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About Amrita Kalyanpur

To help you get ready for your big day, Amrita Kalyanpur will provide makeovers in different styles according to your preferences. An MBA by qualification, she completed an advanced professional makeup course and started working as a freelancer, offering her services for brides-to-be. Amrita Kalyanpur also does house visits so that you can get the look you want within the comfort of your home.

Services offered

Amrita Kalyanpur has extensive experience in bridal and pre-bridal makeup. She does airbrush makeup that she can customise according to your needs. To complement your overall look, she focuses on accentuating your natural features, such as your eyes, by highlighting them and enhancing their beauty. She can also do shimmering makeup to add to your glow. Apart from makeup, she offers innovative hairstyles and she is also up for wardrobe styling and image advice, so that you look nothing but flawless on your big day.

Other services

Apart from weddings, Amrita Kalyanpur provides her services for:

  • Bridal Natural Makeup
  • Bridal HD Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Hair Extensions
  • Bridal Airbrush Makeup
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    • No cancellation and refund
    • Date change allowed once
    • 50% advance for booking

    What is the starting price for a Bridal Makeup Artist in Mumbai?

    The starting price for a Bridal Makeup Artist in Mumbai is Rs undefined

    What is the starting price for family/Siders Makeup ?

    The starting price for Family/Siders Makeup is Rs. 500

    Will Amrita Kalyanpur travel to the venue?

    The makeup artists at BookEventz are committed to providing you the best services and hence if you want, our artist will travel to the venue as they graciously take up projects from across the country

    How many months prior to the wedding, clients should book your services?

    You must start searching for bridal makeup artists before 3 - 6 months prior to your big wedding day.

    How much should I pay in advance before the wedding?

    We take up 25% of the payment in advance and the rest is supposed to be paid on the Wedding day.

    What is the cancellation policy at BookEventz?

    The cancellation policy is simple wherein you will have to pay a certain cancellation charge and your event shall be cancelled.

    What are the number of staff you have?

    We have a small family of more than 20 employees which keeps increasing with every passing year.

    Can you provide service for a family for bridal makeup?

    Yes, we have been providing the services to the customer as per their needs and hence you will get a good makeup team to make sure that the makeup is done on time.

    Do you offer hair and make up trials prior to my wedding?

    Yes, With nominal charge of Rs. 2000/-

    Are there any hair and makeup trials available prior to my wedding?

    Yes, with a reasonable charge of

    Are there any kind of specialty beauty services offered by you?

    Yes, we offer all types of beauty services.

    Do you have any offer discount package?

    Yes, we do have few special discount packages.

    Are there any hair accessories offered by you? Do you charge extra for advanced hairstyles?

    Yes, we do provide hair accessories. The prices will differ for different types of hairstyles. The prices highly depend on your budget.