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21 Unique Engagement Rings Ideas for Bride and Groom for Wedding

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Unique engagement rings for women changes the whole environment of the function. So, it should be elegant and classy. And brides should carry that ring for their wedding day. That is why we have come up with some of the unique ring designs for brides to be.

Given below are some of the trendy engagement rings:

1) Personalized Wedding Rings

personalized wedding rings

Personalized wedding rings can be the best ring to represent a unique engagement rings. So, the bride or even a groom can have this type of ring to portray a stylish look on their wedding day. And this can mark the beginning of their love. So, they can embrace the ring with their partner’s name on it. And they can even have engagement dates on their wedding ring. This personalized unique engagement ring rings will be the awesome way to have a ring.

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2) Metal Finish Ring Design

Metal Finish Ring Design

There can be a variety of options for the metal finish ring. So, one can opt the classic metal choices like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. But there are a multitude of other ways that you can choose to enhance the uniqueness of your ring. So, you can go for the smooth, glossy polish, or a matte satin finish rings.

3) Flexi Engagement Ring

Flexi Unique Engagement Rings

This unique, flexi named engagement ring look really different and awesome. So, brides should opt out these types of engagement rings. And it will look classy yet modern at the same time.

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4) Gemstone Rings for Women

Gemstone Rings for Women

Gemstones goes well with diamonds. And diamonds are always the girl’s best friend. So, a diamond is a classic choice for a center gemstone. But who loves to play with colors can go for a luscious emerald or a vivid blue sapphire.

5) Colored Diamond Rings

Colored Diamond Rings

Colored diamond rings looks oh-so awesome on bride’s hand. So, brides should choose these types of colorful diamond rings for their engagement. And it will look lavish on bride’s hand.

6)Flower Based Gold Ring Design

Flower Based Gold Ring Design

If a ring is close to nature then the whole scene of the engagement will give refreshing feel. It is because you can even decorate the whole surrounding with natural things. And having a flower based ring will add up the charm and beauty of the ambiance.

7) Double Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaires have always been preferred in engagement ceremonies. So, brides love to wear diamond ring for their engagement.

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8) Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold

Rose gold are very much in fashion in this modern world. So, brides are going for rose gold because it looks beautiful and unique, both at the same time.

9) Simple Unique Engagement Rings

Simple Unique Engagement Rings

Some brides like to keep their engagement ring simple. But at the same time they want them to be unique. So, for those type of brides, a simple round shaped ring can be the best option.

10) White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring

Alike rose gold, white gold is also loved by brides these days. So, as everybody want to look different from others and try to experiment with their engagement ring. So, they are opting for something other than gold and diamond.

11) Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Heart shaped engagement rings look romantic. So, brides can have this shaped engagement ring for their special day.

12) Unique Gold Ring Design

Unique Gold Ring Design

If brides are opting gold rings the they want their gold rings to be unique. So, above design can be one option for the gold ring catergory.

13) Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Cut out design with one black diamond will look unique in this category. So, a bride can have this type of design for their engagement.

14) Platinum Unique Engagement Rings

Platinum Unique Engagement Rings

Platinum rings look beautiful. And it can also be impaired with a diamond.

15) Tortoise Shaped Ring

Tortoise Shaped Ring

Tortoise shaped engagement ring looks very unique. And everybody will have an eye on this unique shaped ring.

16) Cross Shaped Gold Ring

Cross Shaped Gold Ring

This type of engagement ring will show your religious values. So, the bride who loves to do display their religious love can go for this type of ring.

17) Crown Ring

Crown Ring

Crown ring is a very unique design to wear as an engagement ring. So, brides should opt out this ring for their engagement day.

18) Serenity Ring

Serenity Ring

This serenity ring is also one of the unique way to wear engagement ring. And brides of this modern world love to experiment with their rings.

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19) Double Heart Ring

Double Heart Ring

Double heart rings can be shown as the heart of a bride and a groom. So, it looks romantic yet stylish.

20) Honey Boo Gold Band

Honey Boo Gold Band

Honey boo ring is a beautiful way to portray your engagement ring. So, honey boo basically means affectionate. And this ring is actually showing affection with your loved ones with multiple hearts. It is because each heart can represent one member from the family.

21) Leaves Cut Out ring

Leaves Cut Out ring

Leaves cut out ring looks serene. So, basically anything close to nature always show tranquility. And if a bride will wear this, they will look awesome. So, brides should go with this unique engagement rings design. It is because engagement rings should look different and unique.

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