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Wedding Planner Cost Questions and Assessments for Entire Wedding

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeSep 8, 2021

Most couples need help with their wedding plans. For things to run in a professional capacity and to have you enjoy a seamless celebration, you will need a  wedding planner. But the question often asked is, how much does a wedding planner cost?

While your planner helps develop your final budget, you have to decide the allotment of sum to specific areas. All planners look to save you time while most others save you money and stick to the plan. They have money-saving strategies, a network of trusted vendors and they’ll negotiate to get you the best deal without sacrificing quality. You should hire a wedding planner judging them by their, style and expertise in working under pressure.

So, the natural question after that of course is, how much does a wedding planner in India cost? Before we get to that, we should tell you what all work does a wedding planner do at a wedding, which is not just taking care of the décor- yes, wedding planners and decorators are separate entities. Decorators take care of only the décor, and wedding planners of the whole wedding as a total.

ultimate wedding planner cost checklist

So, what all does a wedding planner do at a wedding?

Wedding planners provide 360-degree solutions for all things matrimonial, including venue, food, accommodation and even rides from the airport- so mostly everything big and small is taken care of them.

  • Pre wedding responsibilities
  • Setting up realistic budgets
  • Mapping out all the details from wedding favors to entertainment
  • Décor design and execution
  • Hospitality and logistics management
  • Wedding collaterals
  • Menu design and catering management
  • Budget and time management
  • Wedding videography and photography
  • Wedding entertainment
  • Gifts and wedding favors
  • Online presence
  • License and permissions
  • Wedding Insurance

Now that’s quite a list isn’t it? Once you rope in a wedding planner, imagine, all these responsibilities are off your own hands! Your family members and you can leave all this to someone else- following up with vendors and ensuring it’s all a good show!

wedding planner cost for real time wedding planning

Planner vs. Consultant vs. Coordinator: What’s the Difference?

For an ideal wedding you should look for the one who executes the entire occasion over someone who would focus all their attention on specific areas. If you want a destination wedding or a large wedding with multiple events and many moving parts, hire a full-service wedding planner. If you’re a DIY couple who only needs guidance and assistance with wedding day logistics, hire a partial planner or coordinator.

Full-service wedding planners are involved in the entire wedding process, which includes concept, planning, managing, coordination and a myriad of details until you wave goodbye to your guests.

In today’s vernacular the term wedding consultant has largely been absorbed into the term wedding planner. The word ‘planner’ is easier to comprehend for couples who are looking for assistance

wedding planner cost in planner vs coordinator

How much does a wedding planner cost in India?

When one is planning for a big fat wedding and after getting a wedding the planner is engaged who starts working according to the plan and one assumes that they are doing the best to cater to the functions of the wedding. Well, nowadays, wedding planners are always ready to serve you whether you have a big wedding or a small wedding, a wedding in your city or outside of your city, and also if the wedding is at a location that is out of India. A wedding planner In India organizes all the functions of your wedding too smoothly and one enjoys the moments of the functions with their relatives, friends, cousins, etc. Well, wedding planner cost in India leads to an additional cost to the marriage which increases the wedding budget, and of course, you need to arrange your wedding budget accordingly. A wedding planner cost in India is anywhere between Rs 2 to 6+ Lakhs

It all boils down to the skill and the popularity of the company. The wedding planner cost also depends majorly on the size of the wedding and the chosen venue. The fee includes, the décor and all the responsibilities listed above. Those are overheads which they tie up with the vendors and you are supposed to pay for, but managed by them.

wedding planner cost in india

Wedding planner cost is approximately 10-12% of the wedding budget

Since payment to the planner for the entire wedding depends upon the services extended, role & responsibilities, size of gathering etc., wedding planning cost increases. A lot of planners and businesses  also work as a one stop shop for small budget weddings. Many provide all inclusive packages or a flat fee.

Destination weddings may incur additional expenses especially if the planners need to move abroad or are travelling.  Several planners reach out with consultation for venue bookings, reliable vendors, hotels, etc. these are provided at a nominal cost of  Rs. 20,000

destination wedding planner cost

Do you need to have a big pocket for wedding planner cost?

Let us bust a common myth, wedding planners are not just for rich people! Even weddings on a modest budget will still benefit from a wedding planner. Often times the average couple writes off having a wedding planner because they feel it’s a luxury they simply cannot afford. Well, what if we told you, you can? With the right priorities, finding room in your budget for a wedding planner is simple.  Not really! Planners can help you design weddings ranging between 10lacs that may go as high as a few crores. Further, they can help you accommodate any number of guests for a typical big fat Indian wedding, It can be an especially wise idea to rope one in case of a destination wedding! To put it plainly, if you care about the success of your wedding, a wedding planner should be on your list of needs, not wants, when it comes to your wedding budget.

wedding planner cost and budget

It is advisable to assess wedding planner cost and hire one 5 or 6 months prior to your wedding. We  understand the same and hence offer personalized wedding services within your budget. Focus on enjoying your wedding as you leave all the wedding planning stress to us.  Planners can work very well on crunched time too, so whatever you choose, you’re in the safest hands!

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