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Simple and Elaborate South Indian Bridal Hairstyles Just for You

By Smita Dhantal
Blog timeOct 16, 2020

It’s your Wedding Day…! Planning for your much-awaited D-Day could be stressful. Choosing the perfect saree, selecting a jewelry set that suits your personality and the occasion, deciding on the kind of make-up that is just right, and a hairstyle that goes with all. In the South Indian Tradition, the trio of kattu-bottu-juttu is a Bridal essential. And we are here to help you decide which of these South Indian Bridal hairstyles is perfect for you.

Check out these stunning South Indian Bridal Hairstyles.

Poolajada Wedding South Indian Hairstyle

poolajada hairstyle for south indian brides

Floral hairstyles have a lot of fans in South India. This poolajada hairstyle, which is a braid filled with flowers, is something you must consider for your South Indian Wedding.

Mogra Floral South Indian Wedding Hair

stylish mogra braid for brides

A classic South Indian bridal hairstyle for your wedding is this floral jada hairstyle where mogra flowers cover and surround the whole braid. Embellish this with a hair accessory like temple jewelry.

White Garland Wedding South Indian Hairstyle

braid overflowed with white garlands

Step into floral madness for your South Indian Bridal look with this braid filled with white garland.

Mogra Bun South Indian Bridal Hair

mogra bun for South Indian Wedding

Floral hairstyle can also be done over a bun, look at this one for instance. The layers of mogra strings surrounding the bun give a royal feel.

Artificial Floral Bun South Indian Hair Style for Wedding

artificial floral bun with vibrant flowers

If floral buns excite you and you want to experiment with different colors then this floral bun has vibrant artificial flowers making it a pretty floral bun.

Floral Fishtail Braid South Indian Bridal Hair

floral fishtail braid with tiny florals

If you want a stylish braid for your South Indian wedding then we recommend you choose this fishtail braid with floral embellishments.

Braided Floral Bun

braided bun with floral embellishments

Are you confused about whether to choose a braid or a bun for your wedding? Worry not, this hairstyle is an amalgamation of braid and bun, a perfect braided bun embellished with flowers.

Nethi Chutti Front South Indian Wedding Hair

nethi chutti front south indian bridal hairstyle

This multi-strand Nethi-Chutti hairstyle will make you feel like a royal South Indian queen. The rakodi hair ornaments are also something that accentuates the look.

Side Braid Wedding South Indian Hairstyle

side braid hairstyle adorned with yellow flowers

A simple braid hairstyle which you must consider if you want a decent and simple look. This bride decided to have a side-swept braid adorned with yellow flowers. These faux daisies make her hairstyle stand out.

Aandal Jadai South Indian Bridal Hair

aandal jadai braid hairstyle

A hairstyle that is a cultural mark of South Indian Bridal Hairstyles. If you need an authentic South Indian hairstyle then you should consider this one. The ornaments embellished on this hairstyle make it look exceptional.

South Indian Wedding Hair Braid with Silver Ornaments

fishtail type voluminous braid with silver ornaments as embellishments

A braid with multiple adornments, accentuating its beauty. This beautiful braid hairstyle has silver ornaments as adornments that uplift the overall South Indian bridal look.

Flat Floral Bun South Indian Bridal Hair

simple flat floral bun

We know that flat buns aren’t that wow for brides to adopt one but this one is so precisely done that you will regret not choosing it for your South Indian Wedding. A puffed-up back done into a flat bun with floral adornments.

Rose Structured Bun Wedding South Indian Hairstyle

rose structured bun with silver adornments

This bridal bun is the best for you if you have long hair. This rose-structured bun is a hairdo that you must consider if you need a stylish and modern hairstyle. The leaf-shaped shiny embellishments of this hairstyle uplifts the whole bridal look.

Multiple Floral Braid with Billai Hair Accessory

vibrant multi floral braid with billai hair accessory

If you aren’t happy with a simple hairstyle for your South Indian wedding and want to go all out then you must consider this one. This braid is a multi-floral braid with billai hair accessory, perfect to pair with your saree.

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