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About Celebrations Photography by Gaytree Dhangar

Celebration Photography by Gaytree Dhangar is a photography company located in Goregaon which is situated in the city of Mumbai. If you are looking for a great photographer to shoot your nuptial ceremonies then this company is the go-to option for you. Gaytree Dhangar is a photographer who has a passion for capturing your wedding ceremonies in the best way possible. She is one-of-a-kind when it comes to perfectly shooting your wedding. She will ensure to cover your wedding in the best possible manner.

Services Offered

From a pre-wedding to the wedding and post-wedding functions, Celebration Photography by Gaytree Dhangar captures all your special and rare moments with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. She is ready to travel outstations for your convenience and is a pro at covering weddings. She uses high-quality lenses and combines her creativity with the latest techniques for flawless results.

Celebration Photography by Gaytree Dhangar offers a wide range of packages which you can customize as per your choice and budget. The plethora of services offered by her include:

  • Pre-wedding shoot
  • Album
  • Cinematography
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    How much will the wedding package cost?

    The package cost is calculated on the number of events that we are covering, the team that is required to cover those events and the deliverable that you require from us. The Wedding Package starts from Rs 102,000

    Do you edit the photos?

    Yes, all the images provided to you will be edited to match the vision we had for them.

    Where are you guys based? Do you travel for wedding assignments?

    We are primarily located in undefined but we do travel all across India and abroad as per your requirements.