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Wedding Invitation Wording Made Simple for Casual and Formal Themes

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Wedding Invitation Wording Made Simple for Casual and Formal Themes

Your wedding card is the first element of your wedding that your guests see. So it has to represent your wedding strongly. It has to be a part of your wedding theme. Wedding invitation wording is the most important aspect of the wedding card. Luckily, wedding invitation message is not complicated. Its straight and simple. We have some unique invitation wordings for you. Whether you wedding is formal or casual, we have the perfect invitation message for you.

Parts of Wedding Invitation Wording

  • Host
  • Request to come to the wedding
  • Name of the bride and groom
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Reception

Who’s hosting

Wedding invitation wording for host

In Indian culture, its mostly the bride’s parents who host the wedding reception. Times are changing and today we have wedding receptions hosted by the couple itself. There are also instances where both, bride’s and groom’s parents host together. Any which way, we have got you covered.

Bride’s parents hosting

  • Mr & Mrs Saurabh Mishra

Request the honour of your presence

For the wedding of their beloved daughter

Eema Mishra


Harsh Balani

Son of Mr & Mrs Kulkarni

  • Mr Saurabh Mishra & Mrs seba Mishra

Invite you to the wedding of their beloved daughter

Eema Mishra


Harsh Balani

Son of jigar & Rtu Kulkarni

floral wedding card, brides parents hosting

hindu wedding card

Groom’ parents hosting

groom’s parent’s hosting wedding invitation wording will be similar to the bride’s format. Here are a few examples.

black background wedding card

blue and white wedding card image

Couple hosting

  • Eema Mishra


Harsh Balani

Invite you to their special day

  • Together with their parents

Eema Mishra


Harsh Balani

Request the honour of your presence

  • “never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you cannot live without”

Eema Mishra


Harsh Balani

Invite you to share the joy and celebration of their marriage

floral wedding card image

wedding invitation wording for couple hosting
Image via: forever your prints

Including deceased parents/grandparents

  • With the blessing of late

Mr & Mrs Mishra

Eema Mishra


Harsh Balani

Invite you to the biggest day of their lives

Both Side of Parents with Bride and Groom

  • Mr & Mrs Mishra


 Mr & Mrs Kulkarni

Request your presence

For the wedding reception of their children

Harsh balani


Eema Mishra

wedding card image

Pro Tip: Decide the theme first.

Request Line

The request line of the wedding invitation message decides whether you approach is formal or casual. A unique wedding invitation wording would be to go with neutrals. So normally when the parents are the host, its formal but when the couple is hosting their own wedding, it can be casual and formal. None the less, its your big day. So we suggest you to go with whatever you think sounds right.


  • The pleasure of your company
  • Honour of your presence
  • Cordially invited to celebrate the wedding
  • The honour of your company
  • Pleasure of your company
  • To be present at the ceremony uniting


  • Invite you to celebrate
  • Invite you to share the joy
  • Would love for you to join
  • To witness the lovely couple’s marriage
  • To share moments of the best day of their lives
  • Join us in celebrating the wedding
dark red background wedding card
Image via: Sporg stories

The Name of the Couple

Even if the bride and the groom aren’t hosting, they nevertheless take the centre stage when it comes to wedding invitation wording. Their names should at least be double the size of other text. The couple’s name should be in a different font in front of other wedding invitation wording.

So formally, the name of the bride is written first. This includes her middle name or surname. Irrespective of whether the couple is hosting or the bride’s parents. If groom’s parents are hosting, then it’s appropriate to mention groom’s name first. Nevertheless, any name can be put first if the couple is hosting and the wedding card is casual. So it obviously depends on what kind of a wedding invitation message you are planning to give, casual or formal.

white background, blue and gold wedding invitation

Date & Time

A formal marriage invitation message will always have the date and time written out in full. In other words, no numerals. For example,

Fifth October,

8 O’clock in the night, Followed by Dinner.

If your marriage invitation message is more casual, then numerical font can add an extra touch. For example,

5th October 2020

8 pm Followed by Reception/Dinner.

Pro Tip: Take special care about grammar


Wedding Invitation Wording

It is very important to mention the location correctly. Mostly in Indian weddings, there is marriage and then reception. You can add the reception details in a separate card or include it in the same. You can write, for example,

Wedding ceremony followed by dinner at XYZ


Wedding ceremony, 3pm at XYZ

Followed by reception, 8pm onwards at ABC

It is of utmost importance that you keep or wedding card message as clear as possible.


A logo adds aesthetic to the wedding invitation message. It’s a necessity and everybody has it these days. Initials of the bride and groom placed on the top of the card in a calligraphic way is the real showstopper. According to your marriage invitation message, casual or formal. You can decide what the logo looks like. Its always smart to maintain a colour theme.

beige and floral wedding card
Image via: Arrow studio

logo orange and yellow wedding card

Pro Tip: Recheck your sentences and format before printing

Starting with God’s Name / Blessings

India is a diverse country and marriage is an auspicious function. Many families, Hindu, Christian or muslim start the wedding invitation wording with something religious. Nowadays people also add religious signs at the top or start of their card instead of an entire sentence. These little details look great if highlighted with metallic colours.

christian wedding card
Image via: IC

wedding card hindu

gold theme wedding card

muslim wedding card

Wedding Invitation wording might seem a simple thing to do. But it is the most important part of the wedding planning. A marriage invitation card is the first thing that gives your guests and ideas of how your wedding will look like. Your wedding theme goes parallel with your wedding invitation message.

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