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Play with Party Themes This Raksha Bandhan – To Make it Special

Play with Party themes this Raksha Bandhan – to make it special

As the occasion of celebrating sibling bond, better known as Raksha Bandhan is around the corner,we can feel the excitement in our markets filling up with rakhis and gifts. This year,why celebrate Raksha Bandhan the old school way? It’s time to change and spice up the day.To increase the excitement and make the day even more special, here are few themes which you can use to organize an unique Raksha Bandhan party and have all your siblings and relatives talk about it for years.

Rajasthani (Folk) Theme-


You can have a folk themed party where all the family members will be dressed in a specific dress code. In this case it would be Ghagra Choli for females and Angarkha Dhoti for males as it is Rajasthani ethnic wear.

Rajasthani costume


Seating arrangement

To make it realistic, have a low, wooden and traditional Rajasthani seating arrangement at your venue for the party

Rajasthani seating arrangement



After every sister gets done with tying rakhi to her brother, it would be time for some entertainment. It wouldn’t just be entertainment but also a means to understand the culture by interacting with the traditional people.

  • The older generation who have been a part of this culture can be the big entertainers of the day. They can steal the spotlight by bringing back the old memories and  show their family their talent of folk singing or dancing.
  • The dance form of GHOOMAR can’t be forgotten when we speak about the Rajasthani folk. The super energetic dance performed by a group of females is a treat to watch.The ladies of the family can use that costume for a real reason and have a zestful performance on their own.


After burning out so many calories throughout the activities, one would definitely want to indulge in a drooling feast.To keep up with the theme, you can have the signature Rajasthani dish of Dal-Bhatti-Churma and Laal Maas with bajra rotis,which is a part of their traditional cuisine. Also,you can have a wide range of curries to choose from which will serve best to your tongue.Gatte ki khichdi and pulao,boondi raita, kadi,badam ka halwa are just amongst the various options you can try.To snack on in between the energetic sessions, you can have snacks like Kachori, Bhujia, Mirchi Bada, Mawa, Rassagullas,Ghewar,etc.


2)Reverse the generation theme-


You can have the older generation dress up as young ones. The younger ones would dress up vice versa. They would try to act like the exchanged generation. The older generation dressed up in their half pants and tshirts, frocks and braids would act like kids and try to irritate the young generation who instead would have dressed like the older generation. The kids can try to take the charge of the day like their elders and can use their power as they wish.

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The entertainment would consist various games wherein both the generations will play their characters.

The act of mimicry brings out the best in the exchanged generations. Through this game, the generations enjoy the mimic of themselves and see themselves from others’ eyes. This game makes everyone laugh their heart out and have a pleasant time.

After this session, you can have a rapid quiz consisting random questions.The older generation,who would be the kids for the day, can choose to give silly answers like kids.

Dumb Charades is also a great option wherein there would be two teams with each team  consisting half old generation and half young generation. This game would bring out the bond between two generations and try to get them closer.

You can also have DJ music to have everyone dance on the floor and show off their awesome moves in front of whole family.

3)Bollywood theme-


Everyone would dress up as their favourite Bollywood star.Siblings can choose to dress up as their favourite sibling stars highlighting both the occasion as well as the theme for e.g- The Kapoor siblings, Khan siblings,Sinha siblings,etc.

Bollywood theme costume



You can have the retro disco decor to bring back the memories of old bollywood. You would just need to play with the lights to create an easy disco decor.

Disco decor


You can have bollywood themed quiz. Fastest fingers first. The quiz would contain questions related to hot gossip,forgotten stars, bollywood trivia,etc. It can also highlight the bollywood sibling bond between the stars and even as shown in the movies.

You can have a quick fashion show wherein everyone who has been dressed up for the day will get a chance to show off their outfits and ramp talent. This can be followed by a small dance session for everyone to show their moves.

Bollywood quiz


At the end of the day, people with particular talent would be given a certain bollywood title. For e.g, a guy with the best dance moves will be given the title of Mr. Hrithik Roshan.

Every theme can have added segments according to your preference. Make it happen and you are sure to have a memorable Raksha Bandhan this year.



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