Carwale Annual Award Function

CarWale Annual Awards | Real Event by BookEventZ

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As they say The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Recently, we organized CarWale’s Annual Award Function on 5th Oct 2018. It was a Rewards and Recognition Event for their employees.

The Story Of CarWale

CarWale was launched in October 2005 by Mohit, Gaurav, Tufail and Arun. The organization has grown since then and is now India’s largest online platform for trading passenger vehicles. 

CarWale’s Annual Award Function By BookEventz

Mohit Dubey, one of the founders narrated an inspiring story of resilience during the first few days they were starting up. The Founder would go from door to door at big bungalows in Bhopal and ask for funding from wealthy people. To his surprise, a lot of people agreed. The evening moved forward with dance and musical performances.

The Theme

The Theme for the Day was “Carnival” and our vendors created a beautifully decorated stage. A Carnival typically involves public celebrations, including events such as parades, public street parties and other entertainments, combining some elements of a circus. The Decoration Team created a mascot to welcome the guests and to set the mood.

The Stage

The stage was spectacularly decorated by the trusted vendors of BookEventz. The Color theme was the Classic European Carnival colors off-white and red. There was an LED Screen background to aid the performances and awards.  Our Decorators added Knobs found on retro TV sets to the stage decor.

Retro TV knob Decoration on the Stage

The Venue

The CIDCO Convention Center is a state-of-the-art building complex that features an Exhibition Centre, a grand wedding center, Business Centre and an Ancillary Block. It is the First Exhibition Air Conditioned Center in Navi Mumbai.

cidco vashi auditorium entrance
CIDCO Convention Centre



The Entrance

The Grand Entrance of the CIDCO Convention Center in Vashi had been carpeted red to give the employees the well-deserved ‘Star-Treatment’. A photo background was created for selfies and group-fies. Such spaces in events give a chance to the guests to create and save some memorable instances. With the Instant Photography service provided by BookEventz, the guests got to keep a physical copy of their memories.

Photo-Op/ Selfie Area

The Show

The Emcees did a great job with beginning the evening with jovial manner. Most of the Speakers and performers were the multi-talented employees of CarWale. Some of them gave solo singing performances. They came, they saw and they conquered the audience!

The Emcees

A Kathakali Dancer enthralled the audience with her graceful moves. Kathakali is a traditional dance native to the southern state of Kerala. The dance routine is used to tell stories from Hindu epics.

Kathakali Dance Performance



The music and dance performances continued with individual and group performances. After Kathakkali came a Bharatnatyam performance. Historically called Sadir, Bharatnatyam is a major genre of Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu. Some talented artists serenaded the audience with contemporary music played on a spanish guitar.

Bharatnatyam and Contemporary Music

The dance competition was the highlight of the event. A participant danced to the tune of a contemporary Bollywood song. A group of girls performed a complicated southern Indian traditional dance form. The audience enjoyed a unique Science-Fiction themed dance performance with futuristic mirror costumes.

Bollywood and Science Fiction themed dance performance

Next came the moment they all had been waiting for. The Awards began and dance performances were given intermittently. 

The Awards Distribution Ceremony



The Party

After all the performances and awards were over, the guests took to the dance floor and let their hair down. A party atmosphere was created complete with smoke machines and psychedelic lighting. The Groovy DJ ensured that they have the best time of their life. Later they posed with the mascots and got their memories in print. 

The Groovy DJ Party

The Food

The event concluded with a tasteful buffet arranged by BookEventZ. The menu consisted of continental gourmet food which was enjoyed by one and all. For more pictures, Click here.

The culmination of another successful event gives immense pleasure to the BookEventZ team.  

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