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Check Out These 14 Mesmerising Saree Trends That Are Here to Stay!

By Pulkit Gogna
Blog timeNov 27, 2018

A saree is forever but sadly, the same can’t be said for its draping styles and trend. Saree trends come and go. Sometimes, more like vanish into thin air. You see models waltzing on the runway and that’s about it! So, what do you do? How do you make sure that you stay sartorially relevant no matter what time of the year it is?

Here are 5 saree trends that are here to stay:

  1. The Long-Train Pallu Saree Trends:

    If you are attending a function that isn’t saree-friendly, keep it bit medium-length to save your beautiful silk sarees from kids! While it is an obvious thing that you wouldn’t have a stylist or a designer assistant to carry the train of the pallu, so be careful and don’t trip! This is one of the most trendy sarees out of all that will never go out of style!

    The Long-Train Pallu Saree TrendsThe Long-Train Pallu

  2.  The Classic Sleeveless and Backless Black Blouse Saree Trends:

    Why should it ever go out of style? After all, it works with every saree and every time when you are confused about what to wear and how to mix and match up! It creates such a beautiful confluence and is just perfect if you are looking for a slimmer, sensual and sexier silhouette.

    The Classic Sleeveless and Backless Black Blouse Saree Trends

    The Classic Sleeveless and Backless Black Blouse

  3. The Hourglass Saree Trends:

    A saree hugs your curves. accentuates your features and highlights your frame. An hourglass saree style with south Indian golden jewellery is the mother of all. From Rani Mukherji to Deepika Padukone, everyone has flaunted one too many times and we simply can’t have enough of it!

    The Hourglass Saree Trends

    The Hourglass Saree

  4. The ‘Kamarband’ Saree Trends:

    Take your desi girl look for a spin with the good ol’ kamarband.  Besides clinching the waist and accentuating your silhouette, a kamarband holds the pallu and gives the six-yard stunner a more sensual twist. 

    The ‘Kamarband’ Saree Trends

    The ‘Kamarband’ Saree

  5. The Floral Jewellery Saree Trends:

    Believe it or not, the flower power amps up your ethnic style, It is the latest trend of sarees! The flowers complement the heavily embellished silk sarees and give your outfit a flawless fusion.

    The Floral Jewellery Saree Trends

  6. Pant Saree

    Bring a dash of glamorous style and oomph to the traditional six-yarder when you don’t want to look like a freaking wedding saree extravaganza itself!
    Indian cocktail party dress

  7. Distressed Demin Saree Trend

    If you are looking for a contemporary touch, wear something like a distressed denim saree. It is unique, diferent and definetly makes a style statement. Get the perfect frame as well as a classy style in these stylish sarees with this saree trend.

    saree trends 2021

  8. Ombre Saree

    Everyone loves the ombre finish and it has been the talk of the town. Every women must have one of these in her closet. The most amazing bit is that you can rock these styles on the runway, at work and at a party with equal aplomb and poise!

    saree trends

  9. Blazer Saree

    It is the superhero of all saree styles that ensures that the saree complements the saree like no other! You could have the tradition formal blazer, the long overcoats or if you wanna get creative you customize an assytemrical design to fit your sarees requirement.   saree trends

  10. Winged Drape Saree

    Just perfect for the mehndi and sangeet ceremony of your bestie! This saree trend offers multiple options, the key is to find what suits you the best and what you are most comfortable with!saree trends

  11. Dhoti Saree Trend

    Dhoti trend has been going on for a while now and they look spectacular. So don’t forget to bring the personal flavour of your own style, be it in the form of shoulder-grazing jhumkas or layering it up with a summer blazer.saree trends

  12. Fringe Saree

    That’s what we call a red carpet-worthy entry! Though you need to plan it ahead and level it right to create a sexier silhouette. The fringes have an unforgetable charm. Saree Trends

  13. Metallic Saree

    Mettalic Saree Trends have won everyone over. You can have the regular metallic colours like copper, golden or silver. But if you want more options tryig going for metallic finish sarees in colours like pink, blue, red and even lavender or wine. saree trend

  14. Sequin Saree

    These best-in-class styles are endorsed by celebrities. They offers you enormous choices in terms of style. They definetly add a bling to the attire and make perfect cocktail party outfits. Saree trend
















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