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Wedding Cake Alternative for Couples Who Doesn’t Want Traditional Cake

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There are many brides and grooms who are looking for a wedding cake alternative. And these alternatives are actually very cool. It is because your guests will never imagine anything except the cake. So, treating them with other wedding cake alternatives will surprise them.

Enlisted below are a few wedding cake alternative for your D-day:

  1. Croquembouche Wedding Cake Alternative

    Croquembouche is basically a French dessert and it is made up of choux pastry piled up into a form of a pyramid. So, it will be the best alternative to a wedding cake. Also, this looks huge so, it will give you the perfect wedding cake alternative.Croquembouche Wedding Cake Alternative

  2. Waffle as Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

    Waffles can also be arranged in a huge stack to make it look like a wedding dessert. And it will be the perfect and exciting wedding cake alternative. So, try to include a distinct type of desserts in your wedding. So, that it will give a non-traditional look to your wedding cakes.Waffle as Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

  3. Donuts as Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

    Donuts are also loved by many people. So, it can also be a delicious and mouth-watering alternative for your wedding cake. And these donuts can be presented in various ways. So, you can have all flavors of donuts on a large stand. And it will give the image of a beautiful and tall donut dessert for your wedding.Donuts as Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

  4. Cake Pops

    Cake pops or cake popsicles are the best way to innovate with your wedding dessert. So, it will look unique and a classic way to present your dessert. Cake Pops

  5. Macaron

    Macarons are the most loved sweet and adding it to a wedding dessert will be the best idea to have a beautiful replacement of wedding cake. So, it will be a different treat for your guests.

  6. Cookie Cake

    Cookie cake is in fashion these days. And you must try this out as a replacement of your wedding cake. This will certainly make your guests awe.Cookie Cake

  7. Meringues Wedding Cake

    Meringues are Italian, Swiss, French, and Polish dessert. And it is basically made up of egg white and sugar. So, this confectionery will be the best treats for your guests.Meringues Wedding Cake

  8. Rice Crispy Cake

    Rice crispy cake is in fashion these days. And everybody will love to have a unique type of wedding dessert.Rice Crispy Cake

  9. Brownie

    Brownies are one of the most loved desserts. So, taking it as an alternative for your wedding cake is the best idea to incorporate. And it will look best on your wedding table too.Brownie

  10. Cup Cakes

    Cupcakes will look sweet and beautiful on a cake stand. And of course, it will look different too. So, treat guests with different or same flavors of cupcakes.Cup Cakes

  11. Parfait

    Parfait is basically a custard-like thing that is made up of sugar, boiling cream, egg, and syrup. And it is a combination of two desserts.Parfait

  12. Wedding Pies

    Pies are loved by all of us. So, giving it a distinct shape will make your guests go wow. And it can be presented with icing sugar and several fruits.Wedding Pies

  13. Churros as Cake Alternative

    Churros are Portuguese and Spanish cuisine. And it is also found in the Philippines and Latin American cuisine. So, it is a fried recipe that can be accompanied by chocolate or vanilla dips.Churros as Cake Alternative

  14. Crepe Cake

    Crepes are a variety of pancakes which is very thin in nature. And this can be stacked to make a huge pile of crepes. Crep

  15. Cinnamon Roll

    Cinnamon rolls have become a favourite roll of many people. So, it is the best way to have these rolls in place of wedding cakes. And it can have a dripped creams all over it.Cinnamon Roll

  16. Cannoli Wedding Cake

    Cannoli is an Italian dish that has a tube-like structure. And it is basically a fried pastry that has cream as a filling. They can be found in the size of 9 centimetres to 20 centimetres. So, this can be the best replacement for your wedding cakes. Cannoli Wedding Cake

  17. Bundt Cake

    Bundt cake is originally a traditional European cake known as Gugelhupf. And this cake is named so because it can be baked into a bundt, that has a unique shape. Bundt has basically a hole at the centre which gives a bundt cake a doughnut-like shape. Bundt Cake

  18. Cheese Cake

    Cheese cakes are made up of many layers. Its first layer consists of a mixture of cheese, egg, and sugar. And its second layer consists of any hard crust-like layer.Cheese Cake

  19. Ice cream Cone Wedding Cake

    An ice cream cone cake can be a cake that has ice cream cones over it.Icecream Cone Wedding Cake

  20. Cotton Candy Cake

    Cotton candy or candy floss are loved by many of us. And this can be applied to our wedding cake as well. So, it will look distinct and beautiful. Cotton Candy Cake

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