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Wedding Rules 2021 for Limit on Wedding Guests in India- Latest Covid Rules Update

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeMay 15, 2021

Having a check on wedding rules 2021 is important to keep yourself protected and safe with a sudden increase of corona cases in India. We are witnessing an upsurge of Covid-19 cases in India which in turn recording many death claims. That is why several state governments have come up with the alternative of night curfews and in turn lockdown in many states. Check out what is the wedding guest limits, what new wedding rules the government has imposed on us for our safety, etc.

Note down your state government’s lockdown wedding rules below (in Alphabetical order):

  1. Wedding Guidelines of Andhra Pradesh

    Amidst a night curfew, only 50 guests can attend the marriages of Andhra Pradesh.

  2. New Wedding Guidelines of Assam

    There is a night curfew in Assam. Also, it is mandatory to carry a permission letter and wedding card for marriages. Assam has also restricted marriage gatherings to just 20 people. Also, there will be no reception pre or post-marriage.

  3. Current Wedding Guidelines of Bengaluru/Karnataka

    Only 40 guests can attend the wedding with strict conditions such as open space wedding area, no air conditions allowed, sanitizer booth at the entrance and exit, guest details to be recorded,  temperature checks at the entrance, and no spitting allowed.  Wedding organizers must submit the invitation card and a duly signed application or any other relevant document to the administrations to get permission.  On the receipt of the application, 40 passes will be allocated for a wedding. The pass shall not transferable.

  4. Wedding Lockdown Rules of Bihar

    50 guests are allowed in marriages. And there will be a restriction on DJs and lavish baraats at the wedding. Also, you have to inform your local concerned police station 3 days prior wedding.

  5. Wedding Government Guidelines of Chandigarh

    There can be a total of 100 people outdoor or 50 indoor or 50% of the total capacity. Whichever is less shall be applied and you have to take permissions from the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for all marriage functions.

  6. Government Wedding Guidelines of Chhattisgarh

    With a daily night curfew norm, only 10 guests can attend the marriage ceremony. There is a lockdown in all the different 28 districts of the state with varying relaxations to curb the spread of covid-19.

  7. Wedding Ceremony Guidelines of Delhi

    Only 20 guests can attend the marriage with an e-pass system. Moreover, for the movement, they have to carry a soft copy or a hard copy of invitation cards. Also, owners of the banquet halls have to either return the advance payment or they have to mutually make a settlement with the customer.

  8. New Guidelines for Wedding Ceremonies in Goa

    50 guests are with the permission of DM/SDM. Also, the visitors coming to Goa need to carry a negative report of COVID -19 or a certificate of vaccination.

  9. Wedding Rules 2021 in Gujarat

    Now, only 50 guests can attend the wedding and it has reduced from 200 to 100 to 50. There is a night curfew in almost 20 cities in the state.

  10. Guidelines for Weddings of Haryana

    20 guests can attend the wedding ceremony held at residence or court. Wedding processions are also banned here.

  11. Wedding Government Guidelines of Himachal Pradesh

    A complete ban on public functions of marriages. Only the closest relative of the bride and groom can attend the wedding with a restriction of 20 guests. It is also mandatory to upload all your wedding guest’s names on an online portal There is a restriction on DJ as well.

  12. Wedding Rules 2021 of Jammu & Kashmir

    With the restriction of movement at night, only 25 people can attend the marriage.

    wedding rules 2021

  13. Wedding Lockdown Rules of Jharkhand

    Recently, the cap on people attending the wedding has decreased from 50 to 11. The wedding venue should be your home or a court.

  14. Government Wedding Guidelines of Kerala

    20 people can attend a wedding. Also, they have to upload their contact detail on the COVID-19 jagratha portal. Whoever is attending the wedding should come with their identification document and invitation card.

  15. Wedding Guidelines of Madhya Pradesh

    No marriages can be held here. All are told to postponed their marriages as there is a muhurat till June.

  16. New Guidelines for Weddings in Mumbai & Maharashtra

    The time limit of a function can only be 2 hours. 25 people can attend the wedding. Violation of rules will only result in Rs 50000. Violation of rules will result in a fine of Rs 50,000. Also, check the list of all Covid-19 resources to help you and others during this difficult time.

    The time limit of a function can only be 2 hours. 25 people can attend the wedding. Violation of rules will only result in Rs 50000. Violation of rules will result in a fine of Rs 50,000.

  17. Wedding Lockdown Rules of Odisha

    Only 20 guests can attend the wedding. But you have to take permission from the local authority.

  18. Current Wedding Guidelines of Puducherry

    Only 25 people can attend the marriage.

  19. Wedding Guidelines of Punjab

    10 people can attend the wedding function. District-wise directions are laid down by the government.

  20. Wedding Rules 2021 of Rajasthan

    Permission from SDM is a must along with a proper sanitation process at the venue. Video recording of the whole function may be asked by the SDM. Updating all the wedding guest’s contact details on is mandatory.

  21. Wedding Lockdown Rules of Tamil Nadu

    If you are traveling then you have to carry relevant documents for weddings of close relatives, funerals, job interviews, and hospitals.

  22. Wedding Rules 2021 in Telangana

    40 guests can attend the marriage rituals.

  23. New Wedding Guidelines of Uttarakhand

    Only 20 people can attend the marriage. Only 50 percent of passengers are allowed on interstate movements. Interstate travelers must produce negative RT-PCR results done 72 hours before the marriage. And they will have to register themselves on the Dehradun administration’s portal. People of Uttarakhand coming from outside will have to undergo 7-day isolation.

  24. Wedding Rules 2021 of Uttar Pradesh

    50 guests inside closed spaces and 100 guests in open spaces can attend the wedding. The guests must wear face masks, maintain social distancing, and use sanitizers during the wedding.

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