Birthday Party Venues in T Nagar, Chennai (203 venues)

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Small Birtday Party Venues in T Nagar

These Venues are Perfect for Small Gatherings.

Birthday Party Places in T Nagar

The Venue for any Event assumes a key job in making the Event paramount. With regards to your Birthday Party, you would need to pick the Best Birthday Party Banquets in T Nagar for your uncommon Celebrations!

Birthday Party Restaurants in T Nagar

You would want to choose the Best from Restaurants, Hotels, Banquets or Rooftops in T Nagar for your special Celebrations! It's always easier if the Party place is in your locality.

Birthday Party Halls in T Nagar

Wanting to plan a Birthday Party in T Nagar? What's more, don't know from where to start? Well we are here to help you from the scratch. T Nagar offers you with a List of Birthday Party Halls.

Q.What are the price range of Banquets Halls and Wedding Venues in ?

A. Banquet Halls in are available at a price range of ₹500 to ₹1500. These prices varies depending on the location and type of venue.

Q.Do BookEventZ provide other services for the events ?

Yes, BookEventz provide other services for the events like

Q.Are there parking services available ?

Most of the Banquet Halls in provide Parking Services.

Q.What are the various types of events that we conduct?

The Various types of Events that we conduct are Birthday Party, Wedding, Corporate Events, Cocktail Party, Get Together.

Q.What are the prices of popular Banquet Halls in ?

Standard prices of Popular Banquet Halls in

Banquet Halls with CapacityVeg Price (Per Person)Non-Veg Price (Per Person)
Duchess Party Hall (50 - 250)Starts from ₹500Starts from ₹600
BKR Grand Hotel (50 - 500)Starts from ₹450Starts from ₹550
RJ Residency (6 - 250)Starts from ₹400Starts from ₹550
Hebron Castle Auditorium (50 - 500)Starts from ₹150Starts from ₹0