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8 Punjabi Wedding Games for the Bride and Groom

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If you’ve ever attended a Punjabi wedding, you know that other than good food, dhol music and lots of booze, that extra element of fun comes from Punjabi wedding games. It’s always fun to see the bride and groom enter a few rounds of traditional Punjabi wedding games that will determine who’ll have that upper hand in their Punjabi marriage. These traditional Indian wedding games can be played during the wedding or post-wedding on the vidaai day.

Here’s a List of some Exciting Punjabi Wedding Games for the Bride and Groom…

1. Naam ka Khoj – Pre Punjabi Wedding Game

Every Punjabi bride loves intricate details in her wedding mehndi design which normally also includes her groom’s name. In this Punjabi wedding game, the groom has to find his own name that’s hidden between all the elaborate designs on the palm of his bride. This game intends to make the bride and groom comfortable and close to each other.  


2. Joota Chupai – Punjabi Wedding Game for the Brides Tribe

Here’s the Punjabi brides family’s favourite Punjabi wedding game, as it involves hiding the groom’s shoes without him getting a hint of it and asking him to pay up so that he doesn’t have to go home barefoot. This “joote lelo paise dedo” game is normally played by the bride’s cousins or friends after the couple removes their shoes to enter the mandap. The game ends only after the groom agrees to pay up or shower the bridal party with gifts.

This game is a way to welcome the groom into the family, through a goofy prank.


3. Dulhan ko Dhoondho – Punjabi Wedding Game for the Brides Friends

This Punjabi wedding game involves cutting 12 small holes into a long saree, big enough to fit palms through them. You’ll then need 5 women other than the Punjabi bride to stand behind the saree and place their hands through those holes. The groom is then brought into the room and is asked to guess which pair of hands belong to his newlywed partner. If he guesses right he’s spared but if he guesses wrong he has to serve a punishment to win his lady love back.


4. Clash of the Coconuts – Fun Indian Wedding Game

After the bride and groom are officially married, the couple have to be seated facing each other with a 10 feet distance between them. The coconuts are then brought in. The goal of this Punjabi wedding game is for the bride and groom to roll their respective coconuts towards each other and aim them to collide midway. If they do it right, the coconuts are supposed to break when they meet. This symbolises the couple to have a sure shot at a successful Punjabi marriage. The couple gets 3 attempts at breaking the coconuts.


5. Untying the Knot – Competitive Punjabi Wedding Games  

In this Punjabi wedding game, relatives use sacred threads to tie multiple knots on the bride and groom’s hand. The Punjabi bride and groom have to then untie each other’s knots. It may sound really easy but it’s not, as the relatives put a lot of haldi and wet the knot making the knots tightly tangled. This Punjabi wedding game comes with a twist, the bride uses both hands to untie the knots whereas the groom can use only one hand to complete the task. It’s believed that whoever is able to undo the others knot first will be the dominant partner between the two and have more responsibility in the marriage.


6. Ring Fishing – Traditional Punjabi Wedding Game

In this Punjabi wedding game a bowl full of milk, rose petals and a few other objects are placed. The couple’s wedding rings are then immersed into the bowl. They then try finding their ring using only one hand. The partner that first finds the ring is said to have the upper hand in the marriage.


7. Pick the Plate – Indian Wedding Games with a Twist

This is one of those traditional Punjabi wedding games that will predict the relation between the Punjabi bride and the members of her new family. Here, a row of plates is kept for the bride to pick up one by one, stacking them on top of each other. The catch here is, while stacking the plates the bride should not make a clinking noise between the plates. Every plate signifies one member like the mother in law, the sister in law, etc. The myth says if she clinks the plate, she will have a tiff with the person representing that plate.


8. Guna – Punjabi Wedding Game for an Intro to the fam.

This is a Punjabi wedding game that introduces all the members of the family to the newest one. Here the bride is introduced to every family member individually with a small game. The elder in the family places some rice in the family member’s hand. The family member has to then transfer the rice into the bride’s hand without dropping it. This process ends with the rice in the bride’s hand and usually, a gift or shagun is given by the member to the bride.


So there it was, some super fun Punjabi wedding games to add the excitement into your Punjabi marriage celebrations. These Punjabi wedding games for the bride and groom will definitely help the newlywed couple to ease into their new life.


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