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Must Needed Virtual Sangeet Ideas Amid Covid-19 to be Safe at Home

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‘Virtual Sangeet Ideas’ seems to be a very new word to you. So, the year 2020 has seen an upsurge of a very unknown disease. Scientists named it Covid-19 and it is popularly known as coronavirus. So, this Covid-19 has made everybody’s life hell. And nobody is allowed to step out of their house. So, getting married during this time was of course next to impossible. And people have started thinking about the alternative to this situation. Then getting things virtual wedding has come into existence. That is why we are going to share virtual sangeet ideas with you.

Listed below are some of the virtual sangeet ideas for the 2021 wedding:

  1. Organize Everything on Group Video Call

    Before heading towards the final part of arranging virtual, let’s first decide and organize everything together. So, this will help arrange things clearly and in an organized manner. And this will be easier if things will be decided on the video call. It is because if you have people then deciding things on voice call will be the difficult one. So, sit down, have teA and have a zoom call to decide every bit and piece conveniently. Organize Everything on Group Video Call

  2. Decorate Own’s House a Little Bit

    Even if you are going to have a virtual sangeet, you can decorate your house with whatever you have in your house. So, this will help you generate the feel of a sangeet. And it will make your couple feel special also. So, decorate with whatever thing you have in your house. And you can also order something from online. Even a marigold flower can be bought online.Decorate Own's House a Little Bit

  3. Arrange Snacks and Drinks

    Whether you are having a sangeet together or not but having some snacks with you is mandatory. So, make this sangeet happening by having snacks with you. And fix the time to have these snacks and drinks. So, that it can somehow give the feel of an on-site sangeet party.

    Arrange Snacks and Drinkscocktail party planning

  4. Divide Group into Ladka and Ladkiwali

    To give your virtual sangeet, a more close look, make two groups. So, one group will be from ladkawala that means from the groom’s side and the other one will be from ladkiwali i.e. a bride’s side. This will give your virtual sangeet, an angle of excitement and fun. So, be proactive and make your friend’s wedding special.Divide Group into Ladkawala and Ladkiwali

  5.  Surprise your Groom and Bride with Virtual Sangeet Ideas

    plan a surprise for your bride and groom. And let surprise with a zoom call. So, everybody should be seen dancing on their favorite songs. And they will be overwhelmed by this action of their friends. So, start planning because Covid-19 has again started to hit us in 2021 as well.Surprise your Groom and Bride with Virtual Sangeet Ideas

  6. Order Same Dress for Sangeet

    Most of the time government doesn’t ban online shopping, until or unless the cases are extremely high. So, if you are fortunate enough then all the friends can order the same type of dress for each other. And this will give a proper sangeet feel to the virtual sangeet ideas. Your couple will also be amazed to see this level of preparation.Order Same Dress for Sangeet

  7. Choreograph the Steps

    Pre-plan your virtual sangeet by choreographing dance steps. So, it will look perfect if everybody seems to be synchronized. And this will look beautiful as well, when everybody has learnt their dance moves beforehand.Choreograph the Steps

  8. Play Music at the Background

    Continuously play a low sound music at the background. So, that it will look like everybody is attending a sangeet party. And this will be super exciting if everything is well versed beforehand. So, that their will be no chaos at the virtual sangeet ideas.Play Music at the Background..

  9. Play Any Sangeet Games

    You can make you virtual sangeet ideas exciting by playing any virtual games. So, it will be fun way to make your sangeet exciting. And this will be an interesting way to have virtual sangeet. So, nobody will get bored as well.Play Any Sangeet Games

So, plan your virtual sangeet like this and make your groom and bride feel special even during this pandemic time.

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