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Quirky Wedding Anniversary Games For Couples for their Anniversary Party

By Rineeta Banerjee
Blog timeDec 18, 2017

Sharing your place with a roommate is tough, but it is even tougher when you are married to that roommate. Let’s say, you want to plan a wedding anniversary for the couple who had managed to share their happiness, sadness and rooms for ten, twenty or even forty years. Planning such an anniversary party can be complex but it is harder to keep the continuum of such parties flowing, to keep the guests engaged in the celebration of the couple’s love and shared moments.

So, to keep the party flowing naturally and to keep the entertainment ball rolling, Bookeventz has a few fun wedding anniversary games for couples planned for you.

1. The Not-So-Newlywed Wedding Anniversary Game!

Here’s a wedding anniversary game for couples where entertainment is at it’s best as you ask the couple to answer questions about each other. Questions like what would he/she do, or just how well they know each other over the past years. Prepare a list of such questions and look at the mini-debate that ensures that the guests remain entertained while also getting to know more about their favourite couple!


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wedding anniversary games


2. He Said-She Said – A Fun Wedding Anniversary Game for Couples

Over the course of many years the lovers can forget those first candid moments. Rekindle that first flame and take the couple and the guests through a walk down the memory lane by asking them a series of question on who did what first?

Not only will this wedding anniversary game for the couple rekindle their relationship and ignite the flame again, but it will make all the couples present in the audience cherish their loved ones.

He said She said
wedding anniversary games


3. Sherlock & Watson at their Best! – Entertaining Wedding Anniversary Game for Couples

In this game for a wedding anniversary, all you have to do arrange for few rings and hide them throughout the venue or even give some to the guests to keep them hidden while the couple waits outside. Then let them come in start searching…the one who finds the maximum number of rings wins a bonus point. Design a special award for the winner of the game.

You can also have various odd objects or collectables from the couple and hide them in the venue to have different rounds of this game. So go ahead and start collecting! You can also start the game by saying:

“And may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Ring Hunt
wedding anniversary games


4. Bonded Together Forever – Cute Game for Wedding Anniversary Couples

In this wedding anniversary game, we take being bound to each other a little too seriously and tie the couple to each other. What you can do is tie the left hand and their partner’s right hand securely and provide them with a bunch of tasks. For example, you can ask them to tie three knots in a hanky, peel the banana and feed each other with banana, comb each other’s hair, kiss each other, apply toothpaste on brush etc.  Allot a specific time, for example, a minute or two and watch as the events unfold. It is not only fun to watch but also to participate.

To make the game for wedding anniversary all the more worthwhile, make all the couple’s in the audience compete against each other and the couple who completes the task at the earliest wins!

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wedding anniversary games


Spill The Beans Wedding Anniversary Game

With all the close family and friends in attendance, there are bound to be various fun stories and a lot of shared moments where the whole family or the group of friends shared with the couple. Your job here is to engage the guests as well as the couple with a storytelling wedding anniversary game for the couple. This will also help those who are fairly new acquaintances to get to know the couple better.

In this game for wedding anniversary, before the party starts you can collect various pictures throughout the years. Then present them one by one in a PowerPoint presentation or just in the old fashioned way. Then ask the couple to explain the event, story or if anything special happened behind the photos. To include the guests you can even ask the guests to narrate the story behind the pictures. This works very well for the couple who have spent years in each other’s company and witnessed many events together along with their friends and family. Along with this, you will also get to know more details about past events and are bound to come across some pretty hilarious details unknown to you!

Spill the beans
wedding anniversary games


6. Keep Searching For You, EVERYWHERE! – Fun Game for Wedding Anniversary

This wedding anniversary game can be a lot like hide and seek, and who doesn’t love that?

Blindfold the partner and ask him/her to search for his/her partner among all guests in the room based on touch and olfactory functions. At no point in time is talking allowed and do not forget to supervise the blindfolded partner to keep him/her from getting hurt. This can ensure a lot of laughter as you watch and wait for the partners to seek each other out. This anniversary game goes well along the romantic quote that “I will search for you through the highs and lows of life to be by your side”

What more can be done to melt the heart of the guests as well as have some awesome fun?

wedding anniversary party
wedding anniversary images


Therefore, these are just a few wedding anniversary games for couples that can keep your guests as well as the couple entertained throughout. Moreover, these anniversary games celebrate the years spent together and takes the couple as well as the guests on a trip down memory lane. Ultimately they will go home feeling privy ledged for their loved ones and nostalgic for the time spent together. What more could you ask?

7. Couples Karaoke

Perfect Duets For Any Date Night

Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence, expressed through time in a variety of ways, using pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and timbre. It is a universal language that evokes emotions and can be used to express ideas, tell stories, and create atmosphere.
Couples karaoke is a great way to have fun and create an unforgettable experience together. It’s a great way to bond and have some laughs as you sing together. You can choose from a variety of songs either from a karaoke machine or from an online platform. You can dress up in costume, or simply enjoy the music. Couples karaoke provides a unique experience to spend quality time together and create memories.

8. Pictionary Guess

wedding anniversary games - drawing

Pictionary guess is one of the most engaging games that can be played for a wedding anniversary. Simply write down some random words that come to your mind and place them all in a bowl. One person will then take out a word and will have to draw it for others to guess with just 60 seconds of given time.

So go ahead and plan an awesome party for the beautiful couple and celebrate their love just as your own!



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