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Next Big Disrupter in the Event Management space: Virtual Event Platform

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Since the Covid-19 Pandemic has taken over the world, industries related to human touch and social gathering have faced a fatal blow. To become resilient, companies are trying to modify the way they function. Everyone is going the online way through social media and conference calls. But the real question is — Is conference meeting an attractive substitute for an engaging real-life event? The excitement and awe of going to events and exhibition are lost. The feeling of seeing big banners, colours, gathering, lights, registration lines, auditoriums and exhibits around is amiss. What if we say BookEventz have got you the closest substitute to feel that thrill again? Yes, we are talking about a Simulated Virtual Event Platform. The reel version of the real experience. Features that make this platform as good as real and better in some aspects.

  1. Lobby area of the Virtual Event Platform

    As soon as we enter the conference hall building for an exhibition or seminar, we see big hoardings and TV screens showcasing sponsors and other ads. We look around the lobby to appreciate the infrastructure. Then our eyes search for the information desk to guide us to the meeting area. We can relive this experience in this lockdown thanks to the simulated virtual events platform. It is a beautifully carved out replica to give your mind the similar thrill of attending a seminar to gain knowledge. There is a feedback area to get insights on the experience too.

  2.  Auditorium of the Virtual Event Platform

    As we walk towards the auditorium, there are sections for appropriate branding on the pathway. Unlike real auditoriums, one can’t get bored with the ambience of virtual ones, since there are a variety of templates to choose from. Experiencing a seminar at the comforts of your home where the video screen will be at an ideal distance. Not being able to see or unable to hear the speaker due to audience commotion won’t be a problem anymore. The stage is also duplicated in a similar fashion to a real auditorium with backdrop space for branding but not something that will interfere with the viewing experience. The online experience gives you advantages like you can hold unbiased live polling, In room-chat, event logo on top and information button.

  3. Exhibition stalls of the Virtual Event Platform

    If a company wants to display some exhibits, this virtual room is an ideal place for both the audience and the display person. The audience can move around the exhibition stalls to check what interests them, this also saves the time of the display person as they can entertain doubts better and get an insight on interested parties. Setting up a real stall is tiresome and requires a cautious movement of the physical exhibit.

  4. Breakout sections of the Virtual Event Platform


    After an exhibition or a session, the meeting can happen in breakout areas for a casual event, where people can share ideas and inputs among themselves. Conducting a small workshop will work best in this casual setting. There is an option to brand in a breakout area too, which makes it more noticeable to people during these conversations. Which makes it the best for advertising your brands.

  5. Benefits of the Virtual Event Platform

    This idea seems better for the whole ecosystem. Primary reason being, it saves the infrastructure building and maintenance cost. The sponsors can strategically post advertisements as and where needed. They can immediately calculate real-time ROI on branding, instead of guesstimating it. Also, It makes the organising team smaller and more efficient. They can easily check issues with the meeting space and verify everything is working well. The live polls and chat help better understand the concerns of the audience. A common database can store all the documents and contacts. It benefits the audience by giving more real experience in this digital future through simulations.

We would love to hear your views on this virtual event space. How do you think will be the next evolution of the event management space?

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