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A Flawless Wedding Timeline to Plan Your Perfect Wedding

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Planning your dream wedding can be very tense and stressful, more so when you have to make last-minute plans and adjustments. Therefore, preparing for your wedding in advance is never a bad idea. In fact, if you start planning and executing from the very beginning you can save yourself from a lot of stress. But, sometimes doing things way too early can be equally unfavorable. To help you get it just right we have prepared for you a month-by-month wedding timeline. Here is the stuff we are going to cover.

  1. Starting Time
  2. Wedding Invitation Time
  3. Perfect Shopping Time
  4. Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Timeline

This wedding timeline enlists all the major tasks and marks all-important wedding planning milestones. Let us dive right into it.

  1. 12 Months to Go- Starting time

    This is the perfect time for you to plan. Start with picking out the venue. Answer these questions for yourself, where do you want the wedding? Do you want a destination wedding? Wanna have a grand party? Looking for something minimalistic?  Know everything about your wants and needs.

    A wedding is commonly a once-in-a-lifetime event so plan it in the way that it fulfills your desires. So, don’t hesitate to go all “Money Heist-Professor” on your wedding planning. Plan everything to the last detail. Make sure that you at least have the venue and your plans in order.

  2. 8-10 Months to Go Wedding Timeline

    After you have decided on where you want your wedding it time to book the place. By the 10 months to go, you should have a wedding planner or an agency in mind that can help with all your planning. We at BookEventz offer exclusive services and will do everything to make sure you get your fantasy wedding.

    So once you have your planners confirmed it’s the right time to confirm the venue and location. if you want all your ceremonies in one place or you want variety in the locations, 8 months is the perfect time to book.

  3. 6-8 Months to Go Preparations 

    Most brides would agree with me when I say, nothing could be more fatal than rushed shopping!! Wedding shopping in a hurry is a big No-No!! When you have six to eight months in hand start looking for all the recent trends, celebrity styles, and all the great designers.

    But don’t follow the trend blindly, see what you like and what will suit you. After due process and proper consideration, pick your wedding trousseau. Stick to the wedding timeline and don’t speed this part of the process up. With constantly changing trends and styles, we might not be able to correctly predict what might go out of trend. So get ready and Shop.  Wedding Timeline

    How much time prior to the wedding and makeup start on the wedding day?

  4. 4-6 Months to Go 

    Now that you are done with all planning and deliberation. It’s time to make everything official. Sending invitations!! Once you have your guest list and wedding card design in order it is time for you to send the invitations.

    Sending invitations early on in the process has its benefits. It gives all your relatives and loved one’s time to clear their schedule and be there at your wedding.

    How much time prior to the wedding and makeup start on the wedding day?

    The makeup should ideally start almost 3 hours before the wedding so that there is an ample amount of time available for the makeup artist to give the bride one beautiful look.

    What is the order of events in a wedding?

    The order of the events is quite important and hence needs to be followed properly – 

    • Engagement Ceremony 
    • Mehendi Ceremony
    • Sangeet Ceremony
    • Haldi Ceremony
    • Wedding Ceremony 

    How many hours before the wedding should the bride be ready?

    The bride should be ready a maximum of 1 hour before the wedding to avoid any kind of hurry or hassle. This will ensure the wedding is smoothly conducted.

    What time do most weddings start?

    The timings and beginning of the wedding ceremony actually depend on the culture and traditions of both the families. The timings of the wedding ceremony are mutually decided by both the families and hence differ for different people.

  5. 3 Months to Go Wedding Timeline

    Your wedding day is coming really close. Pick your wedding cake design and flavor, your Menu, Your flowers, and your every minute decoration detail. Meet your vendors and tell them exactly what you want.

    Don’t leave anything to chance, decide and book everything. Book your henna artist, make-up artist, choreographer, and hairdresser in advance. Most brides forget this but BookEventz this wedding timeline will make sure you don’t.Wedding timeline

  6. 2 Months to Go- Clock’s Ticking

    2 months to go is the perfect time to start learning and practicing your dance. Coordinate your sangeet night, plan and choreograph all the events. All your friends and family could select the songs and practice the steps.

    Also, brides should do their outfit trials, see the lehenga fitting, necklace design, nose rings, earrings, heels, everything. Also, decide on what make-up you want. And so should the groom, try out your sherwani, shoes and all other important accessories. You can get anything fitted or replaced if it doesn’t suit you well.

  7. 2 Weeks Before- Check, Check

    Following the wedding timeline, you have managed to get everything completed just in time. It’s time to your to relax and enjoy your Bachelor/Bachelorette days. Check on arrangements and spend time with your family. Avoid any and all stress.

  8. Wedding Day- Enjoy 

    The day you have been planning for has finally arrived. Enjoy your day, have the time of your life. After all your planning and efforts, you deserve the best wedding day. So have fun and all the best on your new journey.

    Also, if you don’t get to start that early, you can always plan later with exclusive event management teams. Your dream wedding can always be brought to life. For more content follow us on our insta handle.

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