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16 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations and Studios for a Dreamy Destination Shoot

Amongst all the ruckus of wedding planning, there are a few wedding activities that are super fun while also giving the couple a chance to just relax. One such activity is Pre Wedding Shoot.

Pre Wedding Photoshoots are slowly becoming synonymous with weddings now and are also picking on as a tradition. But to make your Pre Wedding Photoshoot stand out amongst all your friends on social media, you have to do something different. So what about a Destination Pre Wedding Photoshoot or a photoshoot at a specialized Pre Wedding Shoot Studio.


Here’s a list of the Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations and Studios around India.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Studios

If you and your fiance can’t decide on anyone pre wedding shoot location, how about selecting a destination that’s got a variety of different locations under one roof. You heard it right, here’s a list of photo studios that specialize in Pre Wedding Photoshoots.

1. Pre Wedding Shoot at PixOCity, Surat

Here’s a pre-wedding photoshoot studio that hosts a variety of ‘sets for shoots’ that are designed in various themes. So indulge yourself in the creativity and don’t forget to bring a change of clothes because, with so many themes available, you won’t be able to select just one.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Pre Wedding Photoshoot Pose

2. Pre Wedding Shoot at The Perfect Location, Faridabad

Feel like Surat is too out of reach but you still want a ‘Multi Location’ feel to your pre wedding photoshoot? Well, worry not because The Perfect Location is exactly what you’re looking for. TPL has a diversified range of backdrops and studios that are just perfect for a pre wedding photoshoot location.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Creative Pre Wedding Photoshoot Idea

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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations

Although if you feel like a pre wedding photoshoot is a perfect excuse for a mini vacation with your fiance then a destination pre wedding photoshoot location is what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of some absolutely beautiful and romantic place for pre wedding photoshoot around India.

3. Pre Wedding Shoot at Panna Meena Ka Kund, Jaipur

In the Beautiful Pink City of Jaipur lies this 16th century architectural beauty, Panna Meena Ka Kund. The main attraction to this Kund or well is the symmetrical stepwalls that surround it. The beauty and charm of this pre wedding shoot location will definitely show into your photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Pre Wedding Photoshoot Creative Ideas

4. Pre Wedding Shoot at French Colonies, Pondicherry

All you soon to be married couples living in the south, beautiful landscapes and perfect backdrops for your pre wedding photoshoot can just be a drive away. The colourful streets of the French colonies in Pondicherry is all you need for fun and playful pre wedding photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Poses For Pre Wedding Photoshoot

5. Pre Wedding Shoot at Goa

Is there anything more peaceful than the sun the sand and your loves hand in your hand? We think not. The serene beaches of Goa are the perfect pre wedding photoshoot locations

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Pre Wedding Photoshoot On Beach

6. Pre Wedding Shoot at Fort Jadhavgadh, Pune

Take a spin through 300 years of history. A gem from the Maratha reign, Fort Jadhavgadh has beauty and heritage in every corner that you look, making it an ideal location for pre wedding photoshoots.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Pose For Pre Wedding Photoshoot

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7. Pre Wedding Shoot at Backwaters of Kerala

The scenic Backwaters of Kerala are perfect of a romantic yet peaceful pre wedding photoshoot. Rent a boat or pose along the banks of the River, every inch of this landscape make an idyllic pre wedding shoot destination.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Pre Wedding Photoshoot In Saree

8. Pre Wedding Shoot at Ladakh

In this haven of picture-perfect backgrounds, you’ll find countless breathtaking locations for your pre wedding photoshoot. The skyline filled with mountains makes for the perfect pre wedding shoot destination with a combo of romance and mother nature’s beauty.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Pre Wedding Photoshoot With Bike

9. Pre Wedding Shoot at Lavasa, Maharashtra

Known as India’s newest Hill Station, at Lavasa you’ll see a blast of colours everywhere you look. This city based on the Italian town of Portofino is the perfect location for your pre wedding photo shoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Couple Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses

10. Pre Wedding Shoot at Chomu Palace, Jaipur

This stunning 300 year old elegant fortified palace hotel is slowly becoming a favourite pre wedding shoot destinations among photographers and couples. Chomu Palace is a beautiful haven from inside and out. Choose this pre wedding shoot location to mix culture and heritage into your pre wedding photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Indian Pre Wedding Photoshoot

11. Pre Wedding Shoot at National Rail Museum, Delhi

Jump abort the journey to your wedding day with a pre wedding photoshoot at the National Rail Museum in New Delhi. This is one of the most beautiful non prehistoric pre wedding shoot locations in the city. Come her to ride on the express train of love.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios

12. Pre Wedding Shoot at Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

Set against the stunning backdrop of Sahyadri mountain range, Aamby Valley City  It is one of the most beautiful pre wedding photoshoot locations closest to Mumbai. Take a drive down to the valley for an enchantingly magnificent pre wedding photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios

13. Pre Wedding Shoot at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Home to Maharaja Gaj Singh II and his family, Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the largest private residences in the world. Get lost in this magnificent heritage home, in a dreamy yet ravishing pre wedding photoshoot.  

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios

14. Pre Wedding ShootTaj Mahal, Agra

Use ‘The Symbol of Love’ as your symbol of love, in a magical pre wedding photoshoot. The majestic Taj Mahal will bring a touch of romance to your pre wedding photoshoot making it one you’ll never forget.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios
Unique Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

15. Pre Wedding Shoot at Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

In the heart of the city lies the stunningly beautiful hundred year old step-well, Agrasen ki Baoli. The light gradually get dimmer as you descend the flight of stairs, creating a mystical and perhaps spooky atmosphere that makes for a unique and very dramatic photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios

16. Pre Wedding Shoot at Udaipur Udaivilas

With royalty painted on every wall and terraces designed in regal architecture, there is the magic of love in the air at Udaipur Udaivilas. This splendorous palace straight out of a fairy tale, is the perfect pre wedding photoshoot location for your Pre wedding photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios


So there it’s was, the list of destination pre wedding photoshoot locations and studios that will definitely bring out the love. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and pick your pre wedding shoot destination today.

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