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Top 3 Themes and Ideas for a Super Hit Cocktail Party

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Themed party is 100x better than a normal party. Every theme comes with its unique decor, food menu, fun activities and even the cocktail options! So, to make your next cocktail party unique, we have come forth with top 3 Themes which will have your party talked about for a long period. Put an end to the anticipation and check some cocktail party theme ideas.


Moroccan theme

Make your party exotic and colorful with the rich and traditional Moroccan theme cocktail party.

-Feel the ambiance with richly colored intricate lanterns and curtains.

-Ditch the chairs and lay few beds and pillows to provide a comfortable seating at your party.

– Have the Arabic dress code and let your guests know about it in the invitation, for them to dress accordingly.

-For a theme-relevant live entertainment, hire belly dancers or play good Arabic music.

moroccan decor- cocktail party theme ideas
Moroccan Decor Cocktail Party Theme Ideas
moroccan cocktail party theme
Moroccan Cocktail Party Theme


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Food and Drinks

-Serve the liquor in Moroccan style bottles to spread the Arabic vibes!

– Serve Moroccan special dishes like Lamb Meatballs, Moroccan Tagines,etc.

Moroccan themed cocktail bottles- cocktail party theme ideas

moroccan theme cocktail party ideas



  • Wrap the Mummy- In this game, there should be teams of 2 with a tissue roll. One person would be the mummy and the other one would wrap the first one. The team who wraps the whole tissue roll to make a mummy, wins.
  • Belly shake- In this game, participants will have to wrap a scarf which will have tied flowers on the strings. Every participant will have to shake their belly like the dancers to shake off the flowers. The winner would be the one who successfully shakes off all the flowers off his/her belly scarf.



Tropical/Hawaiian Theme

Got exotic vibes? Then the relaxing tropical Hawaiian theme is perfect for your party.

  • Choose an Outdoor Venue or a beach resort would be perfect for this theme.
  • To match the decor with the theme, ask your decorator to make use of organic elements like hay,bamboo, coconut tree parts, luau masks, flowers, etc.
  • Ask your guests to join the party in their sundresses and glasses to go with the theme.
  • Get a Hawaiian Tiki Masks’ Photo Booth and Hawaiian special props like flower crowns, funky sunglasses, Hula skirts, etc. For fun photography. Also, don’t forget to hire a good Photographer as you can’t afford to miss out on these moments.
tropical decor- cocktail party theme ideas
Tropical Decor Cocktail Party Theme Ideas

hawaiian photo booth- cocktail party theme ideas

Food and Drinks

  • Prepare a menu of Tropical special cocktails like Blue Hawaii, Mai Tai, Tropical Itch, Hula Girl, Coconut mojito, etc. to serve at your party.
  • To get the food menu synced with the theme, go for Hawaiian special delicacies like Kimchi, Chicken Long Rice, Poke, etc.

tropical Hawaiian drinks- cocktail party theme ideas

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  • Coconut Bowling- This game resembles the normal bowling. Instead of the skittles, you have to place pineapples and replace the ball with coconut.
coconut bowling- tropical cocktail party theme ideas
Coconut Bowling Tropical Cocktail Party Theme Ideas
  • Limbo- In this dance game, a person will have to bend and cross from under the rope which will keep lowering after every song. The one who touches the rope will be out.

Hawaiian limbo game- tropical cocktail party theme ideas

  • Volleyball- Put up a net on the ground for this game and divide everyone into teams. Use a beach ball instead of the volleyball and enjoy!!
  • Hula Maniacs- Hand every participant a hula hoop. They will have to do the hula as the time starts. Once the hoop falls down, the participant will be out. The last one to drop the hula wins. To keep up the game spirit, play Hawaiian music.
  • Watermelon Eating Contest- In this game, watermelon slices will be placed on the table and the players’ hands will be tied. When the time starts, they have to eat it without touching it with hands. The one who finishes first wins.


Harry Potter theme

Unleash the wizard in everyone with this magical theme.

  • Decorate the venue to make it look like the Great Hall of Hogwarts with the flags of all four Hogwarts houses- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.
  • Make your entrance look like the magical platform 9 ¾.
  • Allot houses to every guest while inviting them to your party and ask them to dress up in huge black coats.

harry potter theme decor- cocktail party ideas

Food and Drinks

  • Set up a separate section for beer tagged as “Butter Beer”.
  • Pour the drinks into potion bottles and name them uniquely like “Phoenix Feather” and “Felix Felicis”

harry potter drinks- cocktail party ideas


  • Quidditch Pong- This game is similar to the beer pong theme game. Just to make it theme-relevant, put up three high stands. Rules remain almost the same but the player will have to throw the ball through the stand. With every goal, 5 points will be awarded to the team.

quidditch beer pong- harry potter theme cocktail party ideas

  • Snape’s Potion- This can be an interesting as well as a fun drinking game. Every house will select 3 house members to form their team. Every team gets to choose 3 base drinks from 5 drinks to make a delicious cocktail. Once every team is done, one person who is the judge will be blindfolded and will taste the drinks. The tastiest drink according to him, wins! Additional 10 points for the team.
  • Find the Golden Snitch- Not exactly a game but a hunt for the golden snitch which would be hidden anywhere in the venue. You can instruct your guests in the invitation about the golden snitch hunt which they can start as soon as they enter the party. The team which finds the golden ball, gets 50 points.

At the end of the party, tally all points and announce the winning team and award them with Harry potter styled gifts.

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There you have it, three of the best cocktail party ideas. We bet you can never go wrong with them. Try and add more elements to your favorite theme and rock the cocktail party like a boss!!

Let us know about your cocktail party planning ideas and share with us few unique ideas if you have them.

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