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Top 13 Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas Which are Trending Right Now

By Shraddha Hire
Blog timeJan 19, 2017

Having an eye on top Indian bridal makeup ideas is a must to listen to some of the amazing compliments. And that can be “Wow, she looks so pretty!!” This is what every girl wishes to hear on her wedding day, looking like a drop-dead-diva while taking pheras with her soulmate. To achieve that jaw-dropping look, you need to be on point with the trend. You can’t afford to lose out on this ‘cause it’s your big day!! So, to help you out, here are a few trendy makeup tips for Indian brides. Book our Bridal Artists and discuss these ideas with them to achieve the desired look.

Before we proceed over to that, take note of these few preparation tips before your wedding day.

  1. Preparation Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

    • Get all your skin treatments like facial and bleach did a couple of weeks before the wedding day.
    • Match your makeup with your wedding wear. Avoid using shades that will highly contrast the colors of your bridal dress.
    • Get a trial from your make-up artist to avoid last-minute disappointment.
    • Opt for waterproof makeup because in our tropical climate you may end up sweating even under an Air-conditioned environment. Test your makeup before you use it on your wedding day to check if the brand suits your skin or not.Preparation Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

      Face Makeup Trends

      • Contouring has changed the makeup game completely. It is a MUST-DO to achieve a photographic look. Use a highlighter instead of shimmer to avoid extra sparkle on your face.
      contouring- bridal make up tips
      Bridal Makeup Image
      • The airbrush makeup technique has got its way out from a runway to the bridal green room in the past year. The makeup is sprayed onto the face through an airbrush instead of a makeup sponge or brush. This makeup technique is trending widely with it being the easiest, long-lasting, and most hygienic. And this is one of the best Indian bridal makeup ideas.

      airbrush make up - indian bridal make up tips
      Simple Bridal Makeup
    • Dewy Makeup is popular amongst many minimalist brides worldwide. This minimalistic trend refers to sticking to natural looks and enhancing a bit. This technique is best suited for the brides who have day-wedding and are going to wear a lot of jewelry and a heavily embroidered bridal dress.Dewy Makeup
  2. Eye Makeup Trends

    • Winged eyeliner is a stranger to no one and that is why this is included in trending Indian bridal makeup ideas. The trend has gone viral way too fast and everyone seems to love it so much that even brides cannot resist it on their wedding day. Even you know, you want to rock it at your wedding! Have a look at contact lens ideas based on the bride’s skin color.
    indian dulhan bridal makeup
    Wedding Bridal Makeup

    One stop wedding requirement

    • Smokey eyes are another big hit. Paired up with the winged eyeliner, can storm up the entire look. Check out tips and tricks of bridal eye lenses to look gorgeous on your wedding day.

    smokey eye make up- bridal make up ideas

    • Golden eye shadow has always rocked Indian bridal makeup. Pairing it with bold red lips is a perfect traditional-yet-modern combination.
    • Instead of opting for a jet black pencil for eyebrows, use darker shades like brown to have natural-looking thick eyebrows (on fleek!)
    • Fake lashes are used extensively to enhance the eye makeup and take it to the next level. Heavy lashes will make your eyes look even more beautiful in your photographs.

    Tip- If you don’t have fake lashes, use foundation powder before applying mascara to add volume to your natural lashes. Ready to rock those killer eyes!
    fake eyelashes- briald makeup ideas

  3. Lip Makeup Trends

    • Glittery red is back in! Indian brides seem to have embraced the shimmer trend once again. Gone are the days when matte lipstick ruled the bridal trend. So, if you love shimmer, then this is your time!!
    lip make up trend- bridal makeup ideas
    Simple Bridal Makeup Indian
    • The single highlight rule is followed by many brides. It states that either your eyes or your lips should be focused at a time. If you opt for bold lip color, balance the look by toning down the eye makeup and vice-versa.
    indain bridal makeup ideas
    Wedding Bridal Makeup
    • Pastel shades are preferable if you want to stay low-key and have a day-wedding. Also, they look great on pastel lehengas.
    bridal makeup pic
    Bridal Makeup Face

    Celebrate Dream Wedding

  4. Hair Accessories

  • Mattha Patti is a must-try bridal accessory this season. Intricately designed mattha pattis are magnifying the bridal look of every bride from celebrities to royal brides, everyone seems to just love it!
matha patti- indian bridal make up ideas
Indian Bridal Makeup Pictures Photos
  • Jhoomars which were formerly worn by Muslim brides has now gained popularity in other brides too. Side jhoomars look gorgeous accentuating the bridal look. Plus you can show it off in your side poses ;)


So, here you have all that you need to keep yourself in the bridal trend game. Get yourself groomed up with our Bridal Makeup Artists the way the trendy brides are! Steal the spotlight with your glamour and don’t forget to hashtag your one-in-a-million Indian bridal look!

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