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Top 14 Must Try Wedding Suits For Grooms, Groomsmen And Guests

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Choosing Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests is definitely a difficult task. Wedding functions hold a special place in everyone’s heart. But, the common thing at every wedding is confusion about “What Should I Wear?”. And, it’s not limited just to the girls.

When it comes to weddings all from grooms to guests are confused about their outfits. Because everyone wants to look best and stand out in the crowd. After all, good outfits are a must at every wedding.

Also, consider asking out your boys if they will be your groomsmen with an amazing proposal.

Here are some absolutely perfect and fabulous Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests:

Groom has to give his best when it comes to his wedding look, right? And, we don’t want to add to your confusion about “What Should I wear?” so here we bring you the best options to make choosing


But firstly the tip for all our grooms, don’t forget to carry all the accessories a groom needs for his big day.

1. Blue Chambray Suit With White Floral Tie

The Chambray Suit would be really a great option for your big day. It not only comes in a variety of designs and patterns but can be styled in multiple ways. It gives you Western and stylish vibes. The suit can be styled with either a plain formal shirt or the plaid design shirt. Chambray is 100% cotton woven fabric and looks exemplary and stylish. Therefore the suit with an adorable white tie is sure to give you an exquisite look.

Blue Chambray Suit With White Floral Tie

2. The Dapper’s Style Suit

If you are looking for something vintage then this is the best suitable option. Basically, a dapper’s suit is characterized by ties, suits, and leather shoes. This suit is inspired by the 60s style Men’s Don Dapper. If you want something minimal and comfortable then just go for this option.

The Dapper's Style Suit- Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests

3. Stylish Designer Wedding Suit

Usually, the bride’s wedding look takes all the attention in the wedding function. But, isn’t it unfair for the grooms? So, gear up to rock on your big day with your bride-to-be and get yourself a stylish designer suit.

You can get it customized according to your choice. Because customization gives you the freedom to choose what suits you the best. You can also go for hand embroidery over the typical designs.

Stylish Designer Wedding Suit For Groom

4. The Three Piece Suit

The three-piece suit is never out of the trend in weddings. This suit consists of trousers, a jacket, and a waistcoat. However, typically all the components are in the same color. But, you can choose your waistcoat and jacket to be contrasted.

You can also go for the waistcoat with the colorful checks. Or also get the plain waistcoat with jackets and trousers having colorful checks design. There are multiple possibilities you can try with the design.

Te three piece suit with waistcoat, blazer, and shirt

5. Emerald Green Suit For Groom

This classic emerald green suit will make sure to make you the center of attraction on your big day. Getting such a stunning suit tailored for yourself will make you stand out at your wedding. The suit gives you a royal look with its fresh color.

It will surely leave an impact on your guests. When we decide on Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests you can also try some amazing wedding bow tie ideas for quirky grooms. 

Emerald green colored suit for groom

Along with the great outfits, grooms should also get themselves attractive and eye catchy lapel pins. 


When we talk about Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests it’s the Groomsmen after the groom who has to be the center of attraction. Because, after all, they are the groom’s tribe.

1. Black Tux

All the groomsmen can decide to twin their outfits. Also, we know that black color is never out of the trend. It will give you a classy and handsome look. Even though tuxedos may look quite similar to suits there’s a difference between both.

Satin is usually present in tuxedos and not in suits. Another major point is Tux is historically worn with a bow tie while a suit is worn with a long tie. However, these days tuxedos with long ties are becoming to the trend. But, it looks appropriate only with the black tie.

Black Tuxedo For Men

2. Pink Hues

Pink color gives out some kind of positive vibes. This pink suit will be perfect for the wedding day and will groomsmen are sure to stand out wearing this. The color looks soft and vibrant.

Hence, this suit is minimal and still looks stunning. You can also choose the baby pink or rose pink tie to enhance your look. Or, even without the tie, it’s a great option for all the groomsmen.

Pink Hues Suit For Groomsmen

3. Jacquard Effect Tailored Suit By Dolce & Gabbana

The white suit on the wedding day is always a safe option as it’s impossible to go wrong. White is definitely a forever classic color when it comes to wedding outfits.

This suit by Dolce & Gabbana is a perfect standard option for your groomsmen crew. The incredibly crafted jacquard effect makes this suit stand out. Everyone’s eye is sure to be on you when you show up in this suit.

Jacquard Effect Tailored Suit By Dolce & Gabbana for wedding

4. The Skinny Fit Suit- H&M

Groomsmen have to rock the dance floor on the wedding day. So, here is the stretchy and comfortable suit option for them. There are color options available so you can go for your favorite one. The suit won’t break the banks when it comes to looks. It’s will be the perfect blend of comfort and style. And, if you believe comfort is the best style then this suit is meant for you.

Skinny Fit H&M Suit for groomsmen

5. White Dinner Jacket Tux

This formal white suit option will make your groomsmen look great. This is best if you want your groomsmen to wear the same outfit. Just make sure the groom’s outfit will be contrasting colors.

All the groomsmen lined up in this white tux will make your groom’s tribe the center of attraction. And definitely, groomsmen can’t deny that this is really one of the perfect choices.

Jacquard Effect Tailored Suit By Dolce & Gabbana for groomsmen

The task of choosing Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests is a complicated task. But, the personalized cufflinks for your groomsmen will make them happy.


1. Single-breasted casual suit with full sleeves dark blue blazer

This suit is an impeccable option if you are going to attend the wedding as a guest. The suit comes with a white tee which adds to the comfy vibes. The dark blue blazer and trousers will never disappoint you if you want a subtle and impactful look. You can also get it in the color of your choice too. But the overall impact which this suit leaves makes it one of the best choices for sure. Moreover, it’s also budget-friendly.

Single-breasted casual suit with full sleeves dark blue blazer- Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests

2. Tweed fabric suit for vintage wedding

Vintage weddings have gained massive popularity these days. So, choosing the correct outfit for a vintage wedding is not an easy task. But, tweed fabric is always a go-to option. Because after all the rusty look of this fabric doesn’t fail to appear as a blend of vintage with a modern twist.

You might be tempted to think that the vintage suit might look odd or old school if you go to a wedding that isn’t vintage theme wedding. But, it’s not right because this suit is just a synonym for perfection. Showing up at a wedding in this suit won’t disappoint you for sure.

Tweed fabric suit for vintage wedding

3. Cocktail Attire

When you choose the cocktail attire you get more freedom with colors, hemlines, and patterns. The term cocktail comes from the 1950s. In this way of dressing, you require a formal dress with a shorter hemline.

In a cocktail style, you can choose shirts with different patterns and the tie remains optional. Embellishment is the core of cocktail dressing so you can get the jewelry of your taste and nice pair of leather shoes.

Cocktail suit Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests

4. A cream-colored linen suit

The linen suit is the best pick for summer weddings. As it will be the impeccable choice according to the season. And, the cream color looks elegant. You can pair it with casual loafers or sneakers and get a polished look.

A cream-colored linen suit

These were the stunning and perfect Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests. We hope we made your task of choosing the attire simple! But when you decide on Wedding suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, And Guests keep in mind you don’t keep any stone unturned.

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