wedding gift ideas for new age couples
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Wedding Gift Ideas for your Dearest Partner

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Your wedding anniversary will come and go, but the wedding gift you give to your beloved will always remain in their heart forever. Wedding anniversary is the day you celebrate the best and the biggest decision you have ever made in your life.The magic of this day stands in what kind of wedding anniversary gift you are planning to give to your life partner. Well gifting someone a best wedding gift is not an easy task. It really stresses out our nerves to find that perfect gift. In Fact we would say just don’t waste your time finding ‘Perfect Gift’.  You may be married, but you don’t have to grow up! Keep a big child at heart and give anything you feel good with a big smile. Be a little fatuous and start gifting crazy wedding anniversary gifts to your partner every year. In the end your sentiment and your effort is going to win the heart of your partner. Just to lessen your stress a lil bit we have given some of the ones which we feel would be perfect wedding gifts for married couples.

Here are wedding gift ideas for new age couples | Best gifts for married couples| Wedding gift ideas for partners in 2020

1. Decanter Box Set

No one is being arrested for having fun together being a bit tipsy. In Fact it’s the starter pack for most of the modern day couples to start their merrymaking. People usually give wine/champagne as a wedding gift so why not a beautiful Decanter Set! Decanter Box Set with a really,really nice bottle of scotch, not like a six-pack of beer or really cheap vodka will be a really great pick.

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

2. Fancy Appliances

  1. This 2020 is all about new and fancy Electronic Appliances. If your planning to give something convenient, something that would be really useful for your partner. Then modern electronic fancy appliance would be a perfect pick for you. The couple which is setting up house and looking forward to starting their life together, this fancy and trendy electronic appliances will be a great wedding gift.
  2. Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

    3. Gift a Book

It is well said that ‘ You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a book and that’s close enough’. If you want to give your partner a gift which is more life-changing than a golden or a diamond ring,a book is a welcome way to pass on some wisdom to wide-eyed lovers. “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is what I highly recommend as a wedding gift for married couples.

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

4. Picture Frames

If both of you are photo addicts gifting a picture frame as a wedding gift will be a perfect choice. You can give an empty picture frame and rotate the amazing picture to put inside of the frame once a month or week. Digital frames, however, have come to solve this problem. Photos on wedding day are essential and to be cherished for a lifetime and thus this digital picture frame will be a good alternative as a gift for married couples.

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

5.  Bucket List Scratch Poster

You all must have heard  this famous quote of Abraham Lincoln “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Most of the modern age couples have taken it damn seriously. We all at a point get to know that living a daily routine life is so monotonous.You may already have some big, audacious, uncomfortable, scary, expensive and possibly downright crazy items on your mind which you have planned to do with your beloved partner. If you need a reminder, a nudge or a little encouragement gifting things to do bucket list scratch card poster will be a good option.  

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

6 . Subscriptions

In this modern age of the digital world, giving a gift as an online subscription of favorite channels is not less than a blessing. For example giving a Netflix gift card as a wedding gift would be a lovely gift and we are sure would be appreciated but the partner. 

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

7. Smart Mattress

You must have already heard about smart bulbs, smart locks, smart speakers but chiefly never about ‘Smart Mattress’. Yep. you have heard right! The technology has already reached your bedroom. Not only is the mattress connected to other smart home devices but it also tells us typically about how you sleep. Basically all you need is a comfy mattress and your lover by your side after a hectic day at work

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

8. Gift of Travel

The best gift you could  give to your partner is a lifetime of adventures. We all know travel trips can produce memories for a lifetime which no other gift can produce. Thus the gift of travel is one of the best gift you can give on your wedding anniversary.

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

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9. Gym Membership

By buying a gym membership to present to someone, you are giving them the potential for achieving better health. This type of gift can also be enjoyed every day of the year. It may even allow you to spend more quality time with a special person in your life.

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

10. Instant Photo Camera

We take photographs to understand and feel the perfect moment and to taste that moment twice. Instant film cameras are devices that use self-developing film to print photos right after they’re taken. It is a vintage gadget which is becoming trendy nowadays due to popularity and love of it. If your partner is a shutterbug then this should be the first option you should consider as a wedding gift.

Wedding gift ideas for new age couples

Hope you have got something from the above list of Wedding Anniversary gifts that we have listed. Let us know if you have more suggestions for us.

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