Wedding Choreography Ideas from Instagram and Youtube Stars

In the past decade, social media platforms have managed to have such a colossal influence on human life that almost everything we do (or don’t do) is somehow regulated by what it makes us look like digitally. In a world like this, the planning of an event as important as your wedding day is a rattling responsibility. That starts with pre-wedding ceremonies. However, one positive aspect of social media is that it has provided artists with a platform to showcase their talent and have a voice in a world where their skills could’ve otherwise been ignored. You know them, we know them, everybody loves them! Some of these Instagram stars and YouTube sensations have given us major wedding choreography inspiration!

Here are some supremely talented artists on Instagram and YouTube who have danced their way into our hearts!

1. Live to Dance with Sonali Bhadauria

Even though she can now claim a massive follower circuit both on Instagram and Youtube, Sonali Bhadauria’s rise to fame was no cakewalk. What comes as a surprise to us is that this talented performer never received any formal dance training! Her success can be accredited to her courageous decision to follow her passion despite all high-priced consequences. She is living the dream now. With every video she posts, she wins the hearts of her subscribers and gains new ones! 

Sonali Bhadauria

Check out this collaboration by Sonali and Team Naach to see what the best of both worlds really looks like!:

And that brings us to the next pair of phenomenal performers:

2. Team Naach and their Sangeet Choreography Series

Every Team Naach choreography is flooded with vigour and grace. If their gigantic fanbase is not proof enough, their Youtube and Instagram posts are a glaring testament of their incredible talent. If nothing, the fact that the sizzling Norah Fatehi reposted their dance cover of Saki Saki, a performance that Norah herself broke records left and right speaks volumes of their brilliance. The founders Nicole Concessao and Sonal Devraj started small, but their stories have inspired millions of girls all around the country who have been too afraid to break free to just dance to their hearts’ content.    

Team Naach Wedding Choreography   

3. Melvin Louis

Melvin Louis is no stranger to anybody who loves dance. He is self-taught, hard-working and vivacious and his choreographies reflect exactly that. Once he entered the entertainment business, there was no stopping him. His meteoric rise to fame is evidence of his extraordinary dancing skills. Check out these videos to find out why we think his performances display exactly the kind of spirit you want your wedding choreography to exhibit!

Melvin Louis

4. Wedding Choreography by The BOM Squad

Founded by Svetana Kanwar, the BOM Squad is a group of feisty, powerful women who are super passionate about jazz dance. They pride themselves over being a team of women who are “sexy, strong, quirky and badass”. Their art represents the many moods of a woman. Check out their contagiously energetic performances for stellar wedding choreography inspiration!

The BomSquad

5. Vinayak Ghoshal from Natya Social

Vinayak Ghoshal is the epitome of grace and poise. Be it classical, contemporary or Bollywood style, his finesse is unparalleled. For that, he’s a major inspiration to watch out for when it comes to your sangeet dance!

Vinayak Ghoshal

6. Gaurav Thukral

If you want your wedding choreography to ooze the swag of urban bhangra, Gaurav Thukral is your guy! His energy is infectious and just watching him dance will fill anybody with the need to put on their dancing shoes. Lively, upbeat, jaunty are a few of the words that just begin to describe his amazing performances.

Gaurav Thukral

7. Manpreet Toor

Manpreet Toor has been choreographing and training students in Bollywood and Bhangra styles for almost two decades now. She has been delivering a series of hit videos on her YouTube channel, winning the hearts of her viewers with her poise and allure, with each video one crossing over a million views! She has tutorials that walk the viewers through her graceful routines. That makes her the performer to turn to for your sangeet dance! 

Manpreet Toor

8. Cherry Bomb

Their choreographies are always full of energy and are ideal for your girl squad to groove on to on your sangeet ceremony. Check out their video for some major girl squad dance inspiration! 

The Cherry Bomb 

9. Nimit Kotian

Nimit Kotian is a powerhouse of vitality and vigour. All his YouTube videos are evidence that nobody can add a dynamic freshness to a performance the way he can. Check out his videos for some amazing performances to gain inspiration for your wedding choreography!

Nimit Kotian

This is why we love social media! One has access to so much talent, so much inspiration at the tip of the fingers. We hope you found the number that you are going to rock to on your big day!

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