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10 Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Cards Templates for you to Try

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The Birthday season is almost around the corner and so it’s time to now time to invite your friends and family to that wacky party you’ve been planning. So what better way, than sending WhatsApp birthday invitation cards to bring the fun to your celebrations. Whether you’re celebrating your own birthday or planning a party for someone you know, we’ve got a WhatsApp invitation card to suit everyone.

Here’s a list of 10 Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Cards Templates for you to try…


1. Surprise Party Whatsapp Invitation Cards

Who doesn’t love a surprise party, but to make sure its a success you have to first maintain the secret. For that, your gonna need one of these surprise invitation WhatsApp birthday cards that will remind your guest to seal their mouths.

Surprise Party Whatsapp Invitation Cards

2. The Kids Theme Party Whatsapp Invitation Card

Celebrating a theme birthday party for your little baby? Well, then a theme invitation WhatsApp birthday card is perfect to put forth that message. This will help the parents know what the theme is and will then help them to dress their kids accordingly.

The Kids Theme Party Whatsapp Invitation Card



3. Corporate Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Cards

Have a colleagues birthday coming up in the office? You can plan a birthday party for them and invite all your teammates with this WhatsApp invitation card. These are not too jazzy and hence will set the theme of a formal dinner party for your work colleagues. You can also plan your boss’s surprise birthday and use this template to invite your colleagues.

Corporate Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Card

Don’t know how to plan your boss’s surprise birthday party? Worry Not…


4. Friends Whatsapp Birthday Invitations

Here’s a cool template for your friends WhatsApp birthday party invitations. These drink logos and TV show themed WhatsApp invitation cards are an awesome idea for pumping your friends with excitement for the party.

Friends Whatsapp Birthday Invitations


5. Activity Party Whatsapp Invitation Card

Planning to celebrate your kids birthday at a bowling alley, a paintball rink or a rock climbing gym? You can send these invitations WhatsApp birthday cards that stick to the theme of the party place. This helps the parents be informed of the activities to be performed at the party.

Activity Party Whatsapp Invitation Cards



6. Photo Card Whatsapp Invitations

Your grandparents birthday is coming up and you need ideas for their birthday? Here are ideas for a whatsapp birthday cards that celebrate their lives through the years. The WhatsApp invitation photo card can showcase pictures of them through the years. This can also be a theme at the birthday where you’ll dress up like them through the years.

Photo Card Whatsapp Invitations


7. Teenage Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Cards

Your Baby is now turning into an adult and that’s a reason to celebrate their special day with a grand birthday party. You can use this sassy birthday WhatsApp invitation card for throwing your kid a fun birthday bash

Teenage Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Card



8. The Classic Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Cards

You can’t go wrong with balloons and gifts as the background of your WhatsApp birthday invitation card. These whatsapp birthday cards are simple yet elegant and put forth the invitation message very clearly.

The Classic Whatsapp Birthday Invitation Card


9. Golden Jubilee Whatsapp Invitation Cards

These golden themed WhatsApp birthday invitation cards are perfect for a 50th birthday party. Invite all your family and friends to celebrate your parents birthday party with these WhatsApp invitation cards that are as good as gold.

Golden Jubilee Whatsapp Invitation Cards

10. Text Whatsapp Invitation for Birthdays

Feel like you would rather just prefer to go with the good old text WhatsApp invitation instead of a WhatsApp invitation card? Well, we’ve got you covered in that region too. Here are some text WhatsApp invitations for birthdays that are suitable for everyone.


I’m celebrating the 40th year of my awesome life and I would love for you to be a part of this celebration. So please be here on the 28th to share the happiness and the cake.

Hey guys, guess what!!! My baby son is turning ‘One’ this 20th. So make it a point to come on his happy day to my house and be a part of the fun.

Come and enjoy a night full of fun and excitement as we surprise my sister at (location) on her 21st birthday. The cake, food and drinks are on me.

My father will be celebrating his 50th birthday this Saturday and I’m inviting you along with your family members to be a part of this joyous occasion.

She has spent seven decades in spreading love and warmth. Now it is our turn to make her birthday a special one. We invite you to our grandmother’s birthday party at 7 pm today at Kingdom Party Hall.

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