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What Wedding Dress Style Best Fits your Personality!

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We know how important a wedding is to a girl. She wants to look perfect. She doesn’t want anything to fall out of the line. The most important of all these things is her wedding dress. It’s not easy to choose a wedding dress that not only complements her but brings out her inner side, a dress that represents her in the best way imaginable.

If you are getting married soon and haven’t decided on your wedding dress, wait a minute and read this article because we have the perfect style and colour for your wedding dress that suits your personality and helps you express your inner, hidden side in the best way.

Here is a list to tell you what wedding dress style best suits you personality:

(Style & Dress Pattern)

A-line for Practical and Traditional Brides

If you want to play it safe, then this is the choice for you, A-line traditional wedding dress. You are a practical person in life, you wanna look complete and not over the top. This dress style reveals a very practical side of you. Moreover what would suit you best with this dress is, the classic and heirloom jewellery handed down from generation to generation. That will complete your wedding dress.

Ball Gown Lehenga to Materialize your Fantasy

If you have always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding of yours then the Ball Gown Lehenga is the perfect choice for you. Those who select this lehenga style are probably the “I can’t-wait-to-see-the-look-on-his-face” kinda brides who wish to keep their wedding dresses a huge secret until the last minute. If your plan is to have a fairy tale ceremony, like with resplendent doli, over-the-top entertainment or a destination wedding, then this is just perfect for you- a Ball Gown Lehenga.

Ball gown lehenga, wedding dress

 Indo-western fusion style lehenga for Unconventional Brides:

If you believe yourself to be an unconventional ‘Anti-bride’ type then this is the choice for you. You like to say no to traditional elements of wedding and wish for unconventional ones in every aspect of planning for the big day. You wouldn’t mind a small intimate ceremony. Given a choice, you would love to celebrate later with only a reception for close friends. If you take inspiration from iconic, opinionated women as well as the style icons and fashionistas from around the world, then Indo-western fusion style Lehenga would be your best choice.


Glowing Red for Passionate Brides:

If you are a cheerful and passionate person then this lehenga shade represents your personality the best. You are self-confident and full of energy, and are not afraid to reveal your voluptuous side to the folks around you. You demand respect from people and are willing to give more in return. This is a perfect shade to bring out the best of your personality.

Blush Pink for Shy Brides:

If there’s a colortone that’s meant to enhance the feminine, girly side of your personality, it’s this one. If you are classy and sophisticated at heart then this is the lehenga colour for you. You are happy and full of life. Blush pink hue is also considered fortunate for glorifying your love life.

Blush pink wedding dress

Peachy Pink for Creative Brides:

This bridal dress colour is for somebody who seeks attention and loves to enjoy the limelight. If you usually have a unique approach towards things, stand out of the crowd and like to lead then this is your choice. You like to stay innovative, resourceful and creative in everything you do.

Peachy pink wedding dress

Bright Orange for Adventurous Brides:

If you are a bit dramatic but make excessively amazing friends, if you love socializing, gossiping and are extremely popular and a fun loving girl then we got the perfect bridal dress colour for you.You have a lot of go-to buddies or the best partner in crimes for pulling off an adventure activity. This colour represents you the best.

Earthly Tones for Strong and Understanding Brides:

Girls who choose green have a strong yet down to earth vibe about them. If you are one of them, if you are globetrotters, love freedom and are extremely easy-going, even though you are reserved in nature then earthly tones for your bridal dress would be perfect. You are some of the most understanding girls one will ever come across.

Earthly tones wedding dress

Psychedelic Purple for Mysterious Brides:

If you feel or if others say that you have an aura of mystery around you, if you are brave, adventurous and love to deal with challenges in every sphere of life then purple is the best colour for you to emphasize your personality. You are definitely the one who always has got your partner’s back. You are a gift to us all.

Purple wedding dress

So did you pick your wedding dress style and colour? Very well, congratulations for your wedding. How did you like this article, let us know in the comments.

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