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How To Plan A Great Halloween Party On A Budget?

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With the spooky holiday being around the corner, it’s time to start planning on throwing the greatest Halloween party of this year! From dressing up like popular celebrities, movie characters, princesses, superheroes and so much more, this holiday gives you an endless possibility of being what you always secretly wanted to be! From kids to adults this fun tradition is for everyone. Let’s find out how you can plan a great Halloween party specially if you are on a budget!

Following are ways to plan a Halloween party on a budget:

1. Choose a Theme for a Great Halloween Party:

Choose a Theme for a Great Halloween Party
Choose a Theme

A theme is what sets the spirit of a party! So, before planning for any party deciding the theme is very important. Being a Halloween party, the theme has to be something spooky! You can go for a costume party where everyone will come dressed up as someone or something, other than that you can put props around the house, for example, fake skeleton, jack-o-lantern which is basically carved pumpkin with lights inside it or make some Halloween themed drinks and snacks! You can also throw a scary movie night party, playing a few horror films keeping everyone on the edge!

2. Plan your Costume for a Great Halloween Party:

Plan your Costume for a Great Halloween Party
Plan your Costume

This is probably the most fun part of Halloween party planning. Dressing up is always fun and here you get the opportunity to dress whatever and however, you feel like without getting judged! There would be plenty of costume ideas right there already in your closet, so bring out your creativity and come out with the craziest outfit ever and rock in it!

3. Pick a Date and Time for a Great Halloween Party:

Pick a Date and Time for a Great Halloween Party
Pick a Date and Time

If you’re on a budget it is better to set the value at your place or maybe at your friend’s place because renting out some venue might be expensive. Now set a date, you can either throw a party on Halloween’s eve or on some other day if you’re planning to invite a lot of people. Throwing a Halloween party will be best enjoyed in the night time, so you can pick some time after sunset and let the eeriness of the night set the mood and do its magic!

4. Send Invites for a Great Halloween Party:

Send Invites for a Great Halloween Party
Send Invites

Now that you’ve set the date and time, its time to send the invites to the guests you’re thinking of inviting! Sending e-invites would be the easiest and quickest way to send the invites for free! So, choose a spooky Halloween themed template and send it to your guest-list! Make sure you tell everyone to come in their Halloween costumes since what is Halloween even without funky costumes.

5. Plan Games for a Great Halloween Party:

Plan Games for a Great Halloween Party
Plan Games

Now that everyone has arrived in their Halloween costumes, plan some games that will add to the fun and excitement of the party! Some of the games are:

  • Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game: It’s a finding game where you will hide small pumpkins around the house and the person to find the most amount of pumpkins will win!
  • Monster Hunt: Show pictures of monsters from different movies or cartoons and the guests will have to guess which movie or cartoon they are from!
  • Shoot the skeleton: Print out some skeleton images and let your guests shoot at them with a dart. You can assign different points for every part they shoot on. The one to get the maximum point will be the winner!

6. Decide Decoration for a Great Halloween Party:

Decide Decoration for a Great Halloween Party
Indoor Decoration

For decoration, to add spookiness to the party, put probs like skeleton cut-outs in the entrance, place some wool to look like cobwebs at the corners around the ceiling. Place some jack-o-lantern carved pumpkins at random places around the house, lanterns and candles instead of main lights to make your place feel even scarier! You can also prepare some Halloween themed drinks and snacks for you and your guests to experience the ultimate Halloween feels!

These were all the steps you need to plan the greatest Halloween party this year on a budget!

Thanks for reading!

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