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Superhero Theme Party Ideas for Kids Birthday Bash

By BookEventz
Blog timeApr 9, 2015
Superhero Theme Birthday!
Superhero Theme Party- Birthday!

There’s something about a cape and the thought of magical super powers that never goes out of style for a birthday party. Regardless of which superhero your birthday boy/girl is currently in love with, indulge their inner “hero” and throw them superhero theme party ideas to show them how special they really are. After all, superheroes exhibit unique skills, wear colorful costumes and save the world with great regularity. So, it’s the perfect triad for a birthday party that’s easy to plan and even easier for your guests to remember in the months that follow. Moreover, these superhero theme party ideas are sure shot winners because they appeal to both boys and girls, and a range of ages. Also, here are some songs list on kids birthday bash!!

Recommended age group:

All ages
Time: 2 – 3 hours

Superhero Theme Party Ideas – Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

In addition to, basic Superhero theme party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Superhero party:

Moreover, comic books which are kid-friendly like Superman, Batman, Spider-man, X-men, Iron man, Hulk, or Wonder Woman.

Superhero costumes, masks or capes.

Superhero cartoons to play in the background

Music scores from superhero movies

Superhero action figures or toys tied to balloons.

Superhero Party Balloons!
Superhero Party Balloons!
Costumes, Capes and Masks for Party!
Costumes, Capes and Masks for Party!
Costume for Superhero Party








Superhero Theme Party Ideas Invitations

Have fun when capturing the world of superheroes when creating your invitations. So, simply mail a cape and mask along with your invitations. Not only will it grab potential attendees’ attention, but they can also wear the cape and mask to the party. Moreover, design a custom card by pasting the Superhero logo and the party information.

Superhero Party Invitations
Superhero Party Invitations
Super Hero Theme Invitation








Superhero Theme Party Ideas – Decorations

  • Moreover, stick large pieces of paper on the wall with a city skyline background printed on it. Then have the kids pose against the wall and take photos. Voila! Your own digital photo booth party decoration.
  • Make decorations from comic book pages and hang around the walls.
  • Create ‘wanted’ posters with photos of your superhero’s villains, such as The Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Kryptonite etc.
  • Hang a sign on the front door that says, “Welcome to Metropolis” or “Welcome to Gotham City” or wherever your favorite superhero lives.
  • Tie balloons near the entrance of the party venue according to your superhero’s color scheme to alert guests of your party location.
  • In addition to, take a picture of your child in their superhero costume and have a local bakery use digital technology to turn the picture into icing and lay it over your child’s favorite cake flavor.






Superhero Theme Party Ideas – Food

Apart from the usual snacks or finger food being served on birthdays you can give your food servings a theme too. You can serve cookies and cupcakes with the icing shaped as lightning bolts, bats or diamonds and decorate it according to the color scheme of the superhero theme party ideas you pick. Get the birthday cake in the shape of your child’s favorite superhero’s emblem.

Food in a Superhero Theme Party
Food in a Superhero Theme Party



Superhero Theme Party Ideas – Party Favor Ideas

Moreover, thank your guests with superhero theme party favors! Some of the favors include:

  1. Stickers of Superhero
  2. Capes Superhero
  3. Temporary Superhero tattoos
  4. Fun-shaped candy and lollipops


Superhero Candies
Superhero Theme Party- Candies
Superhero Gumballs
Superhero Gumballs

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