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20 Unique Wedding Seating Ideas to Give Distinct Look to your Wedding

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeMay 3, 2021

Unique wedding seating automatically makes your wedding look awesome and distinct of course. And it is the best way to give your wedding a different touch. So, let’s just move down to the journey of new ways of seating ideas.

Enlisted below are the top 20 unique wedding seating ideas:

  1. Lower Seating Dining Table

    Lower seatings are very much in fashion. And people are loving it to decorate their homes. But if you want to experiment on your wedding then you can arrange it as your dining table. So, this will look cozy, comfortable, and unique for your wedding day. Just give it a try and talk to your wedding decorators or planners.Lower Seating Dining Table

  2. Unique Wedding Seating

    Unique wedding seating like this will give you a perfectly awesome look on D-day. So, give your wedding a bizarre-looking seating arrangement. Unique Wedding SeatingCelebrate Dream Wedding

  3. Patterned Seating Arrangement

    Following some pattern of seating  at the wedding is the best way to have a unique wedding seating. So, it will look great on the D-day. Have a look at latest sangeet decoration ideas for your wedding.Patterned Seating Arrangement

  4. Bench Seating Style

    Bench style seating will look unique on wedding. And it is the best way to launch bench on the wedding. It is because we usually see bench on the wedding. So, you take a step and make a unique arrangement on wedding.Bench Seating Style

  5. Imperial Marriage Seating

    Imperial marriage seating looks so royal and enticing. And this automatically makes the wedding chairs look beautiful. Also, it can be a mandap where bride and groom can take their vows to live happily ever after life.Imperial Marriage Seating

  6. Cushion Seating Idea for Mandap

    Cushion seating gives homely touch to your seating arrangement. And you can try this for your wedding seating decor as well. So, it will look great and everybody will enjoy having a new styled seating arrangement.Cushion Seating Idea for Mandap

  7. Lawn Seating Arrangement

    A lawn seating arrangement for small wedding functions like sangeet, haldi, and mehendi will look awesome. And brides must try this amazing arrangement at the lawn of their house. Also, you can choose to decorate it with vibrant color cushion covers and linens to make it appealing.Lawn Seating Arrangement

  8. Funky Wedding Chairs

    Choosing funky chair of different colors will give your wedding chairs a different and unique look. So, choose color of your choice and having different colored chair will make your wedding photographs look attractive. This is among the best chair seating decor ideas. Funky Wedding Chairs

  9. Drop Curtain Seating Decor

    Checking on a curtain for your wedding chair will make your wedding decoration look great. So, have a chair which will have a curtain attached to it. And this will look so beautiful on your photographs as well. So, giving curtain a vibrant color will make it appealing.Drop Curtain Seating Decor

  10. Fairy Tale Red Chair

    Fairy tale chair will help you have a dream wedding. So, this will make you live a dream fairy tale wedding. Also, choosing a red color chair will give your wedding a more dashing look.Fairy Tale Red Chair

  11. Floral Seating Decoration

    Flowers are considered as a best thing to decorate your wedding things. And if you are planning to have a beautiful and unique wedding seating then decorate it wth flowers. This will uplift your wedding chair look. And to make it more distinct you can add feathers to it.Floral Seating Decoration

  12. Floral Spin Wheel Seating

    Spin wheel decorated chair will give it a perfect look for your wedding. So, try to add floral spin wheel to your unique wedding seating. It will look amazing. Give a glance at Christian wedding ideas.Floral Spin Wheel Seating

  13. Tent Styled Seating Arrangement with Juted Chairs

    Tent styled deocration of seating will look great on the wedding day. So, it will look rusty as well. So, make your seating decor speak. And you can even add jute style chairs for the perfect look.Tent Styled Seating Arrangement

  14. Bow Chair Seating Style

    Chairs can be decorated by having a bow at the back of it. And this will look so perfect for the reception function. So, it will also give an English feel to us. Bow Chair Seating Style

  15. Unique Bride and Groom Seating

    A unique golden chair for both bride and groom will be the perfect wedding chair. So, it will look awesome and great on wedding day. As it has a feel on wedding because of golden color.Unique Bride and Groom Seating

  16.  Mix n Match Seating Order

    You can also have a mix n match seating arrangement for your wedding. So, for that you can give half a bright colored cushions and lower seating arrangement. And other can be of chairs which will look distinct for your wedding seating arrangement. Mix n Match Seating Order

  17. Wooden Log Chair

    Chair made of wooden logs will look so beautiful and different style of seating arrangement. And this will look awesome on your big day. Check out destination wedding themes.Wooden Log Chair

  18. River Side Chair Layout

    River side chair layout will look so refreshing and lively on your wedding photography. So, it will be the best idea to have this type of arrangement of chairs for your wedding.River Side Chair Layout

  19. Exciting Chair Idea for Wedding

    An exciting type of seating arrangement will make your wedding decoration appear unique. And you can make it look appealing for your wedding seating arrangement. So, this unique swing style, having a shelter over the top of a chair will look great for your unique wedding seating.Exciting Chair Idea for Wedding

  20. Lavish Affair

    To make your wedding chair look beautiful you can have a lavish look for this. And you can do this by giving your chair a huge table. These best chair seating decor ideas are perfect for any wedding venue with open space. Lavish AffairFollow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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