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Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Groom to be

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If you are a man who didn’t give attention to your grooming or looks before your wedding date got fixed, you are the right place. We are here to help you look stunning at your wedding. Its the day you deserve all the attention, along with good Sherwani you need to focus on how you charm others. Here are a few pre-wedding grooming tips which every groom should remember while preparing for their wedding.

  1. Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Haircut

    Are you a member of “short hair from the sides and back…leave the front side to medium” club? Then it is time to hit a different hair studio. Go 2-3 months before to a coveted salon of your town with a good hair volume. Ask them options for your hair and let them perform their magic. 2-3 months may sound a little early but if the experiment fails you will have regrowth in your hair volume before your wedding and you can reach back to your regular barber. If the experiment is successful, you will be sure before your wedding day, the haircut which is going to look elegant on you.Haircut related Pre-wedding grooming tips

  2. Keep personal shaving kit aside

    While you are at the barber don’t forget to inquire on the kind of beard you should keep on your wedding day. Avoid using personal shaving kit. Since we aren’t professionals a cut or bad beard shape can ruin your day. Since beard grows back in a week or so, till your wedding day you can keep on trying variations in your look till you achieve the sweet spot. 

  3. Pre-wedding Skincare Tips

    Maintain a daily morning and night skincare routine. For this, you need to speak to a dermatologist and determine your skin type. Once you are sure, use the following four basic face products.

    Face Wash

    Your face skin is sensitive compared to your other body parts. You should avoid using soap to it. A good face wash which suits your skin type will remove all the dirt and pollution your face experiences. Use it twice a day i.e. morning and night. Apply it gently in a circular motion on your face. After rinsing your face pat dry it with a towel.


    Using face wash can make your skin dry. Even if you have oily skin, facewash tends to take away some large amount of oil from your face. To rejuvenate your skin apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.


    People usually forget the importance of sunscreen. Sunscreen is not only important when you are stepping out of your house but also when you are staying in. The lightbulbs and laptop screens also emit UV lights. When you are staying in, apply at least SPF-30 sunscreen on your face. If you are stepping out you may go for SPF as higher as SPF-50.


    After a long day outside or for deep cleaning your face, you should go for a scrub. Avoid hard scrubs like walnut scrub. Go for lightening bead scrubs which are not hard enough to damage your skin. Use scrubs only twice a week, more than that could cause more damage than good. 

    Pre-wedding Grooming tips for Skincare

  4. Spa Day

    Book slot in your local spa a week before your wedding. According to your skin type ask them to give you a good facial. Go for something natural like fruit extract or herbs rather than chemical ones. Don’t forget to get manicure and pedicure too. It will improve blood circulation in your body and also avoid any fungal infection from nails. Courtship period could be quite hectic. One of the most important pre-wedding grooming tips we could give you is, gift yourself a relaxing massage. A body massage can help you relax in mids of all the wedding chaos.Pre-wedding Grooming Tips for Spa

  5. Oral hygiene

    Groom and bride are required to smile a lot on their reception day. More pearly white teeth will give you more confidence when you smile. To assure pearly white teeth, you could use whitening toothpaste. Use it only 2 weeks before any important occasion. Don’t use it for the long run, as it can damage your natural tooth enamel.  

  6. Pre-wedding Beauty Tips

    Why do grooms look flawless suddenly on their wedding day? Yes, they use subtle makeup. You need not go over the top, just find a foundation and concealer which matches your skin colour. Ask for some help from the parlour lady to understand its usage. Get that flawless look on your wedding day. If you have dry lips, use chapstick to hydrate your lips.

Bonus Pre-wedding Grooming tips: Change your lifestyle

If you do all the above steps then to your skin won’t reflect that amazing transformation unless you do this. Start eating healthy food. Get those leafy vegetables and tasty fruits. Drink 8 glasses of water and stay hydrated the whole day. To avoid dark circles get at least 8 hours of sleep. 


If you have more pre-wedding grooming tips which you may follow, do share with us. Hope you have an amazing wedding


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