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Banquet Halls In Indore

You can find more than 1000+ Banquet Halls in Indore with a capacity of 500-1500 people ranging from INR 500 to 1500 price per plate (for prices contact Bookeventz.com) From veg to non veg, venues which include inhouse bars, dj & decorates to banquets which allow outside decorates & caterers, at BookEventz you can find Marriage Hall which suits your choice in Indore.


What are the Per Person Charges for Wedding Halls in Indore?

The per person charges of Wedding halls in Indore starts from Rs. 180.

What does Banquet Hall Package include?

Banquet Halls Package includes Rent and Food and in some cases it includes decor also.

How far in advance should I book a banquet?

To guarantee your date, time and location 3-4 months prior to your event date is recommended.

How to find Wedding venues near me?

Find a nearby venue by searching Wedding halls in your area and We have banquets near me button on our listing page, Click on that button and you will be able to see all the Wedding halls near you.

Do I get any additional offers on booking the venue with BookEventz?

Yes, we do provide additional packages and offers on booking with us. We also provide special wedding and birthday vendors packages for all our clients.

Indore is the largest and most populous city of Madhya Pradesh. It is a major educational hub and people migrate into the city in search of a quality lifestyle. Like other major cities in India, the people here live a fast-paced life with hardly any time at all for recreation. And at times like these, the thought of celebrating occasions seems like a far-fetched idea. Hardly anybody has the time and the energy to put in efforts required can seem daunting. But it is occasions like these that give busy people the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. And nobody wants to miss out on an opportunity to make memories with people they hold dear.

This is where BookEventz steps in to provide a much-needed solution for this daunting dilemma. We are India’s leading network of trusted venues and vendors. Our easy-to-use portal makes choosing the right options that perfectly suit your requirements a cakewalk. To put it simply, we organize for our clients the perfect event that is tailor-made to suit their preferences. There are many aspects that go into the execution of a perfect event that everybody present will enjoy. And trying to juggle it with the rest of your busy schedule makes room for negligence of certain aspects that won’t reveal themselves until it is too late, sending your entire event into havoc. Which is why you need to keep reading to find out everything you need to know about when planning an event of a lifetime. We’re always at your service and you’ll see how!

  1. Occasion: This factor is an obvious one. Yet, what exactly you are celebrating decides the direction in which the planning of the event goes. You cannot just use a reference manual for an event and go about it. You have to consider who all it involves, what day it has to be hosted on, and where you’ll host it. And for that, you need to have a clear idea about what the occasion is and act accordingly towards planning and executing the event. What’s the occasion?

  1. Venue Type: There are so many for you to choose from! Depending on the type of people who would be attending the event as well as the occasion and who it subjects, you can choose from a myriad of venue types. 

  2. Venue Space: Nobody wants to realise on the day of the event that they spent all that money on a great venue only to realise that the venue is too big or too small to accommodate all its guests. Make sure you have an estimation of how many guests are going to show up for your special day well ahead in time. That way, you can make sure you book a venue that provides ample space to accommodate all your guests. 

  3. Space Preference: Chances are that a single venue offers multiple types of spaces that you can choose from. Choose wisely because nobody wants to regret choosing the wrong space when the right one was available in the same space.

  4. Indoor/Outdoor: When it comes to space preference, an important decision you need to make is if you want to host your event indoor or outdoor. Indoors, you can choose among various options like a banquet hall, party hall, restaurant or a lounge. Outdoor options include pool-side, roof-top spaces, party lawns and resorts. 

  5. Locality: Where you host your event is crucial. You can either go for localities that are close by and convenient for you or ones that are best known for grand venues. Popular areas in Indore where we offer venues are New Palasia, South Tukoganj, Chandan Nagar, Vijay Nagar. Sapna Sangeeta Road etc. Other localities include Mahalaxmi Nagar, Mayakhedi, Pigdambar, Vigyan Nagar, Pragati Vihar, etc.

  6. Budget: This is one of the most important factors that people consider when deciding upon various aspects of their event. Nobody wants to spend too much unnecessarily on an event. Similarly, nobody wants to spend money only to find out later that the event was not as big a hit as they’d have liked it to be. BookEventz offers various packages ranging from Standard Packages to premium ones that will suit your requirements based on your budget.

  7. Services:

  • Catering Services: There are jokes about people attending events for food. And though its context is strictly humourous, one can’t help but agree that there is some degree of truth to it. For this purpose, it is really important to make sure that the food served at your event is memorable and pleasing to the tastebuds of you and your guests. 

  • Alcohol: All your guests don’t necessarily know each other. And things can get awkward when they gather around to celebrate your happiness. What makes things easier in situations like these is a glass of cocktail. Enquire if your venue allows alcohol and also find out about the kind of cocktails they serve. Also, enquire if external vendors are allowed at the venue. 

  • Decor: It is important to find a decor team that is capable of turning your vision for the event into a reality. Make sure you have an in-depth conversation about what you want your decor to look like on the day of the event. If you know of external decorators who can do this for you, make sure your venue allows them since some venues do not allow any kind of external vendors whatsoever to work on their space. 

  • Parking: A lot of guests will arrive at your venue driving and thus, it is important to make sure that your venue offers ample parking space for them all. Valet parking is also a plus point. 

  • Entertainment Packages: Instead of just hoping that all your guests have fun at the event, you can ensure it by booking entertainment packages. These entertainment packages may include anchors, comedians, choreographers, performers, DJs, etc. You can also consider hiring magicians and puppet-show masters for children’s parties. We also provide entertainment packages like photo-booths for parties, bands for baraat, etc.   

  • Accommodation: It is important to provide guests with proper accommodation services so that they are well-rested before the event. This is especially important for guests who arrive from out of town. Enquire if your venue offers accommodation services too. If not, make the necessary arrangements well ahead in time for the event. 

  • Vendors: The people you hire to work on your event will decide if it will turn out to be successful or not. Some of the vendors you need to make sure to hire are:

i) Makeup artists

ii) Mehendi designers (for weddings)

iii) Photographers and videographers

Indore offers endless options for you to choose from to host the perfect event. Book with us to indulge in the amazing process of memory-making!