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15 Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Ideas to make you Dazzle

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeSep 15, 2021

Every bride deserves to look like an angel dropped from the heavens on her wedding day.  Hindu brides are known to wear kohled eye makeup on their special day but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing  something off beat. Everything needs to be perfectly synchronized for her. Makeup is known to enhance features and the one we all like to highlight is our eyes. You’ve found your wedding dress, had that Cinderella moment with the perfect shoes, and spent hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest,  searching for just the right hairstyle. With almost every aspect of your bridal ensemble checked off your to-do list, all there’s left to do is find some makeup inspiration that pulls it all together. These Smokey eye wedding makeup looks are your ultimate road to sizzle.

If you are looking for a bridal makeup look, which is not only mystical but smoldering, Smokey eye makeup should be on your radar.

1. Classic black Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Look

For those who love dressing their lids with makeup, the black smokey eye is, of course, a classic go-to. It adds a dose of instant glam to any look and contrary to popular belief is quite easy to create. Surprise and slay with a classic black shimmery smokey eye look. Kohl your eyes all around and add luscious long lashes to make your eyes look big and beautiful.

classic black Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

2.  Blue Hued Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Look

Unleash the diva in you and wear a well blended range of blue eyeshadows together. Use generous strokes of eye liner and kohl to turn all the heads in the room.

blue hued smokey eye wedding makeup

3. Vibrant Color Pop

You just can’t go wrong with a mix and match of bright yellow and pink. It is surely out of the box and will take all by surpise. It is experimental but is sure to trend in future. Try this look at any of the day functions with pastel or bold colored outfits.

vibrant Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

4. Tropical Hued Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Look

Add a pop of color to your upper eye lid. With a long-wearing formula, run the eyeshadow over your lower waterline and then above your lashes to be sure your entire lash line is colored. Lift the lashes with a dash of mascara. Play with the hues of summer- the lovely parrot green and tingly yellow as one of the finest smokey eye makeup looks for all the stunning brides out there.


tropical hues Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

5. Daunting and Bright Neon Hues

You can’t go wrong with the maximalist touch of distinct neon shades. The colourful lovely yellow, red hues and sea green blue will leave you amazed.

neon smokey eye wedding makeup

6. Soft Glam Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Look

Go for soft yet glamorous black smokey eyes with a tinge of glitters to the edges. This look is surely here to stay.

soft glam smokey eye wedding makeup

7. Golden and Black Tints

 Prep, prime and conceal the eyelids. Use a cream gold eyeshadow base. This will make the gold pop out more when you add the powder eyeshadow. Pack on the gold eyeshadow and blend. Take a dark brown or black eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner and take it into the crease to create depth. Keep applying the gold to the middle of the lid and the black in the outer corner till you are happy with the intensity. Apply the gold eyeshadow to the lower lash line. Follow up with black liner on the lower water line. The most beautiful combo of royal golden eyeshadow and classy black is just an irresistible look

black and gold smokey eye wedding makeup

8. Dusty Pink and Smokey Brown Hues

These colors are sure to make the bride look all the more attractive. It is perfect for cocktail or wedding reception parties. The bride is definitely going to exude sultry vibes all through it.

dusty pink and brown smokey eye wedding makeup

9. Icy Blue Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Look

Add an icy blue color with rich purple to shine and mesmerize. It is all things glam and chic!

icy blue smokey eye wedding makeup


10. Green Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Look

Green is the color of prosperity and luxury itself is. So inspiring, opulent and beautiful,  green is perhaps the most demanded color in the fashion and beauty industry, which we can never have enough of. And when it appears in makeup, emerald green makes any bride look dramatic, sensual and romantic, enhancing her feelings of harmony and balance with her natural beauty. When accompanied by gold or brown, emerald green eye shadow is unbeatable. Use a classic earthy green or a dark green and mix it with a hint of dark brown to make every glance you give, hypnotic.

green smokey eye wedding makeup

11. Bengali Bride Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

Bengali brides most of the time either opt for a light golden eye makeup look or the classic smokey eyes that look amazing with their red attires. Known for their big eyes, smokey eyes with hints of deep purple and magenta hues look stunning on Bengali women. So this is one look you can opt for if your bridal outfit is vermillion hued.

bengali bride smokey eye wedding makeup

12. Champagne Pink

This look requires a few layers to give it that picture-perfect finish. First, work on your eyebrows and then start with a warm shade of pink all over the eyelids. Then take a deep rosy-champagne eyeshadow shade on your brush and apply it in the inner and outer sides of the lids. Next, apply a brighter pink in the middle to give it that 3-D look and top it off with some glitter. Apply a thin or thick layer of eyeliner, depending upon your liking and quote your lashes with mascara.

champagne pink smokey eye wedding makeup

13. Dusty Golden Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

A little similar to the light golden makeup, this eye makeup look has a more rustic antique golden touch to it that goes well with light-hued bridal outfits.

dusty gold smokey eye wedding makeup

14. Dark Rose Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

This makeup look is a bridal favorite as it is smokey enough to look sultry but has a magenta-purple, rose-y hue that sets it apart. Wear a wine hued bridal outfit and ask your makeup artist to try this eye makeup on you.

Dark rose smokey eye wedding makeup


15. Cut Crease Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

Use two shades at the crease. Just go around the edges where you applied the crease line and then move ahead to blend back and forth to make it  the lines less harsh. Use a concealer to create a cut crease effect on the upper eyelids. This look is sure to add drama to your wedding makeup. Attach lashes for the perfect finishing touch.

cut crease smokey eye wedding makeup

This ultimate smokey eye wedding makeup is surely going to help you look your glam best. Get ready to doll up!

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