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This Year, Holi Will Be Cliché No More! Fun Holi Games | Holi Dishes | Holi Party Themes | Holi Photography Ideas

Like every year we’ll prepare ourselves to be doused in a spectrum of colors, have fun with our loved ones and get high on bhang! However, this time, let’s make the celebrations a little more interesting, more colorful and more exciting. Let’s add a twist of craziness with some exciting holi games ,rang, bhang and Bollywood tadka. Here are some fun-packed suggestions that definitely make your party stand out from the rest:

Here are Fun Holi Games, Dishes, Party Themes & Photography Ideas !

Prepare your guests for the best. Present them t-shirts with witty one-liners related to colors like Red Riding Mood, Dream Green, Yellow Fellow, etc. Include little hair oil sachets and paper soaps too in the kit.

holi tshirt

Water Games – Fun Holi Party Games

Rather than running behind your friends with colors, why not include some crazy water holi games at your party. Here are some quick games that we think might add the perfect entertainment factor to your color carnival:

Sponge Relay – Form a group of four. Wet the sponge and relay it to the end and empty it in the bucket. The bucket with most water wins!
Where’s The Penny? – Fill up the inflatable pools with water and add a color of your choice. Put up two friends on a time challenge. Drop a coin in the pool and ask them to find it. Whoever finds it first wins.
Pop the Puri!– How many Pani Puri can you eat? Many? How about we swap the Pani with bhang? Yes, make your friends have some Bhang Pani Puri and see how many they can finish in the given time. The one that pops the most, wins. Many more such games are easily available online.

Instill more fun to your party with holi games and see how much fun it is.

Go High on Food 

With colors being the theme of the day, why leave the cuisines out of it? Ask your caterer to add some colorful twist to the food. Also, don’t forget to Bhang it up! 😛 Haven’t booked your caterer yet? Visit www.bookeventz.com now!

holi food

Themes and Props:

Irrespective of the occasion, people love to pose with props! DIY these prop at home. Keep it related to colors, bhang and Bollywood if possible. Here are some witty ones for starters: Bhang De Basanti, I’m so Holi’ed!, I’m so Bhang’ed!, He Blue Me Away!, She Can Red My Mind!, Rang-star and more!

holi props

Candid Photographer:

This Holi, make every moment count. Hire a candid photographer who can capture all those special moments of fun and laughter. You can also send these pictures as goodies to your guests and thank them for making the party special.

holi photography

Book a Photographer for Your Holi Party Now!

Those are some of the many interesting concepts that could definitely set the temperature soaring with Holi music. Also, don’t forget to hire a DJ! After all, Bollywood music adds the perfect ambiance to the celebrations. Book your DJ at jaw-dropping prices at www.bookeventz.com.

Gear up and start preparing now!

Holi Hai!

Samiya Dinware

An avid writer, bibliophile, movie and sports buff from Mumbai, Samiya has been exploring different realms of writing ever since her college years. Extremely fond of her cup of hot chocolate, she proclaims napping, pulling a F.R.I.E.N.D.S rerun or baking as some of her favorite pastime on the weekend. An ardent fan of Harry Potter, she continues to wait for her Hogwarts letter to arrive.

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