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To celebrate your special occasion at restaurants in Bangalore, you must check out for the best ones in town. Through BookEventz, you can book places which offer you a range of commendable services to make sure your event is being held successfully....

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    Which are the Best Restaurants in Bangalore?

    There are many party places in Bangalore which are perfect for celebrating small gatherings, cocktail parties and other types of events. Some of the best lounges for party in Bangalore are 9 Marks Inn, Cirrus, Rasa, NH8 Restaurant, . You can find all these party places at our website and select the best Restaurants from a range of options.

    How to find Birthday party halls Near Me?

    You can find birthday party halls near you by simply clicking on the near me page button and there you go! You will get all the birthday halls near you. You can always call us on 99675 81110

    What is the price range at Restaurant for birthday party celebration in Bangalore?

    The prices of birthday celebration places in Bangalore can range from 500 to 2500 per person. Depending on your budget and other specifications, you can select a few party halls and then check out their availability on the date of your event. Bangalore has an ample number of options available in every price range, so selecting a birthday party hall should not be an issue at all. And the best way to get the list of venues going with your specifications is to apply the Price, Location, and other filters as per your requirements.

    Which are the Restaurant for small birthday party in Bangalore ?

    If you are looking for Small Party Venues in Bangalore, then we have listed venues with all details for 50-100 people. List of Small Restaurant in Bangalore areSerafina, Khaaja Chowk Whitefield, 1947 Malleshwaram,

    Can I bring my own decorator to Party Lounges in Bangalore?

    Most Birthday Party venues have their own decorators offering decorations of different kinds to suit different budgets. Some customization in the decoration packages might be allowed to match your taste. If you’d like to bring your own decorator, then do ask your shortlisted Birthday Party venue in Bangalore as some of them will allow you to get your own decorator with the commitment that no damage happens to the property.

    How do Restaurant in Bangalore charge?

    The party places in Bangalore charge on a per plate basis. The charges per plate may differ from venue to venue.

    How many small birthday party halls are there in Bangalore?

    Small party halls are in huge demand these days. There are around 50+ small party halls in Bangalore which are just perfect for all types of small parties.

    What are the best affordable Restaurant in Bangalore famous for?

    The low budget party halls in Bangalore are famous for providing all the required services within your budget. You can find the best low budget birthday party halls in Bangalore through our website.

    Are there room facilities available in Restaurant in Bangalore?

    Yes, you get many Restaurants in the Bangalore which provide complimentary rooms for bride and groom in case of weddings and also for other events.

    Does BookEventz provide other Party Vendor Services?

    Yes, we provide all sorts of vendor services for a birthday party like photographers, anchors, decorations and themes, Birthday Party Artist, Tattoo Artist, etc.

    Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. The pace of lives that the people here lead is exceptional. And though this city is cosmopolitan in every sense of the word, the people here also have unique ties to their roots. The culture here is rich and the traditions, abundant and lively. It is a city permeating class, religion and language. Bangalore is witnessing teeming growth in industry, trade and commerce. Add that to the fact that it is home to some of the most renowned colleges in the country and you’ve got yourself a typical, metropolitan city in India full of people leading impossibly hectic lives that dare to think of recreation only during the weekends (maybe!). 

    When celebration becomes an approach, a way of life, every event is a happy one because the more you appreciate and enjoy your life, the more there is to celebrate! Celebrations add laughter and animation to our otherwise ordinary lives with over packed schedules. What we are celebrating doesn't really matter because it is looking forward to events like these that make it easy to get through our mundane weekdays. But here's the irony of our lives-we love celebrating, but it's time-consuming and taxing to organize an event and most of us are too busy to manage every microscopic detail! And believe us, there are endless aspects that one needs to take care of while planning a successful event. Keeping this difficulty in mind, we at BookEventz emerge as the one-stop solution to all matters that surround the complex process of event planning. We are India’s leading network of trusted venues that assure happiness. Our user-friendly portal makes sure you find the ideal venue as well as all the services that best suit your needs.

    Do you have an auspicious occasion coming up that you’re excited about? Rather than going on a hopeless pursuit of examining every single choice available to you (and trust us, we have a LOT of options for you!), check out the information given below so you can have a precise approach on how to filter for venues and services that are personalized to best suit your requirements. It will help save your time and we know there’s nothing else you will value more. Except, of course, the memories we will help you create!

    1. Occasion: Some venues are ideal for all kinds of events, while others can be occasion-specific. Based on that, other important aspects of the event can easily be managed. What are you celebrating?

    • Birthdays: Birthdays are, without a doubt, one of the most nonexclusive reasons to celebrate. Regardless of whether you are a child or a grown-up, birthday parties are one of the most exciting ways to tell someone you are glad of their presence in your life. And whether it’s a friend, significant other, parent or your child, we can throw grand birthday parties for them all! You can also depend on us to turn milestone birthday parties like the first, eighteenth or twenty-first into the most magnificent event that your kid will remember for a lifetime. We promise that the faces of your loved ones will light up on their special day- after all, isn't that also what lights up your world, too?

    • Corporate Event: A corporate event involves planning and coordinating various corporate stakeholder activities and keeping interested all the participants during the event. We provide proficient services for different kinds of events required by your firm including conferences, corporate parties, dealers’s meet, training, team-building sessions, corporate townhall, business lunch/dinner, annual meets, boardroom meetings, corporate off-sites, team-outings, product launch, conventions, walk-in interview, meeting, seminar, etc.

    • Weddings: Weddings are of magnanimous importance to Indians. After all, it is not called the big, fat Indian wedding without reason! But with events that are this significant comes colossal responsibilities. Fortunately for you, we are beyond accomplished at shouldering this responsibility! No matter what part of the country you hail from (after all, Bangalore is a diverse city), we vow to make your wedding ceremony exceptional not only for you but everyone who attends it. We are adept at organizing a selection of events that constitute the Indian wedding assemblage like Roka ceremony, engagement, ring ceremony, sangeet ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, bridal shower, and of course, the big day itself! Other than that, we also organize bachelor’s parties and the all-important wedding receptions

    • Get-Together: Celebrating every holiday occasion is the result of wanting to share your joy with the people you love. There’s nothing better than being with a roomful of people that want to partake in your pleasure. We arrange numerous social gatherings such as family get-together, group dining, kitty party, cocktail party, social mixer, pool parties, etc.

    • Others: Whether it is a celebratory occasion like Diwali, Christmas or New Year or a wedding anniversary, we organize parties for every occasion. Other areas of our expertise include fashion shows, exhibitions, baby shower, exhibition, adventure party, Mata Ki Chowki, photoshoots, music concerts, thread ceremony, naming ceremony, communion party, reunion party, fresher’s party, convocation, etc.

    2. Venue Space: Who would want to spend money on a space that is a lot more than enough for the event?  Similarly, at a venue that doesn't accommodate all your guests, you don't want to host your event. In order to ensure that the venue you book is the right one for you, you should have an estimation of the number of people that will be attending your event. It does not have to be a precise number- just a ballpark figure to give you an idea of the kind of venue you’ll need.

    3. Space Preference: Now that you have decided upon the type of venue you want to hold your event in, what additional conveniences would you like to be a part of the venue? BookEventz offers venues that come along with dining areas, lawns, terrace lawns, lounges, etc.

    4. Venue Type: While it may be an individual preference when it comes to deciding on the type of venue, once you have a rough estimation of the size of your guest-list, you can determine which space can best accommodate them and make sure they have fun. BookEventz offers a variety of venues like hotels, banquet halls, restaurants, lounges, party lawns, resorts, 5-star hotels, Training/ boardrooms, etc.

    5. Indoor / Outdoor: Whether you want to keep it indoors or outside is an essential decision when organizing an event. Depending on that, you can hold it within the venues or out on lawns, on the poolside or go for rooftop venues. 

    6. Locality: Another factor you can base the selection of your venue is locality. You can either go for popular localities that are known for organising exquisite events or one that is close by and convenient for you. We have numerous options for you all around Bangalore! Popular localities that you can look out for our venues are Basavanagudi, Infantry Road, Lavelle Road, MG Road, Race Course Road, Richmond Road, Bellandur, Brigade Road, CV Raman Nagar, Domlur, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, Old Airport Road, Old Madras Road and Whitefield among others.

    7. Budget: This is probably the most vital determinant when you are organising an event. It is only wise to allocate a definite amount to each factor that together makes the event. No one wants to end up wasting much more than expected due to a lack of preparation or awareness. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of a number of trusted locations and facilities (from basic to premium packages) that will meet your needs.

    8. Services:

    • Decor: The venue must reflect the energy of the event. Enquire about the kind of decor the venue provides or the kind that you want to hire with the venue in mind. If you have a theme in mind, make sure the venue is adept in providing those decor services and if not, make sure you are allowed to hire experts on the outside. 

    • Parking: It is also important to ensure that the venue has enough parking space, depending on the number of guests. Valet parking is also a plus point.

    • Food: We know how the kind of food served at an event, especially a wedding, is the deciding factor of how people are going to remember the whole affair. You must ensure that the type of location you select suits your particular food preference. If you want a pure-vegetarian menu, this is especially difficult. Make sure that your venue meets your needs and, if not, make sure that you find out if it requires external catering services.

    • Alcohol: When your guests gather to meet you, they are also bound to meet a lot of strangers. In times like these, alcohol acts as an ice-breaker! If you want to serve alcohol at your event, make sure that the venue you’ve booked is licensed to serve. If not, enquire if you are allowed to hire external vendors. 

    • Entertainment Packages: You can consider getting entertainment packages at your event so your guests never have a single dull moment. These entertainment packages may include anchors, musicians, performers, DJs, etc. You can also consider hiring magicians and puppet-show masters for children’s parties. We also provide packages like photo-booths for parties, bands for baraat, etc.   

    • Accommodation: You have to make sure to provide accommodation to your guests considering that some of them will come from out of town.

    • Vendors: Behind every spectacular event, there are a bunch of people working really hard to make it what it is. And whoever you employ to get things done will set your event's tone. Make sure you hire vendors that are not only professional but whose work you individually relate to. Some of the vendors you need to make sure to hire are:

    i) Makeup artists

    ii) Mehendi designers (for weddings)

    iii) Photographers and videographers

    No matter what the occasion is, our sole priority is to organize an event that you will never forget! After all, our business is assuring happiness to you.