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Sangeet Ceremony

25+ Latest Sangeet Hairstyles for 2024 Brides

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeMay 13, 2024

Elevate your sangeet look with these stunning sangeet hairstyles. With over 25 styles provided, you can choose the perfect hairstyle to complement your outfit and make you shine on the dance floor.

Sangeet nights are always starry, lively, energetic, and filled with a lot of fun. The wholesome and energetic dances on your favorite Bollywood numbers, the impromptu grooves during the DJ, and the cute moments you share with everyone sum up the night. Whether you come on stage or sit with your groom-to-be, all the eyes will be on you. Hence, you need to look like a princess at your Sangeet night. To enhance and uplift your look, we have come up with some of the best Sangeet Hairstyles. These hairstyles range from simple buns to heavy braids.

Check out these Trendy Sangeet Hairstyles.

Sangeet Hairstyle for Bride Messy Bun

messy bun hairstyle for sangeet

Rock your sangeet night with this dazzling look. This bride did a beautifully messy bun adorned with tiny white clips, giving your hairstyle a modern and contemporary look. If you need more trendy bridal hairstyles then check out this blog.

Twisted Braid Hair Style for Sangeet Ceremony

For your Sangeet ceremony, choose a hairstyle that exudes elegance and sophistication; like this one. This twisted braided hairdo adorned with baby breaths is one of the finest sangeet hairstyles we have ever come across. Pair a silvery lehenga with this hairstyle and get ready to rock at your Sangeet Ceremony.

Crown Braid Sangeet Hairstyles for Short Hair

crown braid hairstyle

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, you can still look glamorous at your Sangeet night. This short-haired bride created a mini braid that extends and looks like a crown. Accessorize this cutesy crown braid with pins and flowers to accentuate your Sangeet look.

Half-Tied Hairdo with a Swirl of Flowers Hairstyles for Sangeet Ceremony

If you have a soft corner for half-tied hairstyles then we suggest you this one for your Sangeet Ceremony. This beautiful hairstyle has been adorned with a swirl of flowers that will accentuate your Sangeet bridal look. Pair this hairstyle with a beautiful gown and you are all set to rock at your Sangeet.

Twisted French Braid Sangeet Hairstyles for Long Hair

French Braid Hairstyle

Time to embrace your long hair by turning it into a beautiful French braid like this bride did. The tiny floral embellishments done on this hairstyle make it a perfect choice for your Sangeet Night. If you like French Braid Hairstyles then check out these diverse options.

Loose Crown Braid with Messy Curls Sangeet Hairstyles for Medium Hair

loose crown braid with messy curls for sangeet hairstyles

This list of best hairstyles for a sangeet ceremony would feel incomplete without this hairstyle. This hairstyle consists of a loose crown braid ending up with elegant messy curls. The crown braid is adorned with some beautiful white flowers.

Hairstyle for Sangeet Function Low Side Braided Bun with Flowers

low side braided bun with flower adornments

If you need a dazzling look and are confused between a braid and a bun then here’s a hairstyle that is an amalgamation of both. This low side-braided bun is something you will regret not trying. The floral and pearl clip embellishments done on this hairstyle make it one of a kind. There are many hairstyles to compliment your saree, check them out here.

Crown Braid with Pearls Bridal Sangeet Hairstyles

neat crown braid with tiny pearls sangeet hairstyles

By now, we know how obsessed you are with crown braids; but this one takes the cake. This neat crown braid hairstyle adorned with tiny pearls is the perfect choice for your Sangeet ceremony.

Sangeet Hairstyle for Bride Braided Crown with Floral Tiara and Open Curls

braided crown with floral tiara

Give yourself a modern look for your Sangeet Night with this sleek hairstyle that has a braided crown with open curls, adorned with a beautiful floral tiara. Are you afraid that your hairstyle will go well with your lehenga or not? Check out these lehenga hairstyles for inspiration.

Bubbly Ponytail with Prominent Waves Sangeet Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bubbly Ponytail with Prominent Waves Sangeet Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have been blessed with really long hair then this bubbly ponytail hairstyle with open prominent waves is the perfect choice for you. You can see the cutesy bubble-like hair strands running all over the hair, adorned with baby breaths.

Sangeet Hairstyles for Long Hair Open Curls

open wavy curls with baby breaths

Let loose your long hair for a stunning look at your Sangeet Night. This bride kept an open curls hairstyle for her Sangeet ceremony and embellished this hairstyle with baby breaths to accentuate its look.

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle for Sangeet Function

fishtail braid hairstyle

If you like intricate hairstyles then we suggest you consider this one for your Sangeet Night. This voluminous fishtail braid is perfect for you, the side bangs and the puff at the center of your mane will make this hairstyle an exceptional one. 

Swirling Ponytail Sangeet Hairstyle for Bride

swirling ponytail hairstyle for sangeet

If you don’t like a braid or a bun and want a simple hairstyle then you can go for a ponytail that will make you look sophisticated. This swirling ponytail is a perfect option for you if you are going to do an energetic performance at your Sangeet Function.

Loose Curls with Floral Headband

loose curls with floral headband

Let those curls loose and adorn it with a floral headband for a decent and simple look.

Simple Floral Bun Hairstyle for Sangeet Function

floral bun hairstyle for sangeet

If you need a simple and sophisticated look at your Sangeet Night then you just have to do a decent bun and adorn it with beautiful white flowers. This floral bun is sleek, sophisticated, yet stylish. Love this bridal flower bun? We have a diverse collection of similar hairdos, check them out here.

Curly Bun with Roses Bridal Sangeet Hairstyles

curly bun with roses

Here’s another floral bun that has a twist. This is a curly bun adorned with pink roses for a stunning look. The maang tikka accentuates the overall look of this hairstyle.

Fishtail Braid with Baby Breaths Sangeet Hairstyles for Long Hair

fishtail braid with baby breaths

If you need a fancy touch to your hairstyle then this is the best one to consider for your Sangeet Night. This voluminous fishtail braid is beautifully adorned with baby breaths, accentuating its look.

Half Up Half Down Rose Bun Bridal Hairstyle for Sangeet

half up half down with rose shaped bun

Dazzle up the Sangeet Night with this utterly beautiful hairstyle. This half up half down hairstyle has loose curls left open and some hair turned into a rose-shaped bun. The open curls are gorgeously embellished with florals and baby breaths.

Side Loose Braid Hairstyle for Sangeet Function

side loose braid with pinned flowers

If you need a hairstyle that has a braid that is not prominent and also needs loose curls then here’s a perfect amalgamation for you to consider. This hairstyle consists of a side loose braid adorned with flowers pinned on it and a side maang tikka.

Half-Tied Braid Sangeet Hairstyle for Bride

half tied braid

A stylish hairstyle that you must consider for your Sangeet Night is this one. This half-tied hairstyle has a braid running in the middle while the other hair is curled and left open. The hairstyle is then embellished with tiny white florals.

Sleek Ponytail Bridal Hairstyle for Sangeet

sleek ponytail with glittery scrunchie

If you like sleek hairstyles then consider this stylish ponytail. Poker straight hair tied in a pony with a blingy scrunchie is one of the best decisions to glam up your look for your Sangeet Night.

Photogenic Messy Bun Bridal Sangeet Hairstyles

photogenic messy bun hairstyle

You might have seen a lot of messy bun hairstyles but this one right here takes the cake. This messy bun hairstyle will make you look like a Disney princess. The intertwined hair tied in a loose low bun embellished with tiny accessories, what else do you want to rock your Sangeet Night?

Multi Floral Braided Bun Hairstyle for Sangeet Function

multi floral braided bun

If you like both braids and buns and need clarification about what hairstyle to pick for your Sangeet night then this is the perfect solution for you. This hairstyle is a combination of braid and bun, a braided bun hairstyle embellished with a lot of florals. 

Poofs and Locks Bridal Sangeet Hairstyles

poofs and locks hairstyle

If you need a royal hairstyle that blends well with your gown or flowy dress, then we recommend you choose this one. To do this hairstyle, make a big poof at the top of your mane, pick up sections from the sides to form a ‘U’, and pin them. Repeat this to small sections of hair.

Bow Styled Hairstyle for Sangeet Function

bow shaped hairstyle

We know you adore open hair a lot but what if we told you can still style your hair without leaving your comfort zone? Leave 75% of your hair open and make a bow shape on the rest of the hair.

These are some of the best Sangeet Hairstyles we found on the internet. Remember that the hairdo matches the aesthetics and the volume of your outfit.

Thanks for reading the blog and we hope the ideas and information we provided were helpful and valuable.

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