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Be a Pokemaniac with the Pokemon Go Themed Birthday Party

By Shraddha Hire
Blog timeJul 26, 2016

The time is here when the retro is making its comeback with a bang. Be it in the form of fashion, songs, trends,etc. we can see it taking over everywhere in record breaking time. Recently, Niantic Inc. and Nintendo released the game of Pokemon Go based on a ‘90s cartoon series Pokemon and it has got the whole world crazy. The “Pokemania” can be seen everywhere. There are social meet ups, Pokewalks, dating apps, Cab services specially based on Pokemon Go game. This is enough to understand the virality of this game.

With so much of Pokemon Go Craze, why not theme your kid’s birthday party with a Pokemon Go theme and become the talk of the town. It is new, trending, unique and something everyone can relate to now.

Here are few tips on how to organize a super-crazy Pokemon Go Themed Birthday Party


You can start going crazy from the invitations itself. Sending theme based invitations tend to pique the interest of the invitees and creates anticipation in them. You can make Pokestop designed invitations stating your venue to be the Pokestop of the day.



Cake and Food

You can either bake or order a huge delicious Pokeball or PokemonGo cake with multiple small cupcakes of different pokemons and have a small board saying POKESTOP:EAT ‘EM ALL. This will literally mean adding taste to the theme.

Pokemon Go themed birthday cake

Theme based games and activities

You can conduct Poke games like-

  • POKEBALL HUNT where you can make DIY pokeballs with different pokemon faces on it and hide them in different places of the venue and let the kids hunt them down or give them few hints to hunt it.The winner will get a pokemon toy or a poke-cupcake.
  • PIN THE PIKA TAIL where you can hang the pikachu’s drawing without it’s tail on board or paper on the wall and blindfold a kid and hand them a strap in the shape of pikachu’s tail and have them stick it to the pikachu’s drawing. The one who sticks the strap to the closest to the tail portion of the drawing wins the game.

Pokemon Pin The Pika Tail Game

  • POKE PINATA where you can create pinatas by hanging many colored balloons containing poke toys of that particular color. For e.g Poke toys of pikachu, raichu, meowth, sunflora would be in yellow balloon whereas green pokemons like bulbasaur, metapod and caterpie would be inserted in the green balloon. The birthday kid would be blindfolded and would be handed a stick or a needle to burst a balloon. If he bursts yellow balloon all the other kids will get the yellow poke toys which were in the balloon.
  • GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL where you can place few pokemons in a straight line in a circle, on the ground.A kid will be given a pokeball and has to throw the ball at the pokemons from a certain distance. The pokemons in the circle must get hit by the ball. If the kid is successful in hitting all of them with only two extra chances,he will be the winner.
  • POKE PUZZLE. You can create pokemon puzzle on a board and stick it to the wall. The puzzle on board will have hollow cut out spaces of different pokemons which would be hidden in different places. The kids will have to hunt down and collect all those cut out pieces of pokemons and stick them on board to complete the puzzle. You can make extra cut out pieces and hide them to make the game a little bit harder.

Poke Puzzle Game

  • You can have a creative session where you can hand every kid a blank paper and ask them to draw a unique pokeball,battle badge or a pokemon of their choice.
  • You can also have a DIY session where you can teach kids how to make pokemon ears. You will have to provide them with all the materials required and have someone to lead them how to make those ears and stick it to hair band. After the session, they can wear those hairbands and take it along with them.


Dress up

Dressing up like Pokemon characters can add life to the party. You can dress yourself up as the characters or ask the kids attending party to dress up if they can. Since the main character of the cartoon is Ash, the birthday kid can specially get dressed up as Ash.


  • You can make Pokemon Go and pokeball lanterns to hang everywhere at your Venue to emphasize the theme.


Pokemon Go themed lanterns

You can decorate the venue with different kinds of PokemonGo-themed stuff like shown below. You can let your creativity go wild and create cool DIY PokemonGo-themed birthday stuff.

Pokemon Go-party-table



  • You can have Pokemon Go based boards . For e.g. you can have a board saying NEARBY and write about the birthday person and the family members in the Pokemon Go style.
  • You can make your venue an actual Pokestop and mention it outside the venue by putting up a board saying THIS IS THE POKESTOP YOU WANT.

So, this was a small list suggesting you on how to plan and organize a PokemonGo-themed birthday party to make it a memorable one!











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