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Wedding Games to Keep The Guests Entertained And The Wedding Spirit High

Wedding day is a long day and there comes a time when guests start feeling jaded while groom and bride are getting ready for their grand ceremony. Meanwhile, they long for something fun and interesting other than the snacks and food to not feel dormant during the actual ceremony. That’s why we suggest you to have some quirky and fun wedding games to keep the guests entertained while you are getting groomed up for the main scene. Plus it will help your guests befriend the other guests whom they don’t know. We are sure that you would also join them in few of the games and have fun of a lifetime.

  • Giant Jenga

Its an interesting mental and physical wedding game of building a tower of 54 wooden blocks which is sure to grab guests’ attention. There are super sized jenga available in market for an intense game session. The game requires the mental and physical stability of a person and thus it makes the game play even more fun. As the tower gets higher, the difficulty keeps increasing. This can keep your guests energetic and loud for the rest of the event.



  • Juice Pong   

This is just a modified version of Beer Pong which you can play at the weddings where alcohol consumption is not allowed. You can replace the beer with mock tails or sodas or juice as preferred. Other than that, the game remains the same. There would be two teams and  Cups filled with the beverages will be placed at a certain distance from where the player will have to attempt throwing it in one of the competitor’s cups. Once the ball is successfully thrown in one of the competitor’s cup,he will have to drink it. The team with no filled cups remain,loses.

This game is just a subtle mimic of the actual game which wont give you a kick in the head but will surely give a kick to your mood,setting you up for the whole day.

JUice pong


  • Sack race-

This is apt for the male guests at wedding since the lady department would be all dressed up in sarees and dresses making it a little difficult for them to participate. They can still enjoy the funny sight of their men jumping and struggling in the little sacks trying to finish first. This game is sure to bring back the child in everyone which would spread an enthusiastic vibe around.

Sack race

  • Ring Toss-

In this wedding game, you have to place 6 bottles on ground or table,and have the player toss the ring onto the bottle from a certain distance. This game will have non-playing guests cheer for the guests playing it to keep them going. This will surely keep the spirits and the wedding vibes high.

Ring Toss

Wedding Photography

  • Jumbo Tic Tac Toe

This game needs no introduction. Quick and easy to play, Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the best games you can have as a wedding game. As it doesnt need to much of time involvement, guests who want to have fun for a short span can indulge in this jumbo version of the otherwise known on-paper Tic-Tac-Toe.

Tic tac toe

  • Dumb Charades

This wedding game would require the Best Anchor or a volunteer who would initiate and lead this game getting guests involved in it actively. The rules are known to all. Its a simple game where there are two teams and one player from each team will enact the name of the movie told by the competitor’s team and their team has to guess it within the allotted time. Once this game gains momentum, it is sure to gain every guest’s attention.

Dumb Charades


You can incorporate even more wedding games if you want. There are just few points to consider before involving games in the ceremony such as is the Wedding Venue big enough to conduct such games. If not, you can change the games and have something else. Guests won’t complain. Have a bombshell wedding.





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  1. It’s for the people who cant have alcohol on the occasion and want to play the game. Thus, a modified version of Beer Pong!

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