Lock The Fragrance With These Wedding Perfumes For Bride and Groom!
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Lock The Fragrance With These Wedding Perfumes For Bride and Groom!

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A wedding only happens once in a lifetime so it has to be the best and perfect. With all the other things groom and bride need to choose the ideal and long-lasting wedding perfumes to wear on their D-day. Extend your budget a little while making your shopping bucket with these decent wedding perfumes.

Top Wedding Perfumes For Brides

1. Sì Passione Giorgio Armani

Sì Passione by Giorgio Armani is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Just a few spritzes on your pulse points would last you all day. It’s a great transition perfume from day to evening.

Cost: 6000 for 100ml

Directions of use: Gently apply on your wrist & collar bone. Do not rub let it air dry.

Sì Passione Giorgio Armani

2. Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

Marriage shopping is a very important task for every bride and choosing a perfect perfume is the more hectic one, so this perfume suits the best to them. This is Chanel’s most well-known scent. It’s very refreshing and tantalizing. and best summer fragrance. This one is quite expensive but worth spending.

Cost: 18500 for 100ml

Directions of use: Spray perfume on your pulse points like your neck, chin, and collarbones. Spray it but don’t rub.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

3. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Beautiful and sweet perfume with coffee and vanilla notes. Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense woman lives the night stronger, bolder, darker. Its fragrance lasts for the whole day. If you love vanilla you will love this!

Cost: 5900 for 50ml

Directions of use: Spray on pulse points: behind the ears and on your wrists.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

4. Joy By Dior

JOY by Dior, Eau de Parfum Intense is a new fragrance that features a bright burst of flowers, a joyous trail of floral notes, and multi-dimensional beauty. This perfume is just love and preferred by most brides and the fragrance of its last very long.

Cost: 9150 for 50ml

Directions of use: To extend this happy moment, first use the joy by Dior shower gel then moisturize your body, and then spray this to your pulse points.

Joy By Dior Wedding Perfumes

5. Skinn By Titan

It has a bit flowery as well as fruity smell which is adored by most women. This is a very affordable perfume that should be there in the kit for the bride. Best suited for those brides who love to wear the mild fragrance.

Cost: 1895 for 50ml

Directions of use: For a long-lasting scent, spray after bathing, especially on your pulse points.

Skinn By Titan Wedding Perfumes

6. Le Parfum Elie Saab

Le Parfum by Elie Saab is an Amber Floral fragrance for women. A brilliant essence of Mandarin and a juicy Bourgeon de Cassis are revealed in the top note. This’s such a sweet, addictive, elegant scent. Ideal for the spring and summer months weddings. It’s also appropriate for the fall and winter season weddings. The scent easily lingers on for 8 to 9 hours.

Cost: 3600 for 30 ml

Directions of use: Spritz onto pulse points.

Le Parfum Elie Saab

7. Calvin Klei Eternity Edp

Calvin Klei Eternity is a floral fragrance for women. It has moderate lasting power and is worth every penny. It brings back an elegant classic aroma that never disappoints. Highly recommended for brides looking for budget-friendly scents for their wedding day.

Cost: 2000 for 50ml

Directions of use: Spray perfume on your pulse points like your neck, chin, and collarbones. Spray but don’t rub it let it air dry.

Calvin Klei Eternity Edp 1

8. Prada Candy Prada

It has warm, comforting vanilla with a hint of flirty, sweet fruitiness smell. This perfume is very recommendable as it has a great attracting fragrance with longevity characteristics. The brand name is what makes it so expensive.

Cost: 7199 for 50ml

Directions of use: For a long-lasting scent, spray after bathing, especially on your pulse points.

Prada Candy Prada Wedding Perfumes

Top Wedding Perfumes For Grooms

1. Christian Dior Sauvage

For any evening, this Christian Dior Sauvage is one of the heavy hitters. It has a sensual, assertive style to it, making it an extremely appealing fragrance to wear. It lasts for 10-12 hours, being ultra-potent and projecting for the first 4-6 hours, depending on your skin. It’s a very lovely gift idea for groom that one can give.

Cost: 7400 for 60ml

Directions of use: Spray behind your ears and on your wrists at pulse spots.

Christian Dior Sauvage Wedding Perfumes

2. Bleu De Chanel

This is the best suit for the ones who are planning their wedding in winter. This scent works in all the weather but fabulously in winters. They’re very pleasant and easy to wear. Bleu de Chanel is described as a woody aromatic fragrance, which is identified by the combination of “aromatic herbs” and an “opulent center and base. It’s different, very high quality, typical Chanel with 6-8 hours of longevity.

Cost: 20,000 for 100ml

Directions of use: Gently apply onto the selected fragrance zones on the skin.

Bleu De Chanel

3. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette

These are the best wedding fragrances for him that smell great, day or night. An amazing fragrance you can carry for hours and works in all wedding situations. These are budget-friendly which you can gift to the groom as well.

Cost: 4450 for 50ml

Directions of use: Gently apply behind the ears, shoulder joints, and base of the throat.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette

4. Creed Aventus

This perfume is created by the masterful perfumer Mr. Creed in collaboration with his son Mr. Erwin. The initial spray smells like burnt pineapple and the base note smells great too. This is for the ones who are perfume lovers and love to explore their different varieties.

Cost: 21,840 for 100 ml

Directions of use: Gently apply to the neck. behind the ears and wrist.

Creed Aventus Wedding Perfumes

5. Fucking Fabulous Tom Ford

Fucking fabulous for tom d Ford comes for both men and women. It is a leather fragrance. Its spray has various notes of fragrances starting with clary sage at the top and bitter almonds during the middle notes. Leather vanilla and orris are also a part of the middle notes and white woods and amber occupy the base notes. It lasts up to an amazing time of 14 hours and can last longer if you stay in a cold and dry environment

Cost: 2631 for 30ml

Directions of use: Spray behind your ears and on your wrists at the pulse spot

Fucking Fabulous Tom Ford

6. Versace Eros pour Homme EDP

An amber woody fragrance left by the Eros esu de parfum by Versace will make you stand out in the crowd. A minty top note along with lemon, candy apple, and mandarin orange. The base notes are comprised of vanilla and sandalwood. It usually lasts up to 10 hours. This is one of the best perfume to gift a groom on their wedding day.

Cost: 6700 for 50 ml

Directions of use: Gently apply onto the selected fragrance zones on the skin.

Versace Eros pour Homme EDP

7. Gucci Guilty

It is a most thrilling and mysterious scent. Gucci Guilty for Men is an intoxicating blend of fresh lemon, cool lavender, orange blossom, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, and amber notes that create an uncompromising and provocative fragrance.

Cost: 5400 for 50 ml.

Directions of use: Increase the aroma strength by spraying on pulse areas around the body, such as the neck, torso, and biceps.

Gucci Guilty Wedding Perfumes

8. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Man is a sparkling fragrance that encapsulates the character of the Jimmy Choo Man: a relaxed demeanor and an unabashedly masculine style with a refined sense of detail and a rebellious sense of humor. One can surprise a groom with this amazing fragrance perfume by giving them as a gift for their D-day.

Cost: 4200 for 50 ml.

Directions of use: Spray directly on the neck and wrists and let air dry.

Jimmy Choo Wedding Perfumes


Here are the most ranked wedding perfumes for both bride and groom. So, choose any of them for your important day and make it a perfect moment with these amazing fragrances. If you have any more suggestions do tell us in our comment box.

Few Tips To Keep In Mind:

  • Apply perfume after bath and proper moisturization for longevity.
  • Spray over your pulse point for women it is collar bone, wrist, inner elbows and chin and for men, it is neck, wrist, behind the ear, and shoulder joints.
  • Wear your perfume according to the season and the time of your wedding like if its an evening wedding or a day wedding.
  • Do not apply perfumes onto your accessories there are high chances that your accessories will lose their original color. Avoid spraying onto your heavy clothes as well.

The mentioned prices are the original prices of the perfumes which are listed above. You can get them at a lower price while searching on online shopping sites.

FAQ Related To Wedding Perfumes

Which perfume is best for the wedding day?

For the bride, it is Le Parfum Elie Saab which cost  3600 for 30ml, and for the groom, it is Bleu De Chanel which cost 20,000 for 100ml.

How to choose a perfect wedding perfume?

  • Focus on the notes
  • Identifying Perfume Samples
  • Know Your Skin type (for sensitive skin avoid strong formulations).

Which are the best affordable perfumes for men and women?

  • For men – Skinn by titan raw (1895 for 50ml) and Fucking Fabulous Tom Ford (2631 for 30ml)
  • For women – Calvin Klei Eternity Edp (2000 for 50ml) and Skinn by titan (1895 for 50ml)

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