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Best Photo Booth Ideas for your Next Event

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The one thing that is important in any event is photo booth ideas. So, be it a wedding, a birthday, or any other social event, photos are clicked to help us remember the special day. And if you want your guests to click those unforgettable pictures then establish a photo booth.

A photo booth can be placed in any kind of social event like Halloween party, farewell party, Christmas party, or anniversary. Just keep some props and creative background. And your guest will crowd at the photo booth to click those selfies. So, if you’re looking for ideas for the perfect photo booth for your party then you are right place. It is because BookEventZ has come up with a list full of ideas to help you select the design of your photo booth.

  1. Photo Booths for Weddings

    Weddings always have a lot of ceremonies that many of your guests may not be interested in. You can have a photo booth with some props so that the guest can entertain themselves. Although that doesn’t mean that you can’t get some mean shots with your newly wedded.

    A Runway-style photo booth so that you feel like a star when you enter the big reception.

    Photo Booths for Weddings

    Click to see more pictures of this event!!

    A frame of flowers with some fun quotes and props

    Photo Booths for Weddings

    A wall filled with handmade paper flowers and a cycle decorated with flowers can be taken as props. So, you can all give all your female guest flower tiaras and for the men’s flower garlands.

    Photo Booths for Weddings

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    Birthday Party Décor

  2. Photo booth for Birthday Party

    Be it a kid’s birthday or an adult, a photo booth at birthday parties is a must! You can select the theme of the photo booth design based on the birthday boy or girl.

    Here’s a photo booth from one of the birthdays organized by BookEventZ. The birthday is one of a 5-year-old, the theme of this photo booth is Candyland.

    Photo booth for Birthday Party

    Click to see more pictures of this event!!

  3. Photo booth for Christmas Party

    What feels better than a home on Christmas? Nothing. And this realistic-looking photobooth for a Christmas party is perfect for those festival pictures.

    Photo booth for Christmas Party

  4. Photo booth Ideas for a Baby Shower

    Welcoming your little baby is the most special feeling in the world, and so why no celebrate this with all your loved ones. This photo booth is perfect for your baby shower or Godh bharai.

    Photo booth Ideas for a Baby Shower

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  5. Photo booth for Carnival Party

    We love this theme because of the diversity in the decor of a carnival. So, you can design this photo booth so that everyone has a perfect place to flaunt their carnival outfit in style.

    Photo booth for Carnival Party

  6. Photo booth for Halloween Party

    Coming dressed in your costumes deserves that prize-winning shot and for that, you can check Shilpa Shetty’s Halloween party organized by BookEventZ for some mindblowing inspo shots.

    Photo booth for Halloween Party

    Click to see more pictures from Shilpa Shetty’s event!!

  7. Photo booth for Farewell

    The closing of a chapter deserves some amazing pictures so that you can remember those moments for a lifetime. and so a photobooth for a farewell party with some props is a must.

    Photo booth for Farewell





So here it was, some amazing photo booth ideas for weddings, birthdays and baby showers. Along with photo booth ideas for Halloween party, Christmas party and farewell party.

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