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How to Get Perfect Smokey Eyes in 5 Easy Steps (Secret Tips)

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeFeb 9, 2024

Get ready to shine on your wedding day with an easy step-by-step guide for Smokey Eyes. Follow these simple steps to enhance your bridal look and be the star of your special day.

It is said that eyes are the mirror to your soul and when it’s your wedding day, everyone will watch your eyes’ beauty. It is time to make your eyes watch-worthy. If you want to achieve smokey eyes for your wedding look then worry not, we have brought a complete, step-by-step guide on how to perfect a smokey eye makeup look. 

Check out the complete guide to perfect smokey eyes.

How to do smokey eyes?

a bride with smokey eyes - smokey eyes

Before we head on to the tutorial, let us show you what smokey eye makeup is. It is simply a blended or diffused eyeshadow instead of a single block color. The reason people opt for smokey eye makeup is because it not only creates dimension but also looks hot. You can either use one shade and smoke it out at the edges or you can layer it up with different shades and textures. Now, let’s dive into the guide without wasting more time. If you are looking to achieve a dewy makeup look then read this blog.

Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Smokey Eyes

Step #1

To start, apply a mid-tone eyeshadow all over the lid. If you need options for shades, we would suggest greys, browns, or heathers for a subtle smokey blaze. If you don’t want boldness and need serene makeup then check out these calming soft glam makeup ideas.

Step #2

bride getting her eye makeup done - smokey eyes

To enhance the eye, apply a liner along the lash line making sure you are coating and depositing color between the lashes. A gel will make the application easy. Use an eyeshadow brush to smoke it out before it sets otherwise, it won’t budge all night. If you are open to options then you must check out these gorgeous eye makeup ideas.

Step #3

A dark-toned shadow like espresso, smoke, or charcoal when layered over the liner, blending halfway up the lid and into the lid shadow will accentuate it and bring dimension to the makeup. Softly press the brush onto the roof of the lower lashes to apply it along the lower lash line. Use your fingers to smudge out and give it a smokier finish. If you want to see types of smokey eye wedding makeup then check out this.

Step #4

Use mascara to add final touches and layer three to four coats for a full lash effect. If you adore matte eyeshadow look then check out these trendy looks.

Step #5

At the end, give your eye makeup a real lush finish – use your fingers to add a sparkle shadow. This will not just smooth out the lid but also give that blend through the crease of the eye.

This is the complete guide on how to perfect smokey eyes for your D-Day.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Smokey Eye Eyeshadow

  • If you are dealing with black/dark pigments and shimmers, avoid spilling or going overboard with them.
  • If you face a fallout while applying dark or shimmery eyeshadows, avoid wiping them away from under your eyes and cheeks. Apply a hydrating eye patch under each eye before the makeup, to avoid the fallout.
  • Avoid over-application of dark eyeshadow on the lids by toning down the color. Do this by taking a cotton swab and dipping it in the cleansing water.
  • Avoid your eye makeup from smudging off by applying some translucent powder just outside the edges of the makeup. Later dust off the powder using a soft brush.

Secret Tips for Perfect Smokey Eye Shadow Makeup

pastel shaded smokey eye makeup - smokey eyes

Tip #1

Your favorite eyeshadow palette is not with you? Don’t worry, eye pencil will come as a savior. A colored kohl pencil or a deep brown kajal is a perfect replacement for an eyeshadow. Just like your regular eyeshadow, apply the eyeliner pencil on your upper lid. Apply it across the entire eyelid after drawing a line from the inner to the outer corner of the lash line. To make it more dramatic, add a second shade after blending with your hands. Remember to mix your eye makeup thoroughly. Are you a Gujarati bride and looking for ideas for makeup? Then you must check out these fabulous Gujarati bridal makeup ideas.

Tip #2

Always remember – eye makeup before foundation. Switch up your routine for the smokey eyes by doing eye makeup before the foundation. This way the rest of the makeup won’t be affected even if you get any fallout. You can also use your concealer and foundation to clean any drop-down.

Tip #3

If you want to go all out for your D-Day and try your hands over colors then always refer to the color wheel before beginning. Choose the eye makeup colors according to your eye color and your complexion. Use blue and purple makeup if your eyes are amber-brown; for blue or grey eyes, go for copper and bronze shades. Try Eyes and Shine Shadow Crayon for easy and precise application. It comes in vibrant colors like pink, green, yellow gold, warm copper, champagne, and more. These creamy crayons are perfect for avoiding messy powders.

Make your matte smokey eye shine by adding glitter on your eyelids. Gold smokey eyes look good on everyone. For a subtle look, use a gold eyeshadow on the inner eyelid and blend it with dark brown. Or, if you want to be bold, go for black eyeshadow. Try these to create a great smokey eye for any event.

Tip #4

Save the darkest hues for the lash lines. This way, you will engage more attention to your eye makeup rather than face makeup. To avoid ghostly eyes, apply the darkest shade near the lash line, extending it only as far down as your lower lashes. Blend the color downward gradually for the best results.

Tip #5

This suggestion is for all those who want to add warmth and dimension to their eye makeup. Combine warm, dark brown with black makeup for an alluring look. Outline below your eyes with a black pencil for intensity. Next, dip a shadow brush in brown eyeshadow and reapply over the penciled area. Now, blend for a dramatic, smokey eye effect.

Tip #6

The key to achieving effective smokey eyes is blending and blurring all the dark colors together. Blend and blur all dark colors together using a fluffy brush. Gently blend any harsh lines in circular motions for a smooth mix. The goal is careful smudging, aiming for an undefinable yet not sloppy look. Ensure a seamless gradient without noticeable differences between makeup tones in your smokey eyes.

Tip #7

Prime focus on the Primer. There’s a saying by almost every makeup artist, “Not to prime is a crime”. A primer holds utmost importance if you want a dramatic smokey eye makeup look. The main advantage of applying a primer on your eyelids before using dark and bold colors is that they stay in place all day and do not smudge or fade. Priming your eyelids is essential for smooth blending, especially for smokey eyes. Use a brightening concealer, one or two shades lighter, to make eyeshadows pop and prevent creasing. A good base ensures seamless application and enhances the overall eye makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of smoky eyes?

It is a type of eye makeup where dark eyeshadow is applied at the top and bottom eyelids and blended for a dramatic look.

Are Smokey Eyes attractive?

Yes, they look very attractive. The reason is the dark shades of the smokey eyes contrast with the white of your eyes, making them look more attractive. It also makes the eyes look bigger and gorgeous.

What colors make a smokey eye?

A smokey eye shade doesn’t need to be dark. Smokey eye is a concept and you can apply any color, taking into consideration that you are using shades of the same hue.

Is Smokey Eye in style?

Yes, Smokey Eye is still in style. The black smokey eye makeup is so classic and timeless that it never goes out of style.

How to apply smokey kajal?

Follow the below steps:

  • Prep your lids: Apply primer to smooth eyelids and prevent smudging.
  • Neutralize your eyelids: Dust brown eyeshadow for a smooth base before applying black kajal.
  • Start with kajal: Line lids with black kajal and blend using circular motions.
  • Use creamy kajal: Creamy kajal blends easily for a creaseless finish.
  • Finish with black eyeshadow: Set kajal with black eyeshadow for long-lasting wear.
  • Smoke out the lower lash line: Apply kajal to the lower lash line for a cohesive look.

Thanks for reading the blog and we hope you liked this complete step-by-step guide on how to achieve smokey eyes.

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