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Surprise Your 50 Year Old With A Vintage Themed Birthday Party

Somebody’s completing a golden milestone on earth!! Planning a surprise 50th birthday party for them? Why not have a  retro themed 50th birthday party which will give your old man or lady a grand nostalgic trip. Wondering what to do with the theme? Sit back as this list will take you through the complete guide on how to organize a nostalgic vintage themed birthday party for beloved oldie.

  • Invitation cards

The invitation cards usually are designed in a way that would give an idea about the theme of the party which wouldn’t need mentioning it separately. So, design a classic invitation cards. Try getting up a notch and attach the invitation cards with something vintage stuff like glass bottles.

50th birthday party invitation

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  • Dress code

Ask your guests to dress up in the style of 50s retro era. This will enhance your theme party and bring in the feel of that era. The retro styled decor and guests will surely make the birthday boy/girl emotional and go down the memory lane.

dress code for 50th birthday party

dress code for 50th birthday party


Get the feel of retro with the retro-inspired decor items like record danglers, checker-style curtains,disco-balls, disco shaped balloons,ribbons,cassettes,jukebox,etc. Pinterest can be your loyal friend to help you out with DIY decor ideas. You can even arrange for cardboard cutouts of 50s’ famous personalities. You can even hang or stick the monochrome photographs of the birthday person on walls.

Retro decor for 50th birthday party

retro decor for 50th birthday party


  • Food

You can have all your food and snack items on one diner-style station. Name your snacks with classic names back from the retro era.  

food for 50th birthday party

retro themed food for 50th birthday party

drinks for 50th birthday party



  • Birthday cake

Get a customized birthday cake which suits the retro theme. You have options of customizing your cake in the style of 50s diner, rock n roll, checkers classic, vintage, monochrome photo collage.

50th birthday party cake


  • Arcade games

The party would be incomplete without the heroes from 50s, The Arcade Games!! The nostalgic games still has the same effect on people if they even play it today. Rent or buy it from the pawn shop or online where they sell antique stuff.

arcade games for 50th birthday party


  • Memory Lane

Make a timeline collage of birthday person’s photos since their childhood. This is sure to shed tears of joys. If you wish to intensify the moment, you can create a collage video of all their videos from past and have your family’s and their friends’ wishes recorded. On the day of celebration, shut the lights all of a sudden and play the video on the projector. The expressions on their face would be priceless.

50th birthday party ideas- memory lane

Isn’t it a good idea? Hope this inspires you to organize a remarkable 50th birthday party for your birthday dear. Incorporating these ideas will give them the best and the most memorable birthday party ever.


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