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Party Halls in Bangalore: The Top Ten!

We often fail to appreciate all the efforts that went into the planning of a great party when we attend it. It is only when you try to plan an event on your own that you realise just how much time and effort goes into making the party a grand success. And that starts with selecting the venue. Whether it is a small affair or a magnificent one, being exposed to a lot of options comes with its own set of issues. And we’re here to help! We’ve come up with a list of our favourite party halls in Bangalore that you can pick from.

Here are the party halls in Bangalore that we’re totally loving!

1. Sterlings Mac Hotel:

The modern infrastructure of Sterlings Mac Hotel Bangalore makes it an absolute “delight in the epicentre of luxury”. It offers a selection of seven party halls to choose from. Each section is beautifully furnished and uniquely decorated. All you will ever have to worry about is the kind of music you want your DJ to play at your event because they’ve got you covered everywhere else! Amazing catering services, plush decor and an enviable selection of drinks for you and your guests make this venue one of the best party halls in Bangalore!

Sterlings Mac Hotel, Bangalore; Party Halls in Bangalore

2. The Chancery Pavilion

The Chancery Pavilion is a luxurious venue located in Bangalore’s prime business district, Residency Road. Their team aims to offer all its guests an impeccable world of hospitality within the four walls of its state of the art infrastructure. They believe in exceptionally tasteful provision of services be it food, drinks or decor. The core values of this venue make it one of the most spectacular party halls in Bangalore.

The Chancery Pavilion; Party Halls in Bangalore

3. Hotel Fortune Park JP Celestial

Ideal for events of all types and sizes, the Hotel Fortune Park JP Celestial offers some of the most exquisite party halls in Bangalore. The beige-brown and gold interiors of this venue make it ideal for all sorts of decorations depending on individual preferences. Like that isn’t enough, their catering services are unparalleled.

Fortune Park JP Celestial; Party Halls in Bangalore

4. The Grand Magrath Hotel

This magnificent venue offers two banquet halls and a roof-top party space and pool. So no matter what the magnitude of your event, the Grand Magrath Hotel has you covered! It is at a walking distance from Brigade and MG Road, UB City and a number of malls, making it a prime spot for events. Their team, with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, take care of every little detail when hosting an event.

The Grand Magrath; Party Halls in Bangalore

5. Hotel Royal Orchid

Equipped with five options for you to choose from depending on the size of your guest list, Hotel Royal Orchids is one of the most ideal party halls in Bangalore. With all of them equally well-furnished and beautifully adorned, it becomes a cakewalk to choose from all the options based on the size of your party and whether you want it to be an indoor/outdoor or poolside affair!

Hotel Royal Orchid; Party Halls in Bangalore

6. The Park

The Park is a decorous venue fit for all kinds of events, be it weddings, cocktail parties or conferences. The venue, with its rich offerings of delectable delicacies and elegant decoration services, is one of the most refined and luxurious party halls in Bangalore.

The Park MG Road; Party Halls in Bangalore

7. Bhagini Icon

The hospitality team at Bhagini Icon believes in the habit of not only regularly meeting their guests’ expectations but exceeding them to the point where they develop long-term relationships with their clients. Their philosophy is “going that extra mile” when it comes to services. And true to it, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering a hit event!

Bhagini Icon; Party Halls in Bangalore

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8. Hotel Ramanashree Brunton

Their immaculate services and banquet facilities make Hotel Ramanshree Brunton one of the most desirable party halls in Bangalore. Spectacular interior, scrumptious food, especially vegetarian food and stellar decor services make this place the ideal venue for your next event!

Hotel Ramanashree Brunton; Party Halls in Bangalore

9. The Zuri Hotel and Resort

The Zuri Hotel and Resort is the perfect embodiment of class and luxury and is conveniently located away from the hustle-bustle of Bangalore. Be it a business meeting, wedding or social event, there’s no event whatsoever that The Zuri cannot host perfectly. Equipped with multiple party halls that cater to various events, it has amenities that can be personalized to ensure that each experience is unique and unprecedented.

Zuri Hotels and Resorts; Party Halls in Bangalore

10. Halcyon Bohemian

The luxurious venue of Halcyon Bohemian believes in making each event, regardless of whether it is formal or casual, seamless and endlessly comfortable. The catering service is faultless and will leave your guests licking their fingers. The decor service adeptly turns your vision into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

Halcyon Bohemian; Party Halls in Bangalore

And those are the party halls in Bangalore that we absolutely adore! We hope you found one that fits your needs and satisfies your preferences!

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Party Halls in Bangalore: The Top Ten!


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