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Pokemon Theme for a Kid’s Birthday Party

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Do your little ones love to follow the adventures of Pikachu and Ash? Maybe they love to watch the TV show, play the video game, or trade the cards? Then throw them a unique party with our Pokemon Theme Party! We have ideas for everything from invitations to decorations that will make it as easy as possible to plan the perfect pokemon themed birthday party!


Here’s a list of Everything You’ll Need for a Pokemon Theme Party for your Kid..

1. What Do I Need For the Pokemon Theme Party?

For your pokemon theme party, the basic supplies include paper tableware, such as plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery, as well as a tablecloth, streamers, and balloons.

You can stick with the basics, or add other items to fit your pokemon themed birthday party. For example, for a Pokemon Party, you may also want to consider renting or purchasing the following:

  1. Pokemon Trading Cards
  2. Pokemon DVD, Video Game, or Board Game
  3. Pokemon Masks


Pokemon Games
Pokemon Games
Pokemon Mask


2. Pokemon Theme Party Invitations

If you have the time to make your own pokemon theme party invitations, here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. A cute idea for a pokemon themed birthday party invite is to Draw your child’s favourite Pokemon character on the front of a side-fold card. If drawing isn’t your strong suit, cut his or her favourite character out of a colouring book and paste it on the front of the card. Write all the party details inside and decorate with Pokemon stickers.
  2. Give each guest a Pokemon identity to assume at the party! Let them know who their chosen character is by pasting that image on the front of their invitation. Write “You are invited to [birthday child’s name]’s Pokemon Party… And You Have Been Chosen to Come as [character name]!!” on the inside of the card, along with the rest of the party details. Send your invitations with a name badge and an identifying costume accessory (such as Pikachu’s ears or Ash’s cap) to wear to the party.
  3. Cut round circles out of white cardstock and colour half of the circle red to resemble a Pokeball. Draw on the details with black and silver marker. In the white space, write the party information.
Pokemon Party Invitations!
Pokemon Party Invitation
Pokemon Party Invitation



3. Pokemon Theme Party Decorations

Decorating your pokemon theme party space in combinations of red, yellow, and blue is a great way to start decorating for your Pokemon-themed party. For more specific pokemon themed birthday party ideas, consider these options:

  1. Cut large circles out of craft paper and decorate them to resemble Pokeballs. Secure them to the walkway leading up to the party entrance. Paste one on the front door that says, “[birthday child’s name]’s Party! Welcome!”
  2. Find photos of Pokemon characters online and copy them to a Word document. Increase their size so that one character fills up an 8 1/2″x11″ piece of paper, and print them out. Either paste them all together on a strand of ribbon to create a large banner or tape them to the walls individually around the party space.
  3. Create simple centerpieces by taping four Pokemon trading cards together to create a box and adding red, blue or yellow crinkle paper inside.
  4. Print out photos of your child’s favourite Pokemon and laminate them. Use these as standees during snack time or when serving the cake.


Pokemon Party theme decorations
Pokemon Party Theme Decoration
Pokemon Theme Table Decor
Pokemon Theme Table Decor
Pokemon Party Supplies!



4. Pokemon Theme Party Food Ideas

For this pokemon theme party, you can keep it simple by serving traditional party food and a pokemon birthday cake, and simply add tent cards with theme-specific names to each dish. For example, “Pikachu Cake”, “Sandshrew Salsa”, “Charmander Chips”, “Meowth Milk”, “Weedle Watermelon”, etcetera. If you want to be even more creative with the food at your Pokemon themed birthday party, here are some additional ideas:

Pokemon Cupcake toppers
Pokemon Cupcake toppers
Pokemon Cupcakes
Pokemon Birthday Cake



Pokemon Theme Food
Pokemon Theme Food


Pokemon Birthday Cake
Pokemon Birthday Cake
Pikachu Birthday Cake
Pikachu Birthday Cake



5. Pokemon Theme Party Favor Ideas

Put a smile on your guests’ faces by sending them home with pokemon theme party favors. You could give one large favor, such as a Pokemon DVD or game, a Pokemon backpack or combine smaller favors such as wristbands, candy, stickers, and Pokemon cards in a nice favor bag.

Pokemon Party Favor Bag
Pokemon Party Favor Bag
Pokemon Party Favors


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  1. wow Pokemon theme !! Thanks for sharing your ideas about this theme ,I am also planning birthday party for my baby .

  2. Hi,

    Great blog. My son’s party is coming up. We are doing Pokemon theme. You offer some great inspiration, however, I was wondering if you had any links for the food labels to print. Such a cool idea! I could do it myself, but thought if they were downloadable, it would same some time.

    Let me know.

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