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Sangeet Ceremony

Popular Sangeet Themes that will add Glamour to your Wedding!

By Jay Bhavsar
Blog timeFeb 23, 2023

Any sangeet ceremony is incomplete without a theme. It is like a warm-up before the main event. If the sangeet ceremony is theme oriented, it adds a great deal of cultural elements to make the event more auspicious. The entire day is meant for celebrating traditions that have been going on since ancient times. From setting up DJ to selecting the right sangeet outfit, everything makes a difference. It also means a lot for the families of both the couples to get together and form a bond before the day of wedding. The entire purpose of the sangeet ceremony is to provide an opportunity for the bride and groom to make promises to each other. Therefore a sangeet ceremony based on a theme becomes invaluable. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the popular sangeet themes that you don’t want to miss.

Top Sangeet Themes To Try For Your Wedding

1) Music Festival Theme

Sangeet Themes - Music Festival

Music is the basis of any sangeet ceremony. It is the main reason why the ceremony takes place which results in spreading joy and happiness. Various songs from bollywood to hollywood are being played during the ceremony. If you are looking for something simplistic with regards to themed based sangeet ceremony, then this is the one you may opt for. Various types of music like classical bollywood, glam rock, pop music can be played during the event.

2) Mela Theme

Sangeet Themes - Mela

If you are looking for something aesthetic that will wow the guests, conducting a mela theme for your sangeet ceremony is the ideal option. From vibrant drapes, game and food stalls to folk music and dance, incorporating a mela theme for your sangeet ceremony will surely impress your guests.

3) Beach Theme

Sangeet themes - Beach

Who doesn’t like beaches? It may well be following the western culture but this theme is perfect as you get to enjoy the luxurious ceremony in the midst of a seaside view.

4) Cocktail Theme

Sangeet theme - cocktail

A cocktail themed sangeet ceremony will have the use of fancy lights. This type of ceremony is usually more casual than traditional one and often includes a variety of different types of drinks. The decor and atmosphere of a cocktail themed sangeet ceremony is usually more relaxed and fun than a traditional ceremony and the dress code is also casual.

5) Bollywood theme

Sangeet theme - bollywood

This is a very popular sangeet theme and suits those couples who are big fans of bollywood movies. Bollywood has been a trendsetter when it comes to Sangeet ceremony and therefore this type of theme is apt for those who prefer entertainment.

6) Tribal Theme

sangeet theme - tribal


If you prefer to represent your culture, then a tribal-themed sangeet ceremony is just what you need: there’s no better feeling than having your rich culture showcased.

7) Fairytale Theme

sangeet ceremony - fairytale

A fairytale themed sangeet ceremony is a type of ceremony that draws inspiration from classic stories and characters. You can be your own Cindrella as you near your wedding day. Decorations, clothing, and music can be coordinated with the theme.

8) Carnival Theme

sangeet theme - carnival

Carnival means celebration and revelry. A carnival themed sangeet ceremony will surely add colours to your event. The entire setup of this theme is stylish and vibrant giving the guests the best time of their lives.

9) Karaoke Theme

sangeet theme - karaoke

We all know music plays a vital role irrespective of sangeet ceremony, haldi ceremony or your wedding day. You can keep a karaoke based sangeet ceremony and dance to the tune of your voice as you impress the guests.

10) Pop Art

sangeet themes - pop art

Art is the expression or application of human creative ability and imagination, producing works that are valued primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Therefore, song themes based on art are one of the best ways to entertain guests, as they will be fascinated by the aesthetics they present

11) Leaf Shed Tree Theme

sangeet theme - leaf shed

This theme is perfect to have dinner with the guests. The lighting garlands on the leaf shed provides a beautiful theme and the guests are bound to have a wonderful time as they enjoy the sangeet ceremony.

12) Cultural Theme

sangeet themes - culture

Cultural theme is one of the most popular sangeet themes. This theme is for those who are still in touch with their traditions and would like to implement them for their wedding. Pattern of shared beliefs, values, customs and behaviors that shape the way a particular group of people think, feel and interact with each other.

13) Retro Night


A retro-themed Sangeet party might be a great opportunity to revisit your childhood memories. Guests are encouraged to dress up as their favorite retro idols and dance to legendary throwback tunes.

14) Fusion Night


A fusion-themed Sangeet party can be a unique and exciting way to bring together different cultures and traditions. Guests can enjoy a blend of different music genres and dance styles.

15) Colors of India

A Colors of India-themed Sangeet party can be a vibrant and colorful way to celebrate the diversity of India. Guests can dress up in colorful attire and enjoy performances that showcase the different regions of India.

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