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Pre-Bridal Skincare Tips for Flawless Skin on your Wedding Day

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You have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl. Among the bridal dresses, shoes, and jewelry having beautiful and radiant skin might have been a huge part of that dream. And this dream of flawless skin can definitely be achieved by a little determination and the right instructions. To summarize the pre-bridal skincare tips we have some amazing pointers. 

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Facials and Massages
  4. Healthy Foods and Drinks
  5. Moisturization

Enlisted below are 20 pre-bridal skincare tips that you will love to follow and get spectacular results. 

  1. Double Cleansing

    With all the dirt and pollution around you, cleansing becomes really important. Use makeup removers and cleaners with natural butter and oils for the first step. Cleansing milk and creams can be a very good option for this step. For the second part of the process, you need foaming cleansers but don’t go for hard cleansers and hard face wash. Use a gentle face wash that cleans all dirt and makeup from your skin pores. Following this, every night could make a huge difference.pre-bridal skincare tips

  2.  Exfoliate

    Accumulated dead cells can interfere with light reflection and give your skin a dull appearance. Regular exfoliation paired with brightening serum can give you an unmatched glow on your wedding day. Scrubs can remove dead skin cells and they also help in getting rid of blackheads.pre-bridal skincare tips

  3.  Stay hydrated

    Amid all the work and wedding preparations, it’s easy to forget simple and important things like drinking enough fluids. Dehydration can be lethal for the skin so make sure that you drink lots of water. Also, add melons and watery fruits to your diet. If you for some reason find drinking plain water boring try out lime water and coconut water for a change.  Other pre-bridal skincare tips are of no use if this one is not religiously followed.pre-bridal skincare tips

  4.  Regular facials pre-bridal skincare tips

    Facials are an important part of the skincare routine; it keeps your skin radiant and youthful. This process helps in the nourishment and rejuvenation of your also deep cleanses your skin, slows the aging process, and reduces psychological distress.pre-bridal skincare tips

  5.  Rosewater and lip balm for your lips

    Unlike other parts of your body, lips don’t have sebaceous glands which make it very important for you to protect and moisturize your lips. A regular lip care routine can help you keep your lips hydrated and soft. You should exfoliate your lips once or twice a week. For moisturization rose water followed by a lip balm that suits your lip type can give your lips the perfect color and texture.pre-bridal skincare tips

  6.  Clean Tone and Moisturize

    Cleansing can help your skin breathe, maintain your complexion and remove all the dullness. Toning will help in tightening your pores and moisturizing will administer your skin texture. Together these three steps performed twice a day will bring out the best for your wedding day.

  7.  Steer clear of heavy makeup

    Months before the wedding, you should avoid heavy makeup as much as possible especially the ones with harsh chemicals. Switching to natural products will give your skin some detox and will help your skin restore its original glow. This detox pre-bridal skin care tip will be extremely beneficial for you.pre-bridal skincare tips                                                                                                                                                                                                           pre-bridal skincare tips

  8.   Take care of your nails and cuticles

    Oiling your nails and cuticles can increase blood circulation around your nails and stimulate nail growth. It also protects your nails and cuticles from sudden trauma. When you apply nail paint on properly oiled nails and cuticles. It could ensure shinier and longer-lasting nail paint coats.pre-bridal skincare tips

  9.  Moisturize your Hands Regularly

    Your hand comes in contact with water the most and has a higher chance of developing cracks, so you should moisturize your hand regularly. Also, you should avoid hard soaps. These pre-bridal tips might look fairly basic but they are the key to perfect skin before your wedding day.
    pre-bridal skincare tips

  10. Stick to Healthy Eating Habits

    Crash dieting and starving yourself mostly doesn’t work because most people break down and start binge eating. So you can reduce your carbohydrates and fats intake slowly and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Healthy smoothies and juices could be a valuable addition to your regular meal plans. pre-bridal skincare tips

  11.  Plan your Workout and Yoga Sessions

    Sweating brings a natural glow to your skin, workout sessions and yoga can help you with it. Apart from that workout and yoga keeps you in shape. It might also help in releasing some of the stress caused by all the work that goes into planning a wedding.pre-bridal skincare tips

  12. Get Proper Sleep

    Sleep is considered the third pillar of good health after a proper diet and workout. Sleeping time is the time when our body produces the maximum growth hormone responsible for the replacement of all dead cells and tissues in your nails, skin, and hair. Sleeping calms our nervous system and reduces stress. You should get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, this will even prevent the dark circles under your eyes.
    pre-bridal skincare tips

  13.  Try and Find the Best Hair Removal Method

    Try out which kind of hair removal method suits you the best so that you don’t get any unexpected allergies or reactions hours or days before your wedding. If you want to try a hair removal procedure do it while you have a lot of time in hand. pre-bridal skincare tips

  14.  Reduce Alcohol Intake 

    Other than fats and carbs you should also cut down on alcohol as it metabolizes estrogen and settles in the lower abdominal area and makes it low bulky. Alcohol also has bad effects on your skin and teeth. These pre-bridal skincare tips might be hard to follow but are extremely effective. 
    pre-bridal skincare tips

  15. Invest in Regular Manicures and Pedicures 

    Your hands and nails are in focus during the engagement and Mehendi ceremonies, this pre-bridal skincare tip can be a very productive investment. Monthly manicures and pedicures improve your hands and feet’ health and appearance.pre-bridal skincare tips

  16.  Try Dry Brushing for your Skin

    Dry brushing pre-bridal skincare tips might yield you a lot of profit. It has many benefits, it helps in exfoliation and increases blood circulation. It also helps in lymphatic movement which releases the toxins out of our body. Dry brushing can be done thrice a week. Remember to apply some oil or cream afterward.pre-bridal skincare tips

  17. Take Regular Body Massages

    Regular body massages can reduce stress and enhance muscle relaxation. Body massages help in moisturizing and nourishing your skin. It increases flexibility and strength.
    pre-bridal skincare tips

  18.  Don’t Forget Sunscreen

    Tanning and sunburns before your wedding functions can cause you a lot of trouble. Whenever you go out of the house during the day, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Make sure that you apply it on all exposed parts of your body including the back of your hand. pre-bridal skincare tips

  19.  Green Tea is Always Helpful

    Green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it has many health benefits. It helps in the removal of extra oil from your skin. It has anti-aging properties and provides relief from puffy eyes. Studies show that it can reduce acne to a considerable amount.pre-bridal skincare tips

  20. Stay Stress-free  

    During wedding preparations and ceremonies, stress is very common. Stress can cause your skin to break out or result in acne. Among all the pre-bridal skincare tips staying free is really important.15 minutes of Meditation every day can reduce a lot of your stress.pre-bridal skincare tipsFollow us on our insta handle for more updates

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