Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding is never an easy job. Being an Indian, we take our weddings way too seriously!! Therefore,it becomes stressful by the end of it. Especially while searching for the perfect wedding venue, you need to consider few factors in order to have a smooth wedding and avoid the chaos on the day. So, to help you out,we have listed out a series of questions which you should ask before booking any venue for your wedding. Avoid losing big bucks by asking the right questions.

  • Availability
  1. Is the venue available on our wedding date?
  2. Is there any other event planned for the same day at the venue? If yes, then will we have to share the venue?

wedding date availability

wedding venue


  • Capacity-
  1. How many guests can be accommodated?
  2. What is the floating and seating capacity?
  3. Is there any kind of emergency arrangement available just in case if the number of people expected for the wedding,exceeds?

wedding seating capacity


  • Payment details-
  1. How much is the deposit?
  2. Is it inclusive of service tax? If not,then what additional amount will we have to pay?
  3. What are the extra charges that would be liable if the time of the event exceeds?
  4. What is the payment pattern(advance and post event payment, whether they accept cash or cheque)?
  5. What is your cancellation policy?

wedding bills payment


  • Staff and co-ordination-
  1. Who would be the point of contact on the wedding day?
  2. How much staff would assist in the wedding?
  3. If extra staff is required,then what is the extra charge?

Event staff



  • Food and caterers-
  1. Are outside-caterers allowed?
  2. What are the services provided by in-house caterers?
  3. Is non-veg food allowed(some venues do not allow the consumption of non veg in the premises)?
  4. If we consider to keep an open bar,then is it allowed?
  5. Can we customize the menu as per our preference?
  6. Will you provide a menu-tasting session?

wedding buffet food


  • Setup Preparation-
  1. Are there any event decorators on site or should you hire one?
  2. When can they hand over the venue to initiate the set up?

wedding setup


  • Music and sound-
  1. Is there any restriction to play music on the wedding?
  2. Can you bring your own DJ, if you want to have a dance session for your guests after the wedding?
  3. Can you bring in artists to perform live on your wedding?

wedding dj

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  • Parking-
  1. Do you have parking space?
  2. Do you provide valet parking?
  3. Is there any extra charge for extra number of vehicles?

wedding parking


  • Accommodation and Green Rooms-
  1. Do you provide accommodation facilities?
  2. If yes, is there any discount on booking multiple rooms?
  3. Is the accommodation available at the same place or in other hotel with whom you have tie up with?
  4. How many green rooms are available? How huge are they?

wedding guests accomodation


  • Extras-
  1. What is the style of seating arrangement? Ask if you can customize it.
  2. Ask if you can see the chairs that would be used for the wedding.
  3. Is there any shuttle service available to pick up and drop guests from the nearby commute source?

pick up and drop service

This would be adequate to answer all your doubts. Feel free to add or substitute the questions and get full information before going in for the big deal.


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