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The Indian Monsoon Weddings !

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Monsoon weddingIn India, marriage is a beautiful custom claiming to bind the two souls together for all the seven lives. This ceremony is the most happening ceremony of all! The Indian wedding completely contradicts the simplicity of its phrase ‘Tying a Knot’! It certainly is as much complex as its fun. So, all is sorted right from searching for the right match to a right family, what remains is the function/ ceremony to convert the two families into ‘A family’ – The Wedding!

The Wedding season in India is usually post Septembers during the winters, when the season is quite pleasant. The weddings during monsoon need to be taken a bit more care of with the weather being humid, shady and also exhausting while you travel, especially for the guests.

So getting married this Monsoon? Here are a few things that would make your Monsoon Wedding, the best this season!

Indoor Ceremonies:
With the shady atmosphere, unpredictable drizzles & humidity are enervating to the bodies, there wouldn’t be any energy or enthusiasm to enjoy the wedding if arranged as an out-door function. The Indian wedding attires which are usually heavy designed and include the wedding jewellery would almost become unmanageable in this weather for everyone. Right from the bride and the groom, to the guests! Thus, it is important to make it an in-door affair with the vibrant lights & well air-conditioned banquets.


The Welcome Drinks& Hors de oeuvres:Monsoon Wedding

The Fat Indian wedding which lasts for at least a week’s time must serve the guests with the welcome drinks for every function. Several flavors like – Black grapes, Kiwi, Watermelon, Pomegranate mix juice, Guava, Orange, Litchi, Apple and many more! The best would be serving some hot beverages like Masala chai and Ilaichi chai which would warm them up in this chilled rainy season and also looks royal as a primitive way of welcoming guests. These drinks refresh the minds on the dull rainy day, making them all energetic to enjoy the wedding. Hors de oeuvres like hot onion, potato and fat chilly bhajiyas would set a great mood relishing these while its pouring out!


Sangeet- Cocktail Party:monsoon wedding
With the Sangeet function trending with its extravagant arrangements of dance floor and disco lights, you may add on to the cocktail party along with the same to make it more happening this dull weather. The wide array of spirits and cocktails served at this function would make the guests high on enthusiasm making the atmosphere vivacious! The mocktails like Margarita, Sea Breeze, Grape Crush, Hurricane, Blue Lagoon, Litchi Cordial and many more for the non-drinkers would be a delight. With the hardcore dances going around, the cocktails served to quench the thirst with some delicious hors d’oeuvres would be an energy booster to the guests.
With these arrangements and apt refreshments you get going with full swing at the Indian weddings this Monsoon. Banquets like Blue Sea, MayFair, ITC Maratha assure a great wedding with their hospitality and quality services. For more details, explore our website.


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