before the big day or just upcoming manicure trends for 2019, Ojas Rajani has answers to all your bridal makeup questions. So just sit back and take bridal makeup notes for your big day form the pro herself.

Here’s the list of 12 popular bridal makeup questions answered by makeup artist Ojas Rajani herself..

Q: How do I choose my wedding makeup artist for the big day?

A: The wedding makeup artist chosen should be up-to-date with today’s trends. The person should also be friendly and approachable, someone who understands your needs and comforts.         


Ojas Rajani bridal Makeup


Q: Which makeup look do I choose when everything looks so good on Pinterest?

A: The look that suits your personality and attracts you at its first sight is something you should go for. Although, also consult your wedding makeup artist for a few ideas. An amalgamation of both your and the makeup artist’s ideas always works the best. It’s always safe to look natural and radiant instead of a caked up doll.   


Q: What’s the difference between airbrush makeup and regular makeup?

A: Airbrush makeup is a spray foundation that works only in cooler climates and on good skin. It’s a disaster to use it on acne prone or sensitive skin as it will only add to your misery. Nowadays you can find an alternative in fabulous brands like Tom Ford, Giorgio, Armani, NARS and Huda Beauty.

Ojas Rajani Bridal Makeup

Q: Should I maintain a skincare routine before the big day? What should I do?

A: Regular facials along with hydration and eating healthy foods that including a detox diet and vegetable juices can do the magic. You can also use skin brightening and smoothing serums for your skin by applying them every night paired with adequate sleep and exercise to get the best results.


Q: What can I do to make sure my makeup stays in place all day?

A:  Use a primer to set your makeup with a pro long-wear foundation that’s waterproof and top it off with a setting spray to help your foundation and makeup last for 24 hours.


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Q: Will the makeup cover my acne problem/scaring?

A: Yes, acne scars and pimples can be hidden if you use a good primer and concealer in a mattifying form along with a skin finisher. Ask your wedding makeup artist to use products which have high coverage for a porcelain finish look.  


Q: I’m confused if I should wear false eyelashes. Do you recommend them?

A: Soft natural looking false lashes always add and complete your look. Just make sure that it’s blended well enough for you not to notice that your wearing falsies.  


Q: I love my tattoo but my future mother-in-law won’t like them in the pictures. Can makeup fix that?

A: Yes, tattoos can be camouflaged with a special camouflage concealer which is waterproof.  

Ojas Rajani Bridal Makeup

Q: I naturally sweat a lot, and the Hawan’s gonna make that worse. What can I do to tackle that problem?

A: An ice cube rub before makeup and a mattifying primer will be your saving grace. This will set your makeup so well that you won’t sweat. With the help of special sweat-proof makeup, you can go underwater swimming and it will stay the same.        


Q: What are the popular bridal manicure trends of 2019?

A: Colours of champagne gold and shimmer is very big for brides in 2019 as it goes with any colour you choose to wear and it adds a lot of sheen and gloss to your look. As hands show a lot during ceremonies, these colours will complete your look as compared to pop colours.


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Q: What’s your holy grail of bridal beauty products that you recommend a bride to invest in?

A: A good lip shade that she can touch up with and a mattifying pressed powder compact to refresh the look will be more than enough. For her personal use, she can buy an entire range of makeup for her eyes, lips and cheeks along with a tinted moisturiser if she’s going to do her own makeup for smaller occasions.


Q: Any other tips for our soon to be brides?

A: Darling, less is more. So please trust your makeup artist and always opt for a look that’s soft and pretty instead of a look that’s harsh and overdone. And also, a smile paired with some confidence is the best makeup any bride can wear.                                        


So here it is, Ojas Rajani’s expert advice and bridal makeup tips for all you brides to use on your big day. If you’re still looking for a wedding makeup artist, find your true match at BookEventZ with our wide variety of makeup artists for every occasion, budget and tradition.


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