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20 Wedding Mangalsutra Design Ideas for Every Contemporary Bride

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When everything in your wedding is according to your taste and liking, then the mangalsutra should be too. Mangalsutra originating from the auspicious thread is now available in a million different styles depending upon the taste of the bride and the groom. To help you streamline the line process we have a list of the top mangalsutra designs.

  1. Straightline Mangalsutra
  2. Personalised Mangalsutra Designs
  3. Diamond Mangalsutra Ideas
  4. Pearl Mangalsutra Design
  5. Bracelet Mangalsutra
  6. Ring Mangalsutra
  7. Temple Jewellery Mangalsutra

To help you streamline the selection process and give you ideas, enlisted below are 20 wedding mangalsutra design ideas.

  1. Simple and Straightline Mangalsutra

    It features a delicate double-thread of black and gold beads. The crescent-shaped diamond pendant is elegant and simplistic. If you are planning to wear the mangalsutra regularly after the wedding, this will go with both traditional and western dresses. wedding mangalsutra design

  2. Alluring Pink Stone Bridal Mangalsutra

    This Bridal Mangalsutra definitely makes a statement. The stones in the middle add colour and glamour to the piece. Furthermore, it is artistically beautified and is perfect for all the brides who crave style and splendour. Hindu Muhurat Dates 2022 for You to Pick Your Wedding Day

  3. Gold Initials Pendant Design

    Looking to add a cute personal touch to the mangalsutra? This wedding mangalsutra design is very romantic and adorable. Also, you can add small diamonds to make it more extravagant. Hindu Muhurat Dates 2022 for You to Pick Your Wedding Day

  4. Symmetrical Diamond Mangalsutra

    This diamond and gold mangalsutra sticks to the basics and yet adds more lavishness and glamour to the whole concept. It would go very well with the wedding jewellery. Moreover, if you wanna wear it regularly after the wedding this mangalsutra will go very well with all your dresses. Dazzling Solitaire Mangalsutra

  5. Gold Tassel Design

    This wedding mangalsutra design is very contemporary. If you are one of those brides who want always want to be in style, this is the one for you. Furthermore, the knot and the golden beads, in the end, add a very sassy touch to the mangalsutra.

    wedding mangalsutra design

  6. Endless Flower Bridal Mangalsutra

    In love with flower patterns? This managalsutra with five medium-sized flowers is stunning. the size of the pendant adds a whole lot of elegance to the design. Also, there is nothing more regal and impressive than this subtle floral design made out of gold. moreover, it would look amazing in rose gold.Dazzling Solitaire Mangalsutra

  7. Evergreen Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra

    This mangalsutra is among those designs which never go outdated. It has a subtle and soothing glamour. Moreover, the gold pattern with a dash of dainty diamonds is exciting and graceful. This mangalsutra design will go very well with all bridal lehengas.  Hindu Muhurat Dates 2022 for You to Pick Your Wedding Day

  8. Glimmering Diamond Design

    The Marquise-cut diamonds placed in a cluster are simply awe-inspiring. Also, this wedding mangalsutra design calls out to all the women who believe diamonds are their best friends. Moreover, it can be clasped with both long and short mangalsutra mangalsutra design

    wedding mangalsutra design

  9. Heart-Shaped Mangalsutra

    The heart-shaped mangalsutra displays the utmost love for your spouse. Here is a design for all the brides to take ideas from. The gold and diamond mixture pendant has always been in trend. A small diamond heart in the middle with a pearl is evergreen and elegantwedding mangalsutra design

  10. Timeless and Elegant Design

    This mangalsutra with a crescent pendant is spectacular for all kinds of wedding ceremonies. Additionally, the diamond rings in the mangalsutra make it even more glamourous while making sure it stays mangalsutra design

  11. Magnificent Gold Wedding Mangalsutra Design

    This bridal mangalsutra has a resplendent pendant and multi-layer string with beautiful gold carvings. The red stones in the intricate design add a grand look to them. Moreover, it has a rani har design. This mangalsutra is perfect for all traditional mangalsutra design

  12. Pearl wedding Mangalsutra design

    This bridal mangalsutra is good for all the brides who want to stick to the beautiful pearl designs. Moreover, the glimmering white beads in the pendant and the chain looks wonderful. This bridal Mangalsutra inspires grace and elegancewedding mangalsutra design

  13. Dazzling Solitaire Mangalsutra

    The classic diamond mangalsutra designs are not going out of trend anytime soon. Moreover, it is the quintessential Indian design for the contemporary bride. It is the perfect blend of traditional and modish.Dazzling Solitaire Mangalsutra

  14. Gold Floral Mangalsutra

    Floral designs on mangalsutas never go wrong. The dainty flowers and the leaves look pretty and gorgeous. Additionally, the teardrop gold design adds a touch of grandeur to the piece. if you want an all gold mangalsutra with a hint of modern design this is the one for you.

    wedding mangalsutra design

  15. Minimalistic Mangalsutra

    This bridal mangalsutra is for all the brides out there opting for simplistic and sophisticated designs. This single solitaire design with few black beads and single chains the optimal minimalistic design. Therefore, it is perfect if you want to wear the mangalsutra every day after the mangalsutra design

  16. A Temple Jewellery Based Design

    Apart from being visually appealing this bridal mangalsutra is religious and exquisite. The mangalsutra conveys the message of prosperity. Furthermore, the red and green stones embellished on the gold pendant look mangalsutra design

  17. Customized Name Design

    A customised mangalsutra with the name of your to be husband, a mangalsutra can’t be more intimate and personal. This design has a romantic and lovely touch to it. Moreover, this artistically carved pendant is a must-try for all the new-age brides.Hindu Muhurat Dates 2022 for You to Pick Your Wedding Day

  18. Gold Coin Mangalsutra

    This mangalsutra design is traditional and originates from Maharashtra. The gold coins have imprints of goddess Lakshi to bring prosperity to the wedding. Furthermore, it is crafted with utmost proficiency and has a gush-worthy Look.

    wedding mangalsutra design

  19.  Bracelet Mangalsutra

    While we are talking about the latest trends in mangalsutra design, the bracelet mangalsuta deserves a special. For the brides who want to have a unique mangalsutra for their wedding. Moreover, the bracelet you choose could simple or be a charm bracelet according to your preference.Dazzling Solitaire Mangalsutra

  20. Ring Mangalsutra

    Want to wear your mangalsutra as a ring? we have the perfect solution. This ring with customary black beads and the mini diamonds looks breathtaking. Also, the design is a very chic and interesting replacement for the regular mangalsutra.Dazzling Solitaire Mangalsutra

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