Darna Mana Hai! @ Raj Kundra And Shilpa Shetty Son Viaan’s Halloween Party Planned by BookEventZ

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On Tuesday 31 October 2017, Raj Kundra & Shilpa Shetty hosted an exclusive Halloween party for their son Viaan. With pumpkins, spooky ghosts, cobwebs, scary cupcakes and a lot of scary attendees…it was a perfect Halloween party.

This party was arranged and organized by Bookeventz. On receiving the enquiry, Bookeventz team, brainstormed ideas to whip up the Halloween party in Raj Kundra’s house.

On the Event day, our team found themselves in Kinara house (one of most enriched homes in Mumbai, Raj Kundra’s house is no less than a palace), right in the lap of nature, which oversees the sea and overhears the gushing water, decorating the house for the Halloween party for the evening. Within three hours, there were dark scary ghost, scary lighting, carved pumpkins, and crazy asylum theme with cobwebs in the dark corners in the sitting area.  The complete transformation was so scary and drastic that Shilpa Shetty herself was shocked and taken aback.

Half hour before the party started, entered the Grim Reaper with a booming welcoming invitation, Mr. Kundra himself. He was as excited as Viaan himself was for the party. The little vampire ran around taking the decorations in, in his seventh heaven enjoying the eeriness and submerged in the anticipation of the party and guests. The first guest to the party was Maleficent looking stunning. Viaan could hardly recognise Aunt Shamita Shetty in this costume!


photography for various events

The guests followed soon after maleficent, entering through the usual grand entrance which on usual days showcase a contemporary design and a kiss of western sense but on 31st evening had a skeleton to welcome them with stark red lighting igniting the fear within. The bungalow was then found to be decorated in all scary lighting, figures, masks, cobwebs and eerie décor to get the party going.


The various scary beings soon found themselves enjoying the party. Shilpa Shetty, dressed as a bat devil looking gorgeous went around the room greeting guests and welcoming them. The guests soon found themselves in front of the scary photobooth, arranged by Bookeventz for all the pictures and selfies paying homage to the theme. Some guests were found in front of the treat table, especially those little scary beings having milkybars, chips, yakult drinks, witch cupcakes and all the other mouth-watering tasty food.

The party continued with Mr. Kundra playing games with the kids, the adults having some fun, the kids further busying themselves with some kids’ games such as Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting game and the Monster Freeze Dance. The ambiance for the Halloween party was perfectly set in accordance with Mr. Kundra playing some booming scary music over their home theatre.

With the approaching end of the party, Mr. Kundra complemented Bookeventz on their event management. The scary ghost picture, successful in scaring all the attendees making Shilpa Shetty herself exclaim in fear was the hit of the party.

Nonetheless, the party on 31st Oct at Kinara house of Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty found all scary attendees however encompassed in a lot of laughter and celebration making it a grand success and a huge hit for the Bookeventz Team. Looking forward to doing many more such events for them.


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