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Is 25 People Wedding Really a Money Saving Idea?

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Weddings require a lot of arrangements irrespective of the number of people attending the wedding. Due to pandemic, weddings are limited to 25 people only. This has created a small misunderstanding among the people that 25 people wedding is a money-saving idea.

Let us clear their misunderstanding about 25 People Weddings

25_200 people wedding comparision

The essential needs of the weddings are going to be same irrespective of the number of people attending the wedding. A venue, makeup artist, your clothes venoder, almost everything’s going to be same. The only difference will be the food in the wedding.  It is really sad on the groom and the bride’s side that they can’t have their close people with them in these special moment of their life even after spending equal amount of money as a big fat wedding.

So next time, when someone tells you that 25 people wedding saves money, then explain them this slight difference between 25 people and 200 people wedding.

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